Obasanjo Plans to Squander Nigeria’s Foreign Reserve

President Obasanjo and his economic advisers are currently frustrated and enraged over increasing opposition to his “third term” agenda by the majority of Nigerians. Saharareporters was reliably informed that Obasanjo’s ‘kitchen cabinet’ discussed the ongoing anti-third term campaigns at a meeting earlier this week and concluded that more Nigerians are becoming opposed to the third term agenda. They decided to adopt different plans to either revive the campaign or to abandon it entirely and act as though it was a freedom of speech issue for the campaigners. However, the kitchen cabinet-in-session concluded that they would not build a foreign reserve that would be inherited by anyone else. Sources said that it has dawned on the President that if he cannot run for a third term in office, he might have also lost out on the opportunity to present a successor to the Nigerian people.

Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, Ngozi Iweala, Nuhu Ribadu, Charles Soludo, Andy Uba, Julius Ihonvbere and another trusted aide were in attendance at the meeting. The President was said to look “very tired but angry.” The meeting reviewed the on-going third term campaigns and decided to embark upon a few palliatives to bring opposition to the agenda under control. With a few exceptions, those in attendance were said to be unimpressed with the way President Obasanjo’s friends were going about the 3rd term campaigns. Each of the attendees also reported back from their recent international trips with the conclusion that opposition from the international community was also growing.

Ngozi Iweala, the minister of finance, suggested that if the opposition to Obasanjo’s third term rule would not abate, the President should start an economic revival plan akin to the “Marshall Plan” as a way of bowing out of power respectfully. Further, he should also to embark upon spending the foreign reserve that had accrued from excess crude savings. According to Iweala, the economic team could not have saved up so much money only for others to come and inherit. It was also reported that the IMF and the World Bank, as well as other international financial interests, are already targeting the foreign reserve. They also expressed fears that the IMF/ World Bank might impose fresh economic policies on the nation so that Nigeria can turn its foreign reserve to international economic scavengers close to the two institutions.


Ngozi Iweala was said to be the feistiest at the meeting. According to our source, she dominated discussions. She was the one who proposed that, should the Third term agenda fail, President Obasanjo should go on a spending spree so as not to leave much money in the national treasury for people she described as “thieves.” She was said to have claimed the most credit for the build up of the foreign reserve as well as the debt relief deal which allows Nigeria to exit the Paris Club. She asked Obasanjo to come out with a “Marshall Plan” to eviscerate the foreign reserve by embarking on heavy duty capital projects and ensure that payments are made before quitting office. Her proposal includes building of more power projects, refineries, railways and more highways across the country. There is also a plan to spend billions of dollars in a Trans-Sahara gas pipeline project from Nigeria to Algeria. Some of the President’s friends in the US have been fingered as the consultants for this multibillion dollar project.

Ngozi Okonjo – Iweala came from the World Bank. She had served President Obasanjo as an economic adviser in his first term in office, seconded to Nigeria by the World Bank. She has been touted as a world class economist, even though her job at the World Bank was more administrative in nature. Upon her recruitment, to serve as minister of finance she was paid some $250, 000 per annum by the Nigerian government until outcry from Nigerians at home and in the Diaspora forced her to abandon the ‘dollar salary’. Earlier this year, Saharareporters spoke to her about her salary, below is the conversation between her and this reporter:

Saharareporters: Good evening Minister! How are you?

Minister: I am fine and who is this?

Saharareporters: Oh, my name is Sowore Omoyele. I am calling you from New York. I am a journalist/writer. I just have a question for you over the dollar salary issue!

Minister: “Dollar Salary?” The Dollar salary issue is dead! I am no longer talking about it. I no longer receive dollar salary. I am being paid in local currency now.

Saharareporters: No Ma’am I don’t think so. That is why I am calling you. We know your husband said you now receive your salary in Naira, but he didn’t say whether it is just mere conversion from dollars to Naira

Minister: Please, who do you say you are again, because I would like to find out how you got this number?

