Open Letter To Senator Eme Ufot Ekaette

Senator Ekaette,

Please permit me to speak with you woman to woman. I have a few truths to tell you, about the Indecent Dressing Bill you are sponsoring, and I hope that you listen.

We are living in the 21st century, and in this day and age, it is reprehensible that you would try to dictate what women should wear in a society that is supposed to be democratic and free.
Have you forgotten what happened at the U.N assembly when you attempted to present this bill to them? Have you forgotten so soon the comments from the other ambassadors? Especially the ambassador from Jamaica?

Do you really believe that enforcing this bill will lessen harassment and sexual assault? Have you heard of the “decently” dressed girls being harassed by lecturers?

Are you now seeking to absolve men of their crimes of rape? I am disappointed that this type of thinking comes from a fellow woman.

The men do not hold any responsibility for their crimes? They cannot control themselves?

Rather than trying to pass this bill, YOU OUGHT TO BE WORKING ON A PUNISHMENT FOR THE MEN WHO COMMIT THIS HEINOUS CRIME! You ought to let them know that they are the bane of the society and you, as a woman, should NOT be victimizing the victims. Put a stiff punishment and ACTUALLY CARRY OUT THE PUNISHMENT, and let’s see what happens. When the men know there is a consequence to their actions, no matter their stature or status in the community, I assure you, what women wear will no longer matter

In case you are so far removed from the masses, I want to let you know that you have put all females at risk with this bill you are trying to pass.

In Aba, Abia State, thugs have taken advantage of this unfortunate situation and are stripping girls of their clothes in public.
THEY HOLD GIRLS DOWN AND TEAR OFF THEIR JEANS, claiming that the directive from Abuja states girls should no longer wear trousers.
And when they tear off the clothes from these girls, what do you think happens next? I’ll leave that up to your imagination

Senator Ekaette, are there no good causes for women that you can champion?
I have a few that you can take up:
• Instituting counseling and help for victims of rape
• Encouraging women to come forward when they have been assaulted and PROVIDING HELP to the victims
• Working on removing the stigma of rape
• The trafficking of girls to Europe for prostitution
• Institute and implement STRICT PUNISHMENT for rapists and sexual harassers
• The plight of women being regarded as second class citizens
• The plight of children in Nigeria, have you seen the children under the bridge? (Have you seen these children begging on the streets? I am very sure you have seen them, that is, if your escorts and convoy does not run them over)
THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT CAUSE THAT I WOULD LIKE FOR YOU TO LOOK INTO CHAMPIONING – HAVE YOU HEARD OF VESICO VAGINAL FISTULA (VVF)? This is a cause being spearheaded by Ms. Stephanie Okereke, please contact her and work with her on this most worthy cause.
Were you not aware that babies as young as 12 years old are being forced into early marriages and are being raped by men old enough to be their grand-fathers? WHAT HAVE YOU DONE ABOUT THAT SENATOR EKAETTE?

If you do not achieve anything else in your life, let this be the one thing that you will be remembered for in Nigeria.
Contact Ms. Stephanie Okereke, and help the young girls and women who are suffering from this.

Madam Senator, you MUST STOP THIS BILL, you must drop this bill and focus on the issues that are important to the Nigerian woman and child.

It appears I am in an alternative universe where this would be the news headline and stories in major newspapers:

Fellow Nigerians!
It gives me great pleasure to note that all the MINOR issues and problems we experience in this great nation have been totally taken care of.
Minor problems that average citizens like you and I experience, problems that the Nigerians in authority and power never experience.
Minor problems like:
No working electricity,
No clean water,

No jobs for graduates,
No salaries being paid to the teachers who are supposed to educate the next generation
No education system in place for our children
No health care for the masses
Poor living conditions
Extremely bad roads
The problems in the Niger Delta
The lack of rules and laws in Nigeria
The country’s abject poverty

Yes my fellow Nigerians, I am very pleased to announce that these MINOR issues have been resolved.

This has left us free to focus on the really monumental major issues like the Honourable Senator Ekaette’s Indecent Dressing Bill. Senator Ekaette has single-handedly solved the minor issues in Nigeria, and must now focus on being the moral police that Nigeria so desperately needs.

Indeed, the Senate must congratulate themselves for a job well done in taking care of Nigeria’s minor issue as listed above. They must also clap Sen. Ekaette on the back for attempting to take Nigeria back to the cave days, and take us back to a dictatorship.

Unfortunately this is not the case. This imaginary news story must never come to pass.
The real world we do live in will be more dangerous for all Nigerians, if you continue with this bill

You, Senator Ekaette, have put ALL Nigerian females in jeopardy, at risk with this bill and I wonder how well you sleep at night. I hope you hear the cries and feel the pain of the very people you are supposed to protect but have put in harm’s way.

Ure A.

Written by
Ure A.
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  • Wish you had her contact info (email and phone) so we can flood her with complaints. With the influx of Sharia laws in the North, this is the LAST thing we need. Maybe she should visit muslim countries were the women are forced to wear Hijabs, yet women still get raped. This bill is a real travesty.