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Open Letter to President Buhari and the Nigerian COAS

The attention of the Nigerian Chief of Army Staff must be drawn to the disgusting video trending on social media about the inhuman treatment of a young man by the female Army Cadets in Nigeria, the man who is alleged to have made a complementary remark about the woman cadet he came across on the road. Nigerian Army is a profession that should seek to protect the territorial integrity and the lives of all Nigerians.

Nigeria armyThe Army has been so politicized and it seems to have now become Nigeria-military-industrial complex. But under this administration, the hope for professionalism, accountability and discipline in the army is in the horizon. The video shows the officers as Cadets or new recruits into probably the Nigerian army. Their actions are not only a national disgrace but criminal, and it must be investigated and the culprits brought to book.

President Buhari has a lot of work to do to sanitize every institution that personifies our sacred entity as a nation. The Nigerian army as an institution must be re-engineered to meet the 21st century challenges. It will be absolutely inexcusable to see on the street of any of any state in America for Marine to dehumanize ordinary citizen. The victim will be smiling to the bank through lawsuit. A Nigerian’s psychology is his deadliest enemy.

The validity of the video though, cannot be verified but the pictures coming out are a big embarrassment to all Nigerians. What is wrong with us in Africa? Why are we the staunched enemies of ourselves? Who will redeem the nation’s soul? Buhari and Osibanjo cannot do this alone. Nigeria success requires the collective efforts of all Nigerians.

The Legislature, the Judiciary and the Executive must put the country on the right pedestals by jettisoning ephemeral. The principle of separation of power must be upheld to bring Nigeria back to greatness. It needs urgent re-orientation. Nigeria should be a nation of law where the rights of all citizens are guaranteed.

The moral deficiencies and the values most Nigerians exhibit every time are a great concern to patriotic Nigerians and the country. Law enforcement agencies and institutions are the shells that should protect the seeds of lives of the citizenry. Any society that treats its vulnerable citizens abysmally is an Hobbesian society, a society where lives are short, brutish and nasty.

The treatment meted on this civilian is act of terrorism. It is no different from the base of the heinous treatments ISIS and Boko Haram are committing against humanity. The act of injustice of these barbarian cadets should not stop on social media, we should use every available avenue to share and seek justice for the defilement of the innocents, and they must be punished to serve as deterrent to others who are using their positions to violate the constitutional rights of the ordinary citizens. Abuja and the Chief of army staff must investigate this video to bring the culprits to justice.

Those involved in the video must not be allowed to be enlisted or be part of the sacred institution, and they must not be conscripted into the Nigerian army that protects our sovereignty. The newly opened chapter in our nation’s history under this administration should be nurtured to rewrite our grisly history. Nigeria is a nation of abundant human and material resources. A Country enveloped with concentra ring of brilliant and intelligent people.


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