Saharareporters: Oh yes, my name is Sowore Omoyele. I am a writer based in New York….we write on the internet…

Minister: He he he, Ehe! Are you not the person who interviewed Gbenga Obasanjo that is in the news recently?

Saharareporters: You are correct ma’am

Minister: Laughter… then, yes I would like to speak with you but I am concerned about how you got my number. How did you get my number? This line is only dedicated to my husband and my kids. Isn’t there privacy anymore in Nigeria?

Saharareporters: Ma’am, why don’t you just understand that it is a telephone number and that I am a Nigerian citizen and that you are a public official? What is the big deal about you

r number? Why don’t we just talk about this issue rather than spend all the time talking about where I got your number from? I mean, you know I research and investigate stories. Getting your number is not exactly rocket science.

Minister: No, this number is for my family. It only meant for handling emergencies. I use it for my family only. Yes, I am a public officer but I am also entitled to some privacy. Don’t you guys have some ethics about how you do your things? I mean, you and that your partner, what is his name…What do you guys want from me?

Saharareporters: Really nothing madam, I just want you to be more communicative with people. I have just called you to ask a simple question and you are ripping me apart as if I am some hardened criminal. I am not a criminal, and you know that. I am a Nigerian citizen; I am from the country where you are a public official. How can it be wrong and criminal to ask you a question? You are not a CIA agent and so it is not a crime to call you. It is only in Nigeria that people go to jail for doing their legitimate duties. You know I won’t go to jail for calling you on the phone, right?

Minister: I am just concerned about how you got my number and the fact that you want me to interview with you on this line. I am expecting a call from my daughter Onyiye and I had thought the call was from her or my husband. Did you talk to my husband? How did you get this number?

Saharareporters: Okay Ma’am we have spent too much time talking about the number issue. Can we at least settle the dollar salary issues before you go?

Minister: Yes, what do you want to know?

Saharareporters: So how much do you receive now?

Minister: I receive the same amount as other ministers!

Saharareporters: How much is that in Naira?

Minister: Go and find it out yourself

Saharareporters: Haba, ma’am you are the apostle of transparency and accountability in Nigeria. You even publish allocations to state and local government every month, why can’t you reveal your salary?

I receive N794, 000 per …. (Saharareporters note: I didn’t hear whether it was per month or per annum).

Minister: I have to run now; my daughter is on the other line! Call me at this line if you want to talk 09……that is my office and business phone.

Saharareporters spoke to an analyst who said, Though the IMF has approved the PSI for Nigeria to exit from the Paris Club, the international financial institutions are not really fooled by the Nigerian government.” Another contact close to the two institutions who is also knowledgeable about the “Debt Relief” package said, “They know that the Obasanjo regime has been poor and weak in terms of institutional development.” Furthermore, the analyst told Saharareporters that the international community knows that offloading $12 billion dollars for debt repayment is not a wise decision. They were more concerned about the corruption which, as they know too well, Mr. President wasn’t fighting.

According to our contact, the international community sees Nigeria as a father of four kids who withheld the school fees and feeding allowances of his children so that he can pay his debtors. It never made sense to them, and it never will. They knew all along that the “Debt Relief” package was bribe money offered by Obasanjo to buy the international community’s opinion to perpetuate his stay in power, it merely confirmed what they had always said, that Nigeria was not qualified for debt forgiveness. He pointed to the huge foreign reserves and offered another analogy, “Why would a self-centered Obasanjo, who doesn’t really care about Nigerians, build a foreign reserve for an in-coming regime that he doesn’t know? It is like painting a rented apartment when you have already received a quit notice!”

