Nigeria: What We Should Ponder On

by Opeyemi Ajayi

How time flies!

Few weeks ago Nigeria celebrated her 48th birthday. Whether low key or high key, the fact is that Nigeria is forty eight.

For the people who were alive 48 yrs ago, when our founding leaders were making promises about what the future will look like, its another great privilege to share their experience.

As a Nigerian, whether at home or abroad, it’s another great opportunity to celebrate the goodness of God.

Can we however, say as a people that we have achieved the goals set 48 yrs ago? As blessed as we are as a country, how much of the wealth of the nation is flowing on the people of Nigeria?

Nigeria is no doubt a blessed nation. Nigeria is one of the richest nations on earth but how many Nigerians are rich?

The Ministry of Solid Minerals have a list of thirty four (34) mineral resources available at commercial volume in Nigeria though 80 million Nigerian live on less that half a Dollar per/day. Millions of people go to bed without food.

In the 90’s, Nigeria set the vision 2010, two years to that year, it’s now vision 2020. Goals are certainly important but why is it that we do not go far with achieving national goals?

We are already in the middle of October, very soon, we will be in year 2009, individually, what can we claim to have achieved this year?

Quite a number of us made New Year resolutions this year but 10 months down the lane what is happening to the resolutions? What is happening to our individual life goals? How much of our effort has the society benefited from?

We all complain about Nigeria but the truth of the matter is that you and I make up the people of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Our lackadaisical individual lives have affected our collective goals as a nation.

Let’s stop shifting blames, instead let’s take responsibilities for our lives. “If I had a good job”. “If I had a good wife”. “If I had a better/higher qualification”. Enough! Let’s do things that generations will hear about and celebrate us.

There has never been a perfect time; there will never be a perfect moment. Every great man believed in a cause and pursued it despite all odds.

Success in life is never about luck, it’s about strategic positioning and maximizing opportunities. You will never see an opportunity if you’re not prepared for it.
We still have two months before the end of the year. There is still much time to achieve your goals, too much time to unleash your potentials, prepare for an opportunity and maximize it when it comes.

Start now! Do something about your life, God gave all men whether rich or poor 24hrs p/d. How are you maximizing it?

In your field, desire to be the best, do everything humanly and legally possible to achieve your heart desires.

Till we meet at the top

God bless you!

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