Nigeria 2015 Revolution: History Rewritten; Future Reassured?

by Yahaya Balogun

The revolutionary election of March 28th, 2015, that produced president Buhari as winner was a bloodless and silent revolution. This revolution was carried out collectively by a determined hapless people of Nigeria. It was also an election carried out through collective voice towards rebuilding a strong and united Nigeria. The revolution has ushered in a renew hope and aspiration for a better tomorrow. No one had thought the election was going to redefine us and give us much needed direction to correctly reroute our beleaguered history.

buhari-osibanjoAdmirably, even the staunch and avowed critics of president Buhari are beginning to reason with the new development and the president’s prudent and unscathed persona. This writer has never been less optimistic even for the impending renewal of our great nation. The general consensus and optimism is that President Buhari is capable of leading the country out of this quagmire. The road ahead though is bumpy with overwhelming challenges ahead of Buhari, yet, with the resilience, cooperation, determination and imagination of Nigerians, our dreams and unblemished expectations cannot be far-fetched and unrealistic.

When an idea whose time has come refuses to thread the path of the past, or refuses to be silenced by those obstacles that silenced those ideas of the past, it is obvious to us that the new normal that brought the vintage ideas would be a buffer that will make those new ideas to be sustained. The whirlwind of change being expected and the psychological effects on the psyches of the Nigerian people is a welcome development. Providence has given the Buhari/Osibanjo and Nigerians the much and sacred opportunity to disconnect us from the past of national calamities to face the future with unhindered optimism and progress. It is pertinent to noted that the 2015 general election that brought this new Nigeria, is not a circumstantial election but the genuine will and collective resolve of the Nigerian people to rewrite their ugly history.

Meanwhile, Nigeria is carefully breaking away from the jinx of the past to look forward with redetermined optimism. We make ourselves proud by eschewed violence that characterized our awful past. Nigerians are very resilient people who can renew and rebuild hope with a sincere and determined heart. But, our resilient and hope have been bruised and dashed in the past by sociopath leaders that ruled us disdainfully. We have never trusted any previous governments in power because of their hedonism, deceit, lethal corruption and political waywardness in our affairs.

Regrettably, the previous administrations had come up with laudable programs but impudently lacked sincerity of purpose, will and patriotism to carry out these sterling policies. Instead, the policy formulators have always worked with predetermined mind to collaborate with corrupt people in government to enrich themselves. Nigeria’s political clime is only dotted with sociopaths who attract friends and followers so easily as a result of poverty. But underneath, they are unable to feel empathy for any other living being. They have a hole in them where a sense of shame or guilt should be. They are obsessed with competition and penchant for winning election at all cost. Despite having signs of material success acquired illegally, inside them is void and nothingness that ultimately lead to lives devoid of joy and happiness. Examples abound everywhere in the land.

It is unfathomable to see generation of hapless people suffer in the midst of plenty. Again, the road ahead is challenging and bumpy but as a people with the collective minds and the will of the people to effect change, we shall overcome our current state of anomie. The non correctable disfigurement amongst us will discourage and impugn the new government. Like Yuan, Ghandi, Rosoovelt, Churchill and Obama etc, who have shaped the minds of their people, our hope and unblemished renewal of Nigeria through Buhari’s administration, shall ultimately prevail in this prevailing circumstance.

During the electioneering campaigns, we invoked the spirits of our fore-fathers to wake us from political slumbers in that auspicious period in our nation’s history. The magnetic cables of their words just pulled the sands and uncovered our veils, they were hardly alone in their voices. Their records and act of speaking out on behalf of our generation woke us from our state of apathy and political siege. We have come to our state of consciousness and optimism to fight for our rights.

The restless spirits of our nationalists, the likes of Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Professor Chinua Achebe, Nnamdi Azikwe, Herbert Marculey, Chief MKO Abiola, Alhaji Tafawa Balewa, Bamidele Aturu, Tai Solarin, Alhaja Kudirat Abiola, Pa Rewane, the newspaper mogul Alex Ibru and a host of others, spiritually clouded our political firmament in the last general elections.They oversaw their dreams coming to reality through the collective will of the generation they unconditionally fought for. The psychological wind of change is now blowing across the Nigerian political spectrum. They all fought in the hope of seeing a true Nigeria emerge from the dark political tunnels. Some of these nationalists were subjected to tortures, frustration, humiliation, and even death, and yet they remained steadfast, even in their dreams and resolve for a new Nigeria. We should start to empathize with Buhari/Osibajo and join hands with them for these mundane tasks ahead of them.

There has never been shortcut to success; its realization takes painstaking long route and stances in the face of intimidating challenges. The joys of any government’s legacy are those lives it has been positively touched through governance. The new administration should encourage town-hall meetings among the populace and encourage people to participate unhindered in their own affairs; be receptive to constructive criticisms and suggestions; embark on people-oriented programs with positive multiplier effects in their lives. That is how popular democracy works and it is also a recipe for success. The country undoubtedly needs every sense of unity, purpose and direction, and these are the hallmarks of democracy and the daunting tasks ahead of president Buhari’s administration. Buhari epitomizes the mind of a leader and the great African political reconnaissance.

One is much pleased with the general atmosphere here at home during and after the inauguration. It is a palpable display of joy and hope for a better tomorrow through this new normal. The frenzy of hope, euphoria and hope of the people in this new government will usher in opportunities, great expectations and possibilities. It was a great joy and opportunity for this writer to be home from yonder, to directly witness the “first democratically elected” government in Nigeria and to see our road to expected utopia. The country is gradually disconnecting from the Hobbesian state where life is short, brutish and nasty. Unless one is a sociopath, you will be gladdened to see president Buhari registering Nigeria as what I called a “newcomer” amongst the comity of serious nations. The pictures of our flag (green-white-green) and the custodian of the people’s mandate we saw at G7 were not only adorable but restoring hope of a new Nigeria. Ours is no more a road to Kigali but a journey to a secured and peaceful Nigeria.

It is this writer’s humble suggestions to president Buhari to restructure all agencies of government by inoculating them against corruption; jettison 19th century bureaucracy to meet the expectations of the 21st century governance. Eliminate the concept of waste and corruption in the system to give way to equitable distribution of national wealth. My cognizant and observation of the Nigerian custom and police at the points of entry and exit is commendable. There is general consciousness among the law enforcement agencies at work; on the roads, and everywhere I travelled to in the country. Power supply has suddenly improved and people are in suspense of what awaits those with corrupt mind to continue with the status quo.

We have hope in this new normal and believe that the last administration of Goodluck Jonathan will be our last collective journey to the past. An administration that lacked political urgency  and wasted opportunity to alleviate the suffering of the hapless masses. A legacy of waste. Moreover, in this dawn of a new era, we are collectively saying adieu to our ugly past and looking forward as a determined people to a more brighter and prosperous Nigeria. The labor of our past patriots and heroes shall not be in vain, and we shall remain a formidable and united Nigeria.

Predictably, Nigeria should be getting ready for the influx and exodus of some Nigerians from yonder in the next 10 years if all the coefficients of our national development are judiciously harnessed. We are all gonna rejoice together tomorrow when our tomorrow becomes real.

Congratulations to all Nigerians.

Yahaya Balogun (
Arizona, USA.


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