The regime is also considering some political moves to reduce the opposition from the Niger Delta area. It has already announced a bogus spending plan for the Niger Delta area which includes massive spending on infrastructural development and employment for indigenes in the armed services sector. There is also a growing debate to consider releasing Alhaji Asari Dokubo of NDPVF, Chief Ralph Uwazurike of MASSOB and Gani Adams of the OPC. The attorney general is being briefed to consider letting them out on bail. As of press time, they have not been able to convince President Obasanjo who is said to favor their continued detention until his headache at the moment – Vice President Atiku – has been totally vanquished.

Last week Saharareporters gathered from sources inside Aso Rock villa that Obasanjo and his team were searching in Switzerland for more dossiers on Atiku. They were to ask the Swiss government to repatriate some funds traced to one of Atiku’s company accounts in Switzerland. They figured that crushing the VP was central to a more favorable atmosphere in case the third term agenda did not materialize. Our source also revealed that everyone in the kitchen cabinet feels isolated because of the embarrassing nature of the third term campaign. “They’ve all traveled out recently and found out that there are no allies in the international community as such.”

As proof of the frustrations of the kitchen cabinet, core member Professor Julius Ihonvbere, one of Obasanjo’s special advisers, had recently warned members of the international community to steer clear of Nigeria’s internal affairs. Although there were no public pronouncements or provocation from any country; his warning was a reaction to the undercurrents of opposition to the third term agenda.

Amongst members of the kitchen cabinet, Nuhu Ribadu and El-Rufai were said to be most crestfallen. El-Rufai is said to be dealing with a series of scand

als arising from the PENTASCOPE deals and also his close association with Jimi Lawal, who reports indicate might have made away with huge sums of money accruing from sales of federal government houses in Abuja. A source said El-Rufai, who has refused to publicly address the PENTASCOPE deal issues since it broke, might have officially confessed to President Obasanjo about the missing FCT money said to be $80 million and also invited the EFCC to intervene. Jimi Lawal is currently on the run after leaving Nigeria on the morning of February 15, 2006 on a British Airways flight from Abuja. He was aided in his escape by El- Rufai, who secured him free passage and encouraged him to run away to avoid further embarrassments to him. A few weeks ago, Jimi Lawal left London for China where he is currently hiding. The EFCC has asked INTERPOL to issue an international arrest warrant on him.

Nuhu Ribadu is said to be depressed by the exposure of his role in the clampdown on politicians opposed to the Third Term agenda. Ribadu was said to have turned down an invitation to accept an award by a US-based group because he didn’t want to be ambushed by Nigerians in the US and possibly the international media about the hypocrisy of his spearheading an anti-corruption war. He is said to swear to his closest friends that he didn’t know that he was being used by the President to hunt down his political opponents. He confided to some of his close aides that his intention to prosecute Bode George over the NPA scandals convinced him that the President will not tolerate him overreaching himself. He had since cut back on his public appearances and rhetoric. Overall, the third term campaign may be falling apart, the faith of the disciples are shaken but Nigeria’s foreign reserve in grave danger!

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Adebayo Adejare April 27, 2006 - 11:00 pm

Wilbur F Storey, renowned Media Expert once said many years ago (advising a field reporter) "Telegraph fully all news … and when there is no news send rumours."

This is what our "citizen journalist" Omoyele Sowore does nowadays. His gonzo kerozine journalism excites his chorus members who should not be condemned but must be granted reasonable accommodation, being intelectually challenged. To date, Sowore and Gov. Kalu, insist, each is truthful but we know that one of them is a liar!

This piece: "Obasanjo plans to Squander Nigeria's Foreign Reserve" shows to reasonable readers beyond controversy that Sowore is out of steam except among his chorus members. All we can do is expect (per Wilbur's advice above) more rumours, speculations, stories neither wholly false nor true or just plain "fabu" (fabulous) from this miserably poor imitation of Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein. Next: "Obasanjo's World" (Jimmy's World) by Omoyele Sowore!

T April 27, 2006 - 8:20 am

Sowore's style may be hash but he aint no spinner! Those who are accusing him should APOLOGISE unless they can answer Omo Osai from Benin City, whose posers in comment #16 are UNASSAILABLE!

