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Orji and the Bullet that killed John Ndukuba

‘Ogbu mmadu ndu n’ato uto’ in Igbo Language means, the taker of somebody’s
life that life itself is so sweet to. This is what came to my mind, when
the supposedly dastardly act of the mortified radical son of Governor
Theodore Ahamefule Orji of Abia State, Chinedu, popularly known as and
called Ikuku reached me in a remote village on the night of February 16
2014, where I travelled to for the burial of a relative’s wife.

The news was that the drastic junior Orji seemingly ordered his police
orderly to shoot his Personal Assistant, whose name was given as John
Ndukuba, after an infinitesimal confrontation with him. The first sentence
in the above paragraph came into my mind, because we had known the
government that Gov. T.A Orji says he is leading, as a confident robber and
murderer of good governance.

In one of my numerous reports titled, “The Fool’s Paradise of Abia State”,
published in June 2013, I asked one salient question in that article,
directed to the governor, family and government of Gov. T.A Orji, which
none has summoned the courage to answer, because they lacked such prominent
convincing answer.

As a government that its precedence show that it is not far from murdering
people with divergent views, I asked the question, when the blood-tasty
aides of Gov. T.A Orji in the Hallmark newspapers, June 17, 2013, wrote
that the Orji-led Abia State Government, will consume me one day.

This was coming because of my many critiques concerning the ills and
misapplications of governance that Gov. T.A Orji has made our people of
Abia State to be suffering under his insensitive stewardship.

In that article, I wrote that nonetheless, that unguided position reminds
me to ask Gov. Orji, his government and family the whereabouts of the Army
Captain, whom the media in the recent past reported that taught Gov. Orji’s
bad-mannered son, Chinedu “Ikuku” Orji some commando lessons after the
purportedly pills-encouraged son of Gov. Orji ordered the soldier to get
out from a pub that he (Ikuku) entered to eat and drink – his trademark –
with his arsenal of street urchins, oblivious that the man he was ordering
to leave the eatery was a soldier.

It was said that other people who were in the eatery had left at sighting
that Ikuku had entered the place.

Can Gov. Orji, his government and family tell the world what happened to
the soldier after that rather fortunate incident in which the soldier
taught Ikuku that might was not always right? Can they tell the world?
Where is the innocent soldier? I am asking! Gov. Orji, his government and
family should tell us where the innocent soldier is. They had no excuse not
to tell us, owing to the blatant murder of John Ndukuba in broad day light.

A government under a democracy should not be modeled to become a
psychopathic killer of good governance and sadistic serial murderer of
critics and those of opposing views and oppressor of those who had been in
the government before it. ‘It is unfortunate’ when that police has
commenced investigation into the ‘glaring’ circumstance surrounding the
killing of Ndukuba.

I laughed that except they are not Nigerian police that are investigating
the matter; the killer will be brought to book. But since they are Nigerian
police, sycophancy will be the report of the day. The police have been
unable to tell Nigerians who the killer(s) of high profiled Nigerians like
Bola Ige, Uche Ogbonna, Engr. Williams, Dele Giwa and a host of others are,
let alone, Ndukuba. We should be expecting something meaningful from them
over the death of the poor Ndukuba? Hooey!

Nigerians had seen the evidence of a serious breach of the murders in the
country. The case of Comrade Chidi Nwosu, 39, married with a kid (6yr old
daughter), murdered on December 29, 2010, in his home town, Amaeke-Abam, in
Arochukwu Local Government Area of Abia State, was not different from the
many inconclusive police investigations, even though that there were
reports speculating that his death was purely government-motivated.

Nwosu was murdered few weeks he joined the Abia State Government, as
General Manager of the Abia State Rubber Company Limited. Upon that Nwosu,
before his death, was also the South-East chairman of the Campaign for
Democracy, nationally headed by Dr. Josephine Odumakin, police are still
investigating, after three years of the gruesome assassination of Nwosu.
Somebody would say that three years is still a short period for police to
unravel who the killer(s) of Nwosu are.

Today, it is John Ndukuba! And the government of Governor T.A. Orji and its
‘killer-agents’ looking for my own head, are not near to making a
resolution to this menace. It is obvious now that killing of innocent
people is the most promising strategy for starting a relationship with
anybody in the Gov. T.A Orji administration. Yet, he is boasting and making
bogus claims in the media of bringing peace and security to the state, when
his son is seemingly a hazard to humanity.

I was imagining myself being Ndubuka, being shot from close range, as he
was about to leave the former Umuahia Main Market, been the venue of the
reception organised for Governor Orji’s senatorial ambition come 2015, by
his Ikwuano/Umuahia kinsmen. Also, imagine yourself being killed by the
bullet piercing your chest through your back, like Ndukuba reportedly
suffered. ‘Tufuakwa’!

Nigerians should, nonetheless, rise against the injustices that our people
are suffering in Abia State under Gov. T.A Orji. Charlatans are not being
killed in the state, because the government is a charlatanic one. Those who
are being killed are men of honour. Imagine the wretched Chidi Nwosu, now
John Ndukuba, and the whereabouts of the army man who taught Ikuku some
lessons is yet to be known. Oh! Albeit, no man deserves to be killed,
except those the law hangs its noose on their necks.

Gov. T.A. Orji should stop looking for only fools to be those he wants to
govern. From the incessant threat to my own life, it is obvious that he
does not want to govern and see wise men from or in Abia State around. If a
police officer can reportedly kill John Ndukuba on the orders of Chinedu
Orji in such an open place as a campaign ground, what have the Orjis not
done against the people of Abia State in their secretive endeavours?

Talk of lawlessness, cultism, robberies, prostitution etc., and talk of
Abia State under Gov. T.A Orji.

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