'Operation Totality' My Foot!

by Nnaemeka Oruh

The incumbent president Olusegun Obasanjo has been credited with asserting that the April polls is a “Do or Die” affair for the PDP. Obasanjo asserts that the PDP must see to the enthronement of incorrupt politicians come April. He has further declared the general elections ‘operation totality’. His assertion is hinged on the premise that PDP would ensure that corrupt leaders are not elected so that the new dispensation of leaders would continue with the “legacy”-whatever that is-left by the present administration.

To confirm his intention Obasanjo, puppeteering INEC and EFCC unleashes terror on political aspirations who are “Corrupt” with the aim of obliterating all staunch oppositions to the PDP’s rise to power again. Once more, we are reminded that the PDP is the collective heart of the nation whose sole duty it is, to choose our leaders. Once more, we are reminded violently that our hearts have been chucked out and that in this land, our choices are made for us like parents do for toddlers.

The heresy in Obasanjo’s operation totality lies in his conceited belief that he reserves the right for the definition of such terms as good, bad, corrupt, incorrupt, justice, etc. With impudence he tells us that the April poll is a do or die affair for him and his pocket party. Oh! How they-patriotic leaders all-must strive to ensure that this country is bequeathed with good leaders! Arise O compatriots, all hail our patriot leaders! Such love for one’s motherland is so touching!.

I recall a sticker that bears the massage: “Politics is not a do or die affair. It is a call to serve” and I am wondering if the author of that witty saying is not extra-terrestrial. But he does not capture it succinctly. Politics is a call to serve the people and therefore should never be a “do or die affair” as Obasanjo has declared. That utterance from Obasanjo showcases the underlying selfishness in his motives for this country Since he cannot continue comfortably as the president of the country, it becomes a do or die affair for him to plant in Aso rock a puppet who would continue to serve his selfish interests. Luckily for him, he found a worthy puppet in Yar’Adua who has finally confirmed it by telling all of us that his administration will uphold the legacy of the Obasanjo administration, and continue from where this administration stopped. A nice assertion in countries that have statesmen as leaders but here, I fear for all of us if what Yar’dua will do is to “uphold the legacy of Obasanjo, and continue from where he stopped”. My countrymen, we will really be in for it!

The tragedy of the Obasanjo-type of leader is that the drive to protect personal interests has so beclouded their reasoning such that in desperate moves to protect this interest, they inadvertently lay open to the public the red-hot embers of greed they are fanning to destroy the country.

First of all, who says that the so-called incorrupt leaders that Obasanjo talks about are only in the PDP? Who in this world can vouch for the incorruptibility of Yar’dua and the other puppets the PDP intend to plant as leaders for us? And who is it, who can assert that all the other aspirants to the elective positions are corrupt and as such do not qualify for the leadership positions in the country? Why is it that the fight to eliminate the “Corrupt” contenders for public office is aimed basically at those who from all indications portend real competition for the PDP? Does anybody have answers to why the Presidency is so intent on destroying Atiku Abubakar? We accept of course that Atiku may not be completely innocent of the allegations levelled against him, but is corruption the real reason why he is being tormented? If corruption is the issue, I suggest they leave the Nigerian electorate to decide.

Obviously, Obasanjo’s “operation totality” was prompted by the need to put in power a set if leaders that will overlook the anomalies of his office while preserving and progressing his economic programme. These economic programmes we know quite well focus and promote such sector as Agriculture, the establishment and running of private Universities. These areas are dear to the president’s heart as they form the nucleus of his future plans for is personal aggrandizement. His embattled deputy Atiku Abubakar has warned us that “…the greatest challenge facing Nigeria today in the run-up to the April elections is the looming dictatorship confronting us head-on.” A fact that has been given credence by EFCC’s recent acceptance that the Presidency doctored the list of indicted politicians. I am sure the presidency also has “doctoring” plans for INEC, and the results of the April polls!

I do not know when our so-called leaders will lose the impudence of talking like the entire country is their pocket toy that they may twist and turn to gratiate their corny fantasies. I really do not know for how long they will keep succeeding. One thing I know for sure is that if we maintain the complacency that has become our garbs, they will continue their impudent stride to destroy us.

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