New American Diplomacy In The Era Of The Gentiles, Atonement And The Brotherhood Of Man

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

From the Piscean Age, Mankind entered the Aquarian Age, which, according to Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911), is “pre-eminently a spiritual age ,and the spiritual side of the great lessons that JESUS gave to the world may now be comprehended by multitudes of people, for the many are now coming into an advance stage of spiritual consciousness.”

Empires and hegemonies rise and collapse each time the Universal Wheel turns. From the fall of Holy Roman Empire to other fallen empires and colonialist states, the message is the same, when the King of the Universe pleases, HE will overturn, overturn and overturn. The beneficiaries of His Mighty work will sing the Song of Ascents.

When the Lord brought

Back the captivity of Zion

We were like those who Dream

Then our mouth was filled with laughter

And our tongue with singing

Then they said among the nations

The Lord has done great things for them

The Lord has done great things for us.

And we are glad.

Bring back our captivity O Lord

As the streams in the South

Those who sow in tears

Shall reap in joy

He who continually goes forth weeping

Bearing seed for sowing

Shall doubtless come again

With rejoicing

Bringing his sheaves with him. (Psalm 126 v 1-6)

Those in America, who have for long suffered one form of oppression or suppression, were quick to recognize what the Lord has done for them. They can still not tell it all.

No matter how seemingly powerful an empire is, it would come to an end, when GOD ALMIGHTY wishes to assert HIS AUTHORITY, as JEHOVAH ADONAI.

When President Ahmadinejad spoke last September at the United Nations, in New York, he said that “the American empire had come to an end.” What he does not seem to discern is that America is entering the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

“Change has come to America” declared President-Elect, Barack Hussein Obama, the Messenger of Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man. Hopefully; change will come to the world, where the Luciferian Hierarchy has used both spiritual and human agents to destroy the Sons and Daughters of GOD as well as the Children of GOD on Planet EARTH. See what is happening in Gaza and in Israel!!!

I cannot but ask “if Calvary was worth since Man has not shown his gratitude for the blood that was shed.”My pessimism cannot becloud the resurrection of our LORD, JESUS CHRIST and the victory over evil, which is assured.

The children of Abraham will not listen to the United Nations or to reason because they did not listen to the CHRIST EMMANUEL. The Bible says that they (Palestinians and Israelis) are “impudent and hard-hearted.” They are a rebellious house.

Behold I have made your face against their faces and your forehead strong against their foreheads (Ezekiel 3v8).

For centuries, through wars, colonial rule, imperialism and other vicious forms of oppression, suppression and other well-documented acts of cruelties and reactionary-minded tendencies, Man has suffered throughout history. Must Man continue to suffer?

On January 20, 2009, President Barack Obama, an African, will start to govern America and he will be ushering in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

This would be a wonderful testimony. As GOD has overturned politics in America, so He will overturn the evil kingdoms of the world.

President Barack Obama will sit in the Oval Office, on President Franklyn Roosevelt’s six cane backed chair. Occasionally, he would look out to the Potomac River, as Louis Armstrong’s song floats past his mind, “What a wonderful World”!!!

Obviously, there will be swirling tides. There are still cynics, racists and xenophobes in high and low places, who are hard at mischievous work against Obama. They will fail because the HAND of the TRIUNE GOD is steering the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

It is true that Barack Obama said many things during his campaign. According to Hugh Sidey,” History bears good witness to the fact that successful Presidents gained their stature not so much by doing what they promised, but by improvising wisely when they are faced by inevitable surprises.”

We see that there are mischief-making journalists and pundits, who would want to hold Obama strictly to all he said during the harrowing presidential campaign, as if they were words of prophecy. They are prepared to judge him harshly and contemptuously in order to feel good. They failed woefully to hold George Bush to account. The cowards among American journalists only started to jibber in the last month of Bush’s presidency.

Many American journalists, Congressmen, Senators, academics looked on as Tony Blair, Donald Rumsfeld, Kofi Annan, misadvised, mislead or gave tacit approval to Bush’s gregarious blunder in the invasion of Iraq.

