On the March again…

by Opeyemi Ajayi
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One of the Iconic leaders of the 20th century is JFK.

He was an American President who sometime in 1961 inspired his country to engage in a visionary expedition of landing a man on the moon within a decade.

Many things happened thereafter amongst which is the death of JFK in 1963 but the vision didn’t die because America successfully landed a man on the moon in 1969.

The greatest challenge Nigeria has today is lack of visionary leadership.

Lack of leadership has made the enormous hardworking human capital we have irrelevant.

Lack of visionary leadership has turned our huge mineral resources into a curse.

The statistics facing Nigeria in the eye is grim and ugly, we are regarded as the poverty capital of the world.

There is a high level of insecurity across the states with religious crisis and ethnic bigotry taking over government.

Nigeria is currently sitting on a bridge that is about to collapse and only visionary leaders can rescue the nation from disintegrating.

We are a group of hardworking and brilliant folks that has not been able to elect quality political leaders across board.

We keep allowing the “no future ambition” individuals to represent us in political offices while the patriotic citizens shy away from political participation.

Nature abhors vacuum, somebody must lead.

Nigeria is searching for visionary leaders and this is a call for well- meaning young Nigerians to prepare and aspire for political leadership in order to redirect the fortunes of Nigeria and creatively administer our commonwealth for the greater use of all and sundry.

No significant positive change can happen if we keep recycling these current crop of leaders. We need fresh ideas in legislative and executive arms of government.

We need patriotic citizens to take over political leadership.

Men of ideas cannot continue to shy away from political participation.

We cannot afford to keep looking sideways while ignoble characters destroy the commonwealth when a huge number of citizens with great ideas are making the world a better place to live in.

Men of character and integrity must rise up to the challenge.

Nations are developed by people. No developed country on earth dropped from heaven. Well-meaning citizens stood their ground to build such countries.

The countries with adequate system that our countrymen currently reside did not fall from heaven, some people took the pain to build them.

It is time to join hands to create the new Nigeria.

Nigeria is currently on the search for patriotic & visionary leaders, kindly make yourself available.

Register as a voter, get your PVC ready, support and vote for good individuals during elections.

Join a political party and be active. Support people with great ideas to contest elections.

The current crop of political leaders must not be allowed to return to power in the next election cycle if we do not want a repeat of the Yugoslavia situation in Nigeria.

Our actions matter in this peculiar season. We must learn to speak up against injustice, bad governance and policies, we cannot be silent.

Nigeria has the potential to become the most desirable country to live in within a decade but only visionary leadership can make this happen.

We need to come together and build an egalitarian society where the principle of social justice is entrenched and the rule of law is supreme as we allow free enterprise as economic policy.

Make yourself available, participate in political activities and speak up against bad governance.

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!!

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