Nelson Onyegbula April 23, 2006 - 3:42 pm

I respect any citizens who takes up a serious obligation that should fall to all citizens-especially in the time of crisis like we have now. Nobody should be exempt from accountability on the account of their status. I would think that our dear sister Ngozi Iweala would maintain an open door policy and not cry each time a journalist call her line to ask questions.

I don't care about the objective of this writer, he has breached no laws, rather he is helping to strengthen our society by expanding the frontiers of news reporting.

Disconcertingly, so many of our citizens, just like the institutions and infrastructures of Nigeria, have been damaged by years of military rule. We dig into this tight hole of inferiority as days passes by. Such comments as given by the "media consultant" or the one given by the "moralist" or the "privacy" peddler are all informed by the psycological effects of prolonged servitude. A ministerial position is both and opportunity and a privilege, it is not a right of any smart person, but freedom of thoughts and expression is a right, it is a justiceable right!

If some of you want to remain content and satisfied with what is obviously wrong with Nigeria, you can live with it and name your kids after the various institutional failures, but for goodness sake let the couarageous ones do their part.

Anonymous April 23, 2006 - 2:15 pm

Mr. Obi, USA:

If you get spin from Fani Kayode everyday and as you want me to believe any of the nonsense from this governement, how come you don't write to condemn the spin from the government people but targets a reporter who is doing his legitimate job? Please tell me what is not true about this story?

1. Is it that there is no kitchen cabinet?

2. Is it that OBJ is not planning to finish off the foreign reserve? (read The SUN newspaper of yesterday Saturday)

3. Is it that El-Rufai is not involved in Pentascope deal or working with Jimi Lawal the crook?

4. Is it that Ngozi Iweala is not an agent of the World Bank?

5. or is it that there is no 3rd term agenda to which all these so-called 'economic reformers' are subscribed?

You need to think or just come out and declare for third term, make we see your face?

-Omo Osai from Benin City

Anonymous April 23, 2006 - 2:05 pm

I remember reading Sowore's article on Charles Taylor escape and arrest (http://www.saharareporters.com/dn001.php?dnid=49) (actually forwarded to me) by any stretch of imagination, the story sounded too good to be true. I ended up discarding it as spin. But alas, six days later, Taylor opened up and said his so-called escape and arrest was all arranged.

Question: Who could tell if this story is true- I bet not anyone of you up there writing anonymously!

I have read Sowore's stories ( obviously, they are very interesting stories)and I do not know of a single one that wasn't true. When he interviewed Gbenga Obasanjo, there was lots of hoopla, he stood by the story and Gbenga threatened to sue him. Till this day, he couldn't sue or hasn't sued Sowore. I have chosen whom to believe when I see a good story. The problem with Sowore is not lying, he speaks the truth and write the same way. But he is very hard on the authorities. He is a passionate writer. I would rather attack him over the contents of his write-ups, but his facts are genuine, everyone looks stupid each time they challenge him-Gov. Kalu, Jimi Lawal, Gbenga Obasanjo, Professor Gambari are some of his long list of articles/reports in the public domain. You can accuse him of being unsparing, but I don't think he is a lier!

As for the motive of his writings, he's said it in interviews that he writes for the purpose of change. I agree with him on that, the press in Nigeria have sold out completely.

On the privacy of the minister of finance, there is nothing like a private number if a reporter can find it, it becomes 'public'. Who doesn't know that if Sowore had called her office, her assistants will never let her speak with a journalist or she too would have avoided speaking with him.C'mon, the people in government don't regard anyone -journalists or the people! Instead they will direct him to some useless "special media assistant" who had nothing to say. I really like his bold interview with the finance minister.

I respect his works!

-Victoria D.

