Omoyele Sowore
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Omoyele Sowore: A Crucial and Mindful Message

You are merely not what people see outwardly but who you are inwardly with your mindfulness – Yahaya Balogun

“Man is not what you think he is, he is what he hide” (or has) – Andre Malraux

In a normal society, Sowore would be a quintessential presidential material. Sowore and his supporters need to do a lot of work and mobilization. A lot of Nigerians have misconceptions about Sowore! Sowore is not what some people misconstrued him to be; he is a good guy with his unfettered intentions if you have had a close encounter with him. He is an unrepentant and consistent fighter for the common man, and the emancipator for the deprived members of the Nigerian society.

I want to encourage and admonish Omoyele Sowore as he begins on a defining journey to place himself on the positive side of Nigerian history. Expeditiously, Omoyele Sowore must see himself as a formidable contender restoring confidence and tipping hope to the hopeless Nigerians. Nigeria is a very scary and difficult political terrain to operate. You need your conscience to be intact with unfettered and sustained ideas to waggle through its stormy political weather and clime.

Our country is a society dotted by nauseating contradictions and inconsistencies. It is populated and inhabited by impeccable intellectuals, sophisticated ignorant individuals, ingenious talents and rigmarole politicians. It will take a divine chance for anyone to succeed where there are collective and prevalent hypocrisy and deceit. The Nigerian system needs a defiant and rugged individual like Omoyele Sowore to lead the docile youth.

The current youths want comfort without conformity, and with near zero cognitive thinking and behavioral norms, and hard work. They want instant gratification with irresponsible behaviors that leads nothingness. In a society where the confused youth drifting aimlessly to the abyss of time, it needs a visionary and transformational leader like Sowore to veer it on the right path.

Nigeria is a country searching for her true identity. Sowore’s antecedents with the Nigerian corrupt politicians are like “cat and mouse game, or Tom and Jerry” cartoon characters. Sowore’s audacity to challenge the ugly past and to intimidate the selective rule of the status quo must be a welcome development to all and sundry. If President Muhammadu Buhari is smart and serious about anti-corruption war, he must consult the no-nonsense persona of Omoyele Sowore. Sowore has the consistency of fighting the evils in the Nigerian society. He seems more polished to understand the holistic views of Nigerian politics now more than before.

Presently, as Sowore travels around the country, he must surely acquaint himself more with the people in the rustic towns, cities, and other villages all across Nigeria. He must consider our geopolitical divisiveness. Sowore must be receptive to gain more experience; he must also identify his shortcomings for necessary corrections, be open to constructive criticisms, he must indentify opportunities and leverage on goodwill of the Nigerian people. He must ignore or avoid stereotyped people of “inconsequential”; ‘nothing is good’ and “too young to rule” assertions in other pessimists and cynics. Sowore seems to be more comfortable to withstand the consuming stench in the fouled Nigerian polity.

Meanwhile, there is a caveat! Sowore must walk a fine line to bring all diverse groups together. He must present messages of hope, unity, aspiration and future development of Nigeria. Sowore should be politically more careful with intrusive and strategic worldviews about Nigeria and its conundrums. His message on his impending campaign and current townhall meetings must be all-inclusive, transformational and people-centered on HOPE to the hopeless people. He should avoid the obvious and usual transactional message that will nauseate the ordinary Nigerian independent voters and other responsible Nigerian voters. Sowore’s message should target the disgruntled Biafrans, conscientize the disappointed Buharists and bring along other groups who are tired of the unknown direction/destination of Nigeria, or repulsive of the more of the same cicumlocuted men of yesterday.

I am sure most of the Nigeria Diaspora who listened to how he exposed and flawed the so-called Minister of communication in Ibadan radio programme will be more comfortable with Sowore. A Minister whose communication was crassly immature with blight arrogance and face-saving stance and ignorance. The Nigerian Minister’s reaction and arrogant presentations were very pedestrian and nonministerial. I can’t wait for a presidential debate between Sowore and his contemporary contenders in the 2019 general election. These people are in deep trouble with incredulous crudity and their crisis of conscience and consciousness. But the impending candidacy of Omoyele Sowore is an existential signal to where we want to be as a nation in the 21st-century democracy and beyond. Nigeria is in the midnight of her life to rewrite her ugly and tumultuous history.

In conclusion, Omoyele Sowore’s presidential material should be holistically viewed by all Nigerians. Sowore is a good friend and dedicated-loving-family man; an intelligent human right activist and a profound entrepreneur. He should think ahead of the children of corruption and his political adversaries. Now that he is inching towards national political limelight, he should be presidential and more matured in his approach to addressing national issues.

So far! Sowore has not disappointed some envisioned and insightful minds in his townhall meetings and presentations. The voice of the dehumanized people is the resounding voice of God. This is how my esteemed friend and former vintage and quintessential US president, Barack Hussein Obama started in 2007, like “play-play” (bi ere, biaree) the rest is now history. The only thing that is inconsequential to achieve in life is the thing you’ve not tried. Even if you have tried and failed, your failure is a catalyst towards your success in future. Interestingly, Success and Failure have the same accurate digits, that shows us that failure has no leverage over success. The road to a successful life is for success to be mindful and determined. Those aspiring for success must be focused to intimidate failure in order to succeed.

By and large, we are very proud of Omoyele Sowore. Sowore must be consciously optimistic as corruption will do anything to deploy every illegal acquired national resource to degrade or fight anti-corruption campaign, and halt Sowore’s success to the exalted position in the land.

Aluta Continua!

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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