Nobel Prize and Israel’s Headship of the World

To hate Israel is actually to hate yourself, because it is inviting God to hate you. To hate Israel is to bring darkness into the world. Satan knows it, and he wants darkness here, and he has leaders driving that darkness. Hitler once drove that darkness when he slaughtered six million Jews. Several of the Jews that escaped his madness, became Nobel laureates because they afforded the world light and positive direction. Albert Einstein, Hans Krebs, Otto Stern, Walter Kohn and Martin Karplu fled Nazi Germany to avoid persecution; Elie Wiesel and Imre Kertẽsz survived the extermination camps during the holocaust and Francois Englert survived by being hidden in orphanages and children homes. All Nobel laureates, these Moseses saved from Pharaoh have made our world better.

Think about it: Supposing Hitler did not carry out his hell-sponsored pogrom on Jewry and those six millions Jews he killed and their descendants who did not see the light of the day lived! Science, technology and discoveries would have touched Everest and humanity would have been the best for it. God has made Israel the head, and not the tail.

From Adolf von Baeyer, first Jewish recipient of the prize in Chemistry in 1905 to 2013 when six Jews won the Prize, that is: James Rothman and Randy Schekman (2) in Medicine, Arieh Warshel, Michael Levitt and Martin Karplus (3) in Chemistry, and Francois Englert (1) in Physics, the story of the Nobel Prize may well be one of the stories of Jewish headship of the world. That headship is God’s sign! And even age is no barrier in this ‘headship-achievement’: Whilst the oldest Nobel laureate, Leonid Hurwicz, a Polish-American Jew got the prize in Economics at age 90, Rita Levi-Montalcin (Italian Jew who had the1986 Nobel Prize in Medicine), until her death at age 103, was the oldest living Nobel laureate! Just to say too that Boris Pasternak declined his 1958 Nobel Prize in Literature for political reason; but letting it go at all is a message of some sort.

If you don’t know that Israel is a sign you better know it by the number of Nobel laureates Jewry has produced over time. No one nation, no matter the size, and probably no single continent, has produced Nobel laureates as Israel. All of Asia (including China and India with their billions of people), Africa and South America put together have not come close to this amazing feat of Jewry. A people making up less than 0.2 percent of the world population producing 22 percent of world Nobel laureates! There is one Jew in every 500 people in the world: Yet Jewry has produced 41 percent of Nobel laureates in Economics, 28 percent Nobel laureates in Medicine, 26 percent in Physics, 19 percent in Chemistry and Nine percent in Peace. That is average of 26 percent in the four research fields. And among women laureates in the four research fields the Jewish percentage (world and US) are 38 percent and 50 percent. It is even more startling if you go to other special fields of expertise.

Great inventors that are Jews are listless. No continent may boost of such a list? Even in our time there may well be no institute in the world like the Technion Institute in Israel, and just to say in addition that almost all the institutes in the continents that made waves in history did because of the Jewish impact and almost those making waves today in the world do because of the same factor. That is true and it is baffling to the world out there. But you can change that. Hatred for Jewry cannot stop that. It is divine. And you better lean on that God and get your own best, for to be otherwise attracts curse.

If there is Noble Prize for Psychology for instance, Jewry would have garnered anything above 50 percent of that, and leave the rest of the world with less than 50 percent. The list of leading world changer Jewish Psychologist runs ad infinitum: Erik Erikson, Alfred Adler, Sigmund Freud, Max Wertheimer, Abraham Maslow, Kurt Koffka, Erich Fromm, Herbert Simon, Kurt Lewin, Kurt Goldstein, Edgar Rubin, Sandor Ferenczi, Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, Otto Rank, Theodor Reik, Lev Vygotsky, Jerome Bruner, Noam Chomsky and countless others; all qualified to get the highest honor in Psychology. They were all Jews; American Jews, Austrian Jews, Russian Jews, German Jews and so on and so forth. You really can go on and on telling the story of Jewry in the advancement of Psychology but let it suffice to say that of the seven major fields or systems of thought in psychology viz. Structuralism, Functionalism, Behaviorism, Gestalt Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Humanistic Psychology and Cognitive Psychology, Jews were instrumental to the development of four of these schools of thought. The representative list above evidently proves that.

God uses Israel to move and to drive the world to affluence, wellbeing and security. Hate Israel, and plunge into darkness. That Satan, forces of darkness and his men in international politics and religion would, in their so-called New World Order (a world ordered by Satan and after Satan) play renewed and more dastardly acts against Israel is not in doubt, for the Scriptures say so; but stay on the side of Israel. It will be eternally wise you stay on the side of Israel no matter what, FOR ISRAEL WOULD STAY FOREVER AND SHALL BLOSSOM BEYOND IMAGINATION ETERNALLY. Satan has not the knowledge and power to do it otherwise.

Written by
Eferovo Igho
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