Anonymous April 23, 2006 - 1:39 pm

Nigeria's foreign reserve is always in danger. Can we identify any one of the folks waiting in the wings to succeed Obasanyo, that we can trust to be prudent and development oriented? And do not point at Marwa, who is yet to explain how a governor's salary could build an airline business. Atiku? Babangida? Buhari? Who?

I have never seen these folks get so worked up fighting a cause as strongly as they do now, especially whe n that cause would improve the lives of ordinary Nigerians. the third term agenda poses a threat to their own opportunity for pillaging the purse. They fight because of their own theiving interests not because they love our constitution or our democracy or our people.

Those who go a-borrowing, go a-sorrowing, goes some old saying. There is nothing more dignifying and liberating than paying your debt. For whatever it is worth, it has been paid. We should leave that move alone and focus on the polity of the future.

To be clear, there should be no thrid term for Obasanjo. He should go back to his ill=gotten Otta farm and till the soil under the scorhing sun. A third term agenda will mess up Nigeria's experimental democracy,redndering useless any shreds of integrity that Nigeria's constitution may have left. Nigerians however, should rise vigorously against Atiku, Babaginda, Buhari, Marwa, or any of their cabal. A new beginning is necessary.

Segun Ojewuyi

Niyi Odutola April 23, 2006 - 10:55 am

To the Communication Specialist, it would have been nice if you didn't hide behind "unknown" so that we can verify your professional claim,your experience and who you have worked for professionally.

Investigative Journalism is not your everyday journalism. By the way once someone makes him/her self a public officer, all privacy as to the person's activities ara gone. Remember that when you or someone you know decides to accept a public position.

Anonymous April 23, 2006 - 10:45 am

I do not support third term. I abhor bad leadership as you may discover from my previous comments. Giving Paris Club all that money in less than one year was careless. I stand by my opinion that Sowore's article was not written in good faith. Apart from the alleged interview with the minister of finance, every other thing he said was pure speculation. He does not need to spin anything for us. We get enough spin from the government (Fani Kayode et al) as it is.

obi, USA

Anonymous April 23, 2006 - 10:02 am

Responding to Comment 1 :The ethics committee of "online report has just reviewed…blah, blah blah, blah. Then concluded…blah, blah, blah… Don't call people on their dedicated private number…blah, blah, blah…

I find these comments sickening. Who determines how to write a good story? is it the "unknown" commentator who claims he offering a "constructive criticism" or the reporter who did his/her job. Definitely, we all know the answer.

Just a word of encouragement to Sowore: "You are doing a heck of a brilliant job reporting real news" Please keep it up. Do not waste your time on naysayers and some faceless poker players who seek the favor of the filthy high and mighty in Abuja.

I definitely enjoy your reports and so many Nigerians are gateful to you for what you do for our nation.

Ade Olowu

Anonymous April 22, 2006 - 6:15 pm

Very poor interviewing and reporting. The reporter placed too much emphasis on himself rather than on the story he is trying to get out. In the end, he didn't get any information through his interview. This is my professional judgment as a communication specialist. We all go through a lot of habble babble in the process of getting information from key people. The rest of the world do not need or care about the details – bear this in mind when next you print. Also, to maintain the ethics of journalism, do not call people on their private lines. Everyone deserves some amount of privacy and that takes away from the credibility of your base as a professional. Take this as constructive criticism, it is not intended to be insulting.

Anonymous April 22, 2006 - 5:07 am

I write in relation to the comment by Sadiq Labaran. 'Mr. Labaran', I have checked your profile on the yahoo addresss you provided and I was not surprised to see that it was a newly created e-mail address. It was created on 04/21/2006. It is there for everyone to see. A newly created e-mail address to attack myself and the Daily Times. I will always cherish my time in that organisation.

Yomi Dawotola.

Anjorin April 21, 2006 - 11:05 pm


I am so depressed by this report. It took away some gains we have made on this forum. I am for everything that is good for our country. This report is not one of them, just like the third term campaign."


