Obasanjo and the Consciousness of Guilt

by Yahaya Balogun
Olusegun Obasanjo

“Nothing is more wretched than the mind of a man conscious of guilt” – Plautus

Why Baba (Mr. Tortoise) is jumping from one pillar to post now is only understandable to Baba himself! In Yoruba axiom, when a man is running helter skelter, if the man is not running after something, something is definitely running after him. Obasanjo is like a shadow, when you run after him, he runs away from you; but when you run away from him, he runs after you. Having deceived the Nigerian youths for so long, and these youths believed strongly in him as a no-holds-barred man, things are now falling apart (rere ti run), the wind is blowing open the feathered anus of a chicken, and the chicken is gradually coming home to roost. It is indeed glad tidings for the youth’s discerning future!

Amusingly, Mr. Tortoise is a man who has seen tomorrow of the government of Mr. Integrity. Mr. Integrity with his deafening quietness seems focused and up to something unprecedented after 2019 general election, thus Mr. Tortoise is being burdened by his antecedents and the popularity of Mr. Integrity. Now, Mr. Tortoise is being counterbalanced and encumbered.

It is heartwarming that Nigerian youth is waking up to its responsibility now. The youth is gradually seeing the handwriting on the wall, and it is being quick to separate the grains from the husks. Those aged, tired and the expired but not retired politicians who have mortgaged the youth’s future have no place to hide anymore! The suspecting youths are waking up the unsuspecting youths in Nigeria. It is no more an ominous sign for the youth’s future. It means that this generation of Nigerians might not be a wasted one after all.

In parallel universe or real life, in spite of our fallibility, there are three things that we need to maintain to succeed in life, or be at par with our mindfulness, they are: values, integrity and dignity. All these nuances are entwined with your principles. If you deviate from your principles out of political expediency or ulterior motives, then, it means your supposed good antecedents and values were premised on selfishness, grandstanding and political opportunism.

Mark it!!! Obasanjo and Babangida will eventually be disgraced out of Nigerian political space. Obasanjo has no modicum of shame. When the true history of June12 is written, Obasanjo’s connivance with the country’s traitors to truncate the freest and fairest election in Nigera shall be revealed to the whole world and the next generation. June 12, 1993 presidential election would have been the election that would have launched Nigeria to Eldorado! People like this writer wouldn’t have to be in a privileged exile, contributing to the development and exceptionalism of America. A country that is already great on her own! He would have been in a country he so much love with passion.

Obj, the grandstanding man thinks he understands the short memories of some people in Nigeria, that is why he’s still relevant to some of them. But history is a precursor to a man’s existential life. If it’s possible to uncover the crimes this man has committed against Nigerians, to have a friend like Obj, you definitely don’t need an enemy! Obasanjo is a Tortoise with two faces of third force
in a forest of a thousand demons!

Having deceived the youth for ages, Nigerian youths must be careful as this man is at it again to hoodwinking them to believe in what he pretends he could offer them now. When Baba tore his PDP- People Deceiving People’s card prior to 2015 presidential election, I warned candidate Buhari to beware of Mr. Tortoise’s political shenanigans. My prediction is coming to past now as the miasma in Baba’s behavior is coming to fore!

Those of us who can discern, understand and deconstruct Obj’s grotesque grandstanding and political opportunism will not keep quiet to allow him at his twilight, to warp the minds of my children’s generation, or rewrite Nigerian political history to suite his own selfish end. We might possibly begin to write books for generational references to expose Obasanjo’s political conspiracy against the Nigerian people. Baba is being encumbered now by the consciousness of guilt, that’s why Mr. Tortoise is gallivanting from his conscious state of mind to another state of unconsciousness. The evil that men do must be made to live after them. Thanks to the evolving Nigerian youths who are gradually taking back their country.

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