On The State Of Education In Nigeria

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

(The Diabolic/Hidden Interpretation of the Journey So far Walked)

Academic Posterity, Academic Prosperity and Serene National Education for all. This is another academic irony. The typifying fact is that we are all completely ignorant of the hidden agenda of these Executive cronies and their series of brouhahas.

One thing is clear, somehow, the Cheetah Generation has emerged, and the fastest growing generation in the history of humanity is born. These cronies ploy to frustrate education, morality and sound societal and ethical knowledge, pervading all forms of genuine academic prosperity, killing the dreams of a generation of leaders has been counter ruined. Not just individuals, but a “Generation” of a different, but yet articulate stock of Humanity.

Woe unto the Nigerian Leadership structure, woe unto the Nigerian Political, economic, psychosocial and ethnocentric hegemony. What a Generation of Imbeciles do we have as leadership in high places, who are matured, yet unconsciously and partially neurotic scorn bags, poorly educated, half knowledgeably baked, scientific and political morons.

Go through their policies…therein lies sycophancy, pretense, hypocrisy, un-so-so, bags of quagmires, Jamborees lovers. Study the social perception and religious cum moral personalities of these idiots, some who are even professors in higher institutions; some in control of schools of scholars. Some are paramount rulers; some are youth leaders with persons like Marvin Yobona of the National Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) lacking the focal point of leadership, why? Because he too like these phonies have been thought the dragon tactics of intimidation and power control; and some are grassroots local-champions.

We do not understand yet what these cronies are after, but I can see they are going toward their burial sites. They have started digging up a hole for themselves, The Great Nigerian “ORDER” sure understand these gimmicks; they cannot deny the National truth. This is their weapon to wield total adherence, even in the education sector. The PDP under the aegis of the Order of Nigeria (OON) are the true enemies of progress in this country of ours. Until this Order is torn to piece, prosperity will be silent in this nation called N-I-G-E-R-I-A.

The silent truth is, these cronies do not want to tell us the truth. They will continually use divide and rule because of the hunger for power by our people; our leaders in the Southern Nigeria, and their eastern counterparts have not because cannibals in the alter of good governance. If they aims of the Order is for sanity of mind as they professed, why have they not through the disciplinary actions contained in their mission statements be execute? No they dare not attempt such, because it is the brain child of a selected few to further perpetuate injustices in the heart of military and Democratic governance. We are still dwelling in ignorance; until we learn like the Americans of the 1794 and their unification to stoop the grip of political power by few masons who at that time were very powerful. The stooge will be encouraging only if we can idealize what Nigeria and its peoples represent.

Bottom line is, like the more than 30 years rule of a military and doctoral government; PDP and other paraphelia Political parties (whose birth one would creakingly imagine) comprising of champions of Genocides in Nigerians’ death history, Devil’s Incarnates, Hire Assassins, Criminals in official regalia, Fraudsters in Politics, sons and daughters of the occults in taking a hold in the decisions and future of a Generation of sound mind and of good people. Nigerians are good people, if not; a bloody revolution would have rocked the entire nation. Other indications are anything these phonies do never come to fruition, because they’ve got no idea in their dull head. Their ploy continually is to perpetuate themselves and their cronies in offices reserved for the saints amongst us, only when the bracing skirt of opportunities fly above the kind hearted will the voice of justice be instigate like wild fire.

They too as evil incarnates have also corrupted our leaders, they have divided us among our people. In the Niger Delta, all you see is deception, every leader have their own dark history. Oronto, Asari, Okah, Tompolo, Ateke, Harold Dappa Biriye and co, all sold their people for 30 piece silver. They all betrayed their people, and rendered many homeless, drove them away from their ancestral lands, brought foreigners to pollute their waters, canalized their communities, killed the only sources of their livelihood, imprisoned them in Hellfire on earth with all series of Gas flares. The agitations aroused by these clowns are a gimmick and a farce, they fight for nothing other than for their belle, and they are scorners and scammers. The sincerity has been defeated..!!!

They have learned from the cases of Ken Saro Wiwa, Adaka Boro, Kaduna Nzeogwu etc. they are aware that education is the key, so what they now do is imprisoned the youth through irregular and mis-directed educational systems, while they send their wards to schools abroad. They are replaced responsive leadership, accountability probity and sound moral reason in the Golgotha of the Culture of true federalism and Democracy. This was same issue that provoked the likes of Kaduna Nzeogwu in 1966 and several other nationalist struggles prior to 1966. Pity, there won’t be any kind of bloody revolution this time around, but a worst case with the aforementioned structural mental projection of revolution is way possible. The days of Martin Luther King Jr. will once again be echoed; for the trumpet of intimidation, marginalization, molestation, brain-assassinations, Operation-kill-all-born of Israel will be sounded by few lamps they will mentally sacrifice their lives and resources for a greater course and agitations.

Education to every Nigerian is a RIGHT if truly Nigeria was created in the true spirit of Sovereignty, and if indeed it houses the epitaph of universally accepted Human right legislation. This should be the clear picture so far. Up till date, our Universities are still being interrupted for what in the 21st century is the international university standards being reneged on the ground that some bigwigs do not find education, a pristine weapon of old as a core principal culture of every Nigerian. This is an Irony.

The Present and past administration see education as a threat to their smooth diabolic and evil rule with their unprecedented and unrealistic policies that later will be accompanied by abandonment of public utilities/facilities and the general good of all, meant for Poor and the rich alike.

One thing is also clear; these dudes are just deceiving themselves. Because when the Cheetah Generation broke off from their orbit of national ignorance; they will discover their excellence, through violent mental arsenal they shall engage the Leaders who would have been old then to a fierce battle. Yes they will train people to take their stead, I m not worries about that. A generation worse than Rowlings of Ghana will be born. They will not use the power of the Gun, they will use the power of the below synthesis:

Mental Age (MA)
______________ X 100 = IQ
Chronological Age

If anyone understands this fact, then you will all agree with me that the Generation’s weapons are not those of Militants, and their likes in the Niger Delta struggle. No No, this will not be the case. They will explore every possibility, irrespective of Education.

Before these generations were born, they were thought the Arts of War in their mothers’ womb (Read my articles on Business Battles – Google Carl-Collins Ogunshola Oshodi). In several of my articles, I reiterated the need to prepare ourselves with different sorts of new formulas and initiatives to hold our shield against the frontline of battle.

Although we may not be quite educated as youths, that these mummies thoughts they can ruin our lives for u

s, so that we will forever remain in ocean ignorance, stupidity and illiteracy. Of course we would have been in that juxtaposition of things. But ironically, through the diabolic and divine scheme of things the God of all humanities have predestined the 21st Cheetah generation as the Israelite of today in Nigeria.

Have you not seen what a 6yr old is capable of manifesting? Some of these little ones some didn’t even go to school, yet their ideas were infallible; their creativity is beyond measure. Some of them with little knowledge have made several breakthroughs in the history of humanity here in Nigeria.

The Federal Government’s antics to frustrate education is to perpetuate darkness amongst the people of the youthful-Cheetah Generation. An illiterate Generation is a scornful memorandum of Mad and blind men/women.

They (The Order) have failed. With or without education, the “CHEETAH” Generation has come to stay….

Enough of these nonsense!!!

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Jerome Obanikoro April 10, 2010 - 11:01 am

If the typos are agreeable, then certain things are not suppose to be elobarated before it gain an international audience. Anyways, it was well constructed, only you should not have cited names and should have been precise with your character analysis. The truth is obvious, why do you care? You have done quite some job here Dr. Carl-Collins.


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