Hmm, na wa oh. If one single story can roll back the millenum gains on the board, there must be something really unique about it.

Admin: Is your site meant for just a few conservative committee? Na wa for this people oh!

Sadiq Labaran April 21, 2006 - 10:59 pm

As I read the regurgitated reactions to the article above, I couldn't help but laugh. Why did I luagh? because men don't cry!. Can you imagine someone up there condemning thius report because he once worked at the "Daily Times", the same Daily Times of Nigeria? C'mmon, please!!!

Of course, logically the rest of the condemnation was in the same light.

People, if you claim a report is false, please point out the lies in it. Any report cannot be false because the person reading it was a veteran journalist-No…!

Everything proves it, Nigeria's economy hasn't worked since Lady Ngozi came on board, and to be fair, it's same before her- Really, for giving away our wealth to her friends in Washington, she ought to be charged for CONVERSION (using or controlling other people's wealth without permission). We have seen the prices in the marketplace go up everyday. I've stood in the hospital with my wife about to deliver a baby and suddenly the light going out.

I know what's going on. As predicted, but much faster than anticipated, the economic abracadra of the this era created a superrich conquistador. The Paris Club is the biggest winner and we are worse for it.

If anything evil is being planned by Obasanjo and his cabinet members in dark places, you will never hear the truth from Lady Ngozi. Wallahi, the truth will not be according the 'ayes' crowd who non-chalantly dismissed a true story because it was not praising the economic mgt team. And, in this case, it is well explained by the author in the report. Facts, analysis and good prose. Nigeria's leadership is a joke, it's cynical assembly of mediocres, a natural cycle of failures and above all, deception. A deliberate, self-perpetuating fallacy that "things are getting better" critically devoid of empirical evidence!

I am tortured by the ignorance of our compatriots, I didn't expect educated folks to be ignorant like a street urchin in Kaduna.

Such innocence. Such miniature wisdom. Poverty of ideas, not related to geography or ethnicity is what drive our complacency. It is those which diminishes the respect we could have gotten.

This is a brilliant story!

Anonymous April 21, 2006 - 4:02 pm

I am so depressed by this report. It took away some gains we have made on this forum. I am for everything that is good for our country. This report is not one of them, just like the third term campaign.

obi, USA

Anonymous April 21, 2006 - 2:26 pm

Does this sound familiar? Naysayers read a guardian report just out!

A FRESH plan by the Federal Government to improve electricity in the country is to cost N350 billion in the next 18 months.

According to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Power and Steel Minister, Liyel Imoke, disclosed in Abuja yesterday that the money would be spent "on massive and extensive projects" to bridge the gap between demand and supply.

"This historic initiative is widely recognised as the biggest on-going power project in the world given its scope and the time frame envisaged for its completion," he said.

The plan, announced at the 10th meeting of power managers in Zone A of the West African Power Pool (WAPP), is expected to shore up available energy for transmission and distribution in the country.

Essentially, according to Imoke, the project would cover generation and ensure effective sharing of power to boost the power situation in the country.

The minister reaffirmed Nigeria's commitment to the interconnection of the national grid and the implementation of the priority power projects to enhance industrial development and entrepreneurial activities within the sub-region.

Imoke lauded the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) leaders for mooting the WAPP idea. He also emphasised the need for the sub-region to develop cheap electrical power for its population.

Besides rapid development, Imoke said that sufficient electricity would mitigate the vast problems of environmental degradation in the sub-region, especially in the area of forest destruction.

The minister also challenged leaders of the sub-region to exploit other sources of renewable energy, including solar and wind energy.

Power Holding Company of Nigeria's (PHCN) Managing Director, Mr. Joseph Makoju, who also spoke on the occasion, said that the WAPP idea became imperative to ensure effective inter-connectivity of all major power bases.

He said that the periodic meetings of WAPP members were designed to explore areas of cross border collaboration.

