New American Diplomacy In The Era Of The Gentiles, Atonement And The Brotherhood Of Man

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The Church of Christ in America must intensify the New Revival in order to bring back Christ to America so that anti-Christ musings in the Supreme Court can be held in check. Allowing curious same sex relations, which the Bishop of Rome commented upon recently, cannot advance mankind.

Larry King seems to be moving away for interviewing some lewd characters and he did invite the Texan pastor and his wife to talk about religion.

In 1981, Senator Jesse Helms observed that “Liberalism has moved into America and that this has invited the tidal wave of secular humanism engulfing the nation and the world” This will be more so, in the New America, in which the HAND of the TRIUNE GOD is shaping America. GOD, THE FATHER “is able of these stones to raise up children to Abraham”. So, HE will use Obama, the African, to change America and the world. Amen!!!

Religion will return to America during the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man. The New America will have no place for racists, xenophobes and spoilers. At least, they must learn to accommodate the “CHANGE that has come to America.”

On November 4, 2008, the American people massively rejected racism and related intolerance and chose a candidate, who can re-unite states, governments and peoples. In the last ten years, PEOPLEOCRACY has replaced democracy. In Georgia, Ukraine, South Korea, Thailand and Greece, the people asserted themselves when their elected governments failed. This world-wide phenomenon will manifest more actively in the New Era.

The failure of the Bush administration originated from his patent inability to deal with new kinds of economic and political confrontations. So, he took the wrong road of war-mongering and the pursuit of imperial policies around the globe, neglecting the socio-economic demands of American citizens.

Barack Obama must “glimpse the onrushing world in its new coloration and apply his audacity to solve problems, heedless of politics and sometimes even pride”
. Above all, he must hold in check the enthusiasm of some officials in his cabinet, who would push for the hard-line they were used to.

President Obama could learn from the political life of Sir Anthony Eden, in order to expand his radius considerably.

Right wing conservatism still thrives in America. As A. Bartlett Giamatti, Yale University President, wrote in 1981, these conservatives are “angry at change, rigid in the application of chauvinistic slogans, absolutistic in morality, peddlers of coercion, they threaten through political pressure or public denunciation, whoever dares to disagree with them. This trait was manifest in Senator McCain’s campaigns.

The New American diplomacy must avoid blustery speeches, which only go to inflame passions and harden consensus

America’s military practice has been based, partly on the teachings of Von Clausewitz and its geo-political push on Hans Morgenthau’s “Power Politics.”

The world’s realpolitik has changed. For example, America can no longer impose the type of Agreement it forced China to sign in 1844. In 1882, America concluded a treaty of friendship and trade with Korea, which impinged on Korean sovereignty. The American-Panama Treaty of 1903, signed in Washington, was unequal and it gave Americans over-riding rights over the Panama Canal.

The American-Saudi Arabia Agreement of 1951 permitted the United States to establish a military base for technical/administrative purposes in Dhahran. The America- Thailand Agreement on Economic and Technical Cooperation and Military Assistance signed in Bangkok on 19th September 1950, was one-sided and impaired Thailand’s independence.

The American-Philippine Agreement of 1946 established a regime of capitulation and consular jurisdiction in the Philippines. The American-Japanese Agreements of 1951, 1952, 1954, established regimes of the victorious, which enabled US Ambassador Morrison to extort stringent concessions.

American diplomacy came to full maturity after the Second World War in 1945. We remember the Marshall Plan, the setting up of the United Nations, the Breton Woods institutions etc. American diplomacy took a sordid decline between 2000 and 2008. It created the negative conditions that whittled down American influence world-wide. With the acquiescence of a hero-worshipping sector of the US press, the critical input was lacking as the regime blundered.

America’s new diplomacy must focus on economic affairs. They should properly monitor the growth of the world economy, the rate of interests, the general price levels, exchange movements and the state of liquidity around the globe. The Obama administration may wish to enter into talks with African states in order to cooperate, in further exploring Africa’s hydro-carbon potentials.

The Obama era of restoration will be an arduous one and will need time. Most likely, Obama will not be “a strange, one-term evanescence.” His followership is growing in and around the world. Obama may wish to avoid stupid leaders, who came to power through coups or rigged elections and he should treat them with utter contempt.

This will send a good signal that in the new dispensation, the credentials of every leader is our business.

The new American diplomacy must be based on flexibility, compromise and the readiness to review Republican hard attitudes. Since some states now possess weapons that can reach strange shores, it will be foolhardy to play the bully anymore. So, international law must be strictly observed by all states in their relations with one another.

We can make this Era, “ an Age of splendour and of light, because it is the home age of the Holy Breath and the Holy Breath will testify anew for Christ, the Logos of eternal Love” According to Aquarian philosophy, “primary substance is that from which all things are formed. It is the first stage in the crystallization of the spirit”.

“As this Age progresses matter will move at a higher rate of vibration and Man will overcome primordial feelings of hatred, animosity, intrigue and subterfuge and all negativity. Then, a Universal Mind will enable Man to enter into a conscious recognition of Akashic impressions and Man may collect them and translate them into any language of earth, with which he is familiar. Man can then seek and obtain any knowledge.”

“Man must be imbued with the consciousness of the Omnipotence of GOD and man, consciousness of Supreme Intelligence and that of Divine Love”. In his Aquarian Gospel, LIVY tells us after that Man’s base nature will improve to embrace holiness.

The new Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, will open up opportunities to all peoples. No human being should denigrate another.

Circumstances of existence and birth may play in favour of some people, which often kindle in them the vain spirit of superiority, before oblivion beckons.

Nostradamus, the French physician was reported to have predicted dire consequences for this period in history.

Mankind must therefore, watch out against conflagrations.

In the last sixty years, US Governments have concealed information on UFOs. These are cosmic chariots sent by Superior Beings in this Universe of men and spirits to neutralize thermo-nuclear and other weapons of mass destruction, which the Luciferian hierarchy designed for mankind’s annihilation during the Cold War. They will continue to manifest with cosmic speed.

During wars, reporters complain that women, civilians and children were killed. This gives the cruel impression that soldiers’ deaths are deserved.

There is a problem here with this universal acceptance that soldiers are not human and are disposable. We must minimize wars so that the children of GOD do not die for political and other reasons, just because the wear uniforms.

We should re-evaluate the notion of gallantry, heroism and patriotism, which States reward by laying wreaths and the award of posthumous medals of little value.

The more sensible thing to do is to so conduct international affairs that we avoid war bugles. Perhaps, we should bring back the duel system whereby the Heads of State fight it out on behalf of their people.

This will minimize mortality rates and the disputes are quickly resolved one way or the other. The system has an added advantage. Politicians will be more circumspect in resorting to hard talk.

The so-called common people should no longer demonstrate in support of politicians, who do not bother about them, when they safely get to power. Politicians should be subjected to the strictest proof of competence.

Evidence shows that the manifestly incompetent ones, who came to power either by coup or rigged elections tend to create problems and then steer up sentiments against their adversaries. They then call out the police and the military to ensure peace.

In both national and international relations, a new spirit must prevail based on universal justice, the principles of law and the Brotherhood of Man.

If given the chance, Barack Obama will not only bring change to America, but to the world.

A Happy New Era!!!

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