Nigeria's 419 Constitution 3: Bakassi, Obasanjo's Sacrificial Lamb to The West

by Bode Eluyera

If I were to advise the Bakassi people as regards to the loss of their land, I will tell them to be men and not cowards. I will tell them about the Yoruba saying that “Iku ya ju esin.” Which means that death is better than humiliation. In african culture, it is an abomination to loose your land or be displaced. Didn’t the Bakassi people read Chinua Achebe’s Things fall apart? Yoruba ni ekan l’omorin ku. A man dies once, and not twice! But, it is better to die with dignity! It is better to die in war, with sword in hand, fighting the intruders on your land than die as cowards, begging the federal government. At least, you will be remembered as brave men by generations to come. Don’t accept a public humiliation from Obasanjo!

My advise to you is to reject Obasanjo and the federal government’s pact with Cameroon, simply because you were not a party to it! You were not consulted. Your consent was not sought. Nobody, not even the president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria has the right to give out your land without your consent! Your land can not, should not, and will not be a bone of contention neither between Nigeria, Cameroon, France, Germany, England, America or whoever. Your land belongs to you first and foremost, and not to Nigeria and Nigerians. Don’t allow Obasanjo to play 419 on you! Take up arms and fight for your land! Match fire with fire! Take back your land from intruders! Borrow a leaf from the MEND, MASSOP and the delta freedom fighters. These people have neither been displaced nor lost their land; nevertheless, they have taken up arms, and are fighting the evil and inhuman Nigerian government. Your situation is worse than the Niger delta people. So, what is your excuse? What are you waiting for? Are you waiting for Obasanjo’s conscience to worry him, and he will eventually give you back your land, with compensation and a letter of apology? Tell your people to boycott the forthcoming elections to register your protest.

Can’t you see that after unjustly incarcerating Dokubo for years, the federal government is now negotiating with him “on his own terms.” What this means is that the federal government understands only the language of force, and not diplomacy nor persuasion. We now understand that if the economic interests of the government or the lives and properties of senior government officials are not threatened, they will not lift a finger to make any redress. Nigeria is being ruled by “thugs in uniform” under different disguises. What will you call Obasanjo? Will you call him a civilian? Of course not, this man is a military thug in agbada. You need to speak their language. That is when they will respect you and listen to you! If you beg them, you are digging your grave. Can you imagine ibb alias evil genius recently appealing to MEND and the Niger delta militants to cool down, and try to resolve the Niger delta problem peacefully. Imagine, ibb of all people talking of mediation and peaceful solution. MEND and the Niger delta militants have shaken them. They have forced them not only to listen to them, but also to reckon with them. MEND, MASSOP and Niger delta militants have shown the federal government and Nigerian army that they are not afraid of them, and are ready to die fighting for their right and justice. They have proved to the federal government and Nigerian army that they are also human beings like them, with one head, two hands and legs. They have proved to Obj. that his soldiers are vulnerable and no match for them in the creeks. This is the bitter truth today!

If you don’t have the means and might to fight or wage a war now, that does not mean that you should surrender, and give up. Start raising funds secretly to buy large amount of arms to wage a gorilla war against the intruders on your land. Send your people out for military training. No matter how long the struggle will take – 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 200, 300 – stand up and fight for your land. Form a secret alliance with MEND, MASSOP, Niger delta militants. Arrogant thugs in military uniform must be destroyed and humbled. INTRUDERS ON YOUR LAND MUST KNOW NO PEACE!

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Tim April 5, 2007 - 10:50 am

You just earned youself a file in SSS office as well as CIA, etc. for inciting… Nevertheless your point is mostly true -that the unilateral ceding by OBJ without recourse to the National Assembly (NA) is wrong and ILLEGAL! The elite kept quiet because minorities are involved… The Bakassians should first consider formal protest with the NA and UN than arms struggle…


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