I made my views known in my book published in 2003. I wrote that the reasons, justifications and rationale provided for the destruction of Iraq are all in violation of international law. (See, IRAQ: The New Carthage, International Law and Diplomacy in the Iraqi Crisis, 2003). Also see, “International Law and Diplomacy in the Gulf Crises, 1991) Library of Congress, USA.

Those journalists/assassins, who will make it their sworn duty to criticize Barack Obama, as game, will cut no ice when they start their anti-Obama campaigns! Our ultimate question to these iconoclast/ journalists is, “Why did you not contest the presidential elections in order to re-shape the America of your dream, instead of heckling the President-Elect? Why did you not criticize George Bush?

After the chill winds of winter abate, Obama may wish to start his diplomatic forays into the world with a fresh spring soiree at the Elyse Palace, Paris, France.

I will be waiting at the Arch de Triumph, wearing an African Kaftans, with a cap to match, chanting, Praise the LORD!!!

President Nicholas Sarkozy, enamoured of foreign affairs, will provide a cozy atmosphere and mount a memorable Bien Vienu.

The New American diplomacy must be essentially different from George Bush’s, which was ill-informed, belligerent, bullying, evocative and ill-advised.

The US financial melt-down has brought untold hardship on US citizens. Amidst these inter-locking circles of misery, Americans would support foreign policies aimed at promoting peace and understanding among nations, rather than the diplomatic posturing of the past which resulted in America managing a war economy in the face of dwindling resources. This is undoubtedly, the proximate cause of this global financial crisis!

A lot of analysts have shied away, tongue in cheek, to call a spade a spade. The truth shall set the economists free.

New American diplomacy in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, ought to distance itself from verbal arrogance, denigration of dissenting views and belligerency.

The urgent task for the new US administration is to return America to prosperity and well-being. It is a matter of serious national security to channel American ingenuity to fruitful re-investment of their energies in re-creating the American society of the good life. The mounting army of retrenched work-force may not take matters lying down for too long.

There is more ferment in the US society, unknown and unseen by the rest of the world. For many, according to US media, “expectations have darkened into anxiety, anxiety into dread and dread into despair”.

Only delicate negotiations and respectful accommodation can make international relations helpful in the new era. Of course, there will be explosions of political nature and other distractions, which would be orchestrated by political mal-contents and evil-minded people.

Such political infestations must be confronted with unequivocal and unbridled superior challenge by the United Nations. The UN Secretary-General may wish to play a more active role in the affairs of the United Nations and not succumb to influences.

Mr. Banki Moon may wish to engage world leaders in personal diplomatic contacts document their grievances and present these to a community of scholars to proffer solutions, which should then be discussed by leaders during their September meetings. This is more constructive than giving leaders a forum for mudslinging as we have witnessed in recent years.

India and Pakistan are already at logger-heads and at daggers-drawn. Israel is threatening to stop Hamas throwing missiles into its cities and towns. There has been a massive military operation, which has claimed my lives in Gaza and Israel. The conflict could spread to other states in the Middle East.

I condemn scientists, who gave mankind the weapons of man’s destruction at Satan’s promptings. One of these scientists instituted the Nobel Prize, as a detergent to help sanitize his conscience. So, what is the joy about in receiving such a prize?

The United Nations should engage more in preventive diplomacy and the institution must be seen to be independent. As of now, honestly, it is not.

Waiting for mayhem to take place before resorting to “condemnations”, expressing concern and sending condolences is bad diplomacy. “A stitch in time saves nine.”

For example, UN Secretary-General, Dag Hammarskjold, personally went to Palestine to meet with their leaders, when he unfortunately died in an accident.

Lebanon and Syria are normalizing relations long strained by ill-will. The UN should facilitate this development. More states will choose dialogue in the New Era.

The Obama administration must ignore the voices of the political hawks in his team and open dialogues with real or imagined enemies of the US, in order to create peace in the world. He should reconcile with Cuba, Venezuela, North Korea, and Iran.

In so doing, America will have fewer enemies, less palpitations, and more financial savings for social benefits to the American people.

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