Specifically, he said that co-operation would be in the areas of training, staff exchange, practice and the sharing of experiences.

Other speakers at the opening were WAPP chairman, Cyr Kougou, and power authority henchmen in some member countries. Countries in Zone A of WAPP include Nigeria, Niger, Benin, Cote d'Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Ghana.

Anonymous April 21, 2006 - 11:04 am

Indeed, this is kindergarten journalism and anyone with an iota of common sense can tell. Mere speculation. It is sad indeed what you have become. Even the phone call you published verbatim makes you sound like some unformed hack, with all due apologies if that's offensive. You need to take a step back to re-examine whatever your agenda is, because this is not investigative anymore. Its just destructive now. Good luck to you and whoever publishes your pieces.

Yomi Dawotola April 21, 2006 - 7:18 am

This is pure sensationalism. A destructive weapon you have become. Please respect the intelligence of those friends of this website. This is journalese and not journalism. Very asinine. You are not going to help nigeria and us with stories like these.

I was a journalist with the Daily Times of Nigeria until the close of 1980s before I left Nigeria. This is just to tell you that I know what I am talking about. This story of yours are pure speculation and destructive to those names mentioned.

Yomi Dawotola.

Cletus E. Olebunne April 20, 2006 - 7:39 pm

Sowore, I find this very hard to believe, that someone who supposedly worked very hard to rake leaves together will out of selfishness disperse them because he or she did not get what he or she wants. It is not only selfish but also very childish. It reminds me of those days in primary school when a child was not a good soccer player but owns the soccer ball. (The downside in this case is that the ownership is Nigerian stakeholders). Any disagreement with the owner means the end of the game because the owner walked away with the ball. This is laughable; especially if this advice came from the Finance Minister as you wrote. Why, because, when she, the Finance Minister left World Bank, I am sure she did not spend all her budget, and I am sure that when she got to the World Bank there was fund for her to carry on with her duties.

If this is really true, then a bad precedence will be set for future governments. In essence, we are not building institutions. This is not the way of Thrift-Ville but Squander-Ville. By the way, Nigeria has never been this rich before with oil price at this high level, therefore I do not see much magic in the paying of debt and the increased foreign reserve.

It was not me that negotiated the first Nigerias GIANT LOAN/DEBT in 1978. Some people dont know how lucky they are to have a second and third chance to be able to clean up their mess a little.

So, if third term does not work, lets go ahead and award contracts to our cronies and pay them up front. The question remains: will they be there to monitor them? Definitely not, because the term ends in May 2007. So this thinking/advice lacks progressive thinking, and it is disappointing that someone of the Finance Minister's caliber will think that way. Well, we are all human; as humans sometimes self tend to cloud proper thinking. This is why it takes a different type of personality to be selfless in leadership

This is what happens when greed and shortsightedness clouds proper long term planning. In this case, a successor is normally a long-term plan.

Cletus E. Olebunne

New Jersey, USA

Anonymous April 20, 2006 - 5:39 pm

Going by what Sowore has written here, his major objective appears to be just one thing……to hit at Mallam Nasir El-Rufai, Ngozi Iweala, Nuhu Ribadu, Charles Soludo, Andy Uba, Julius Ihonvbere and others…the back-bone of Obasanjo's government.

By embarking on this campaign of calumny and discrediting these persons, Sowore expects to justify his attackes on Obasanjo…..but too bad, he has failed woefully!

For Sowore's info, these are proven, credible and self-less individuals who have been doing wonderfully well in salvaging our nation from the rot it had been placed since 1960.

Nothing Sowore does, write or say can ever diminish the reputation of these great individuals. While he is busy looking for cheap publicity and writing sensational stories fit only for "encomium", "Fame" and other rag sheets, there are other patriotic Nigerians such as Okonjo-Iweala, Akunyili, Soludo, El-Rufai etc who are practically salvaging our nation's economic, educational and social landscape.


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