Other American Political Parties: Democracy and Constitutionalism in the U.S.

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Yes, there are other American political parties and
political organizations. There are the Justice Party, the Green Party, the
Libertarian Party, and even the Communist Party exists in America.
Some parties are no more in existence for one reason or the
other. Recently, Jill Stein of the Green Party and three other political
leaders, spoke through ALJEZEERA, canvassing the strong point that their
exclusion from the debates, violated the principle of due process.
They argued that undecided voters are those American
citizens, who could have found accommodation within their ranks. They contended
that their exclusion disenfranchised those undecided voters, who would have
voted for them.

These are logical arguments and they make sense. However,
there are laid down procedures which every party should comply with to be
eligible for election. These four contending parties do not seem to have the
national geographical spread and they seem to canvass specific issues like
environmental problems, poverty, social engineering and social justice concerns.
The US parties seem reluctant to advocate a review of the
age-old American Constitution. I think that generally, the US Constitution is
regarded by American legal scholars as sacrosanct, immutable and good for all

Two decided cases, namely ROE V WADE and FUJI V CALIFORNIA,
which I discussed extensively with my law students in 1991,at the University of
Michigan, USA, illustrate the progressive and negative nature of American

However, many events and societal developments in America in
the last fifty years call for an expansion of those legal norms that enrich the
democratic processes, especially, in the area of labour laws, womens’ rights,
industrial democracy, financial regulations of banks and a review of American
foreign military engagements

Social justice problems need constitutional intervention,
but we observe that the Republicans are structurally opposed to social justice
legislation like social welfare themes.

The small parties should be overwhelmed by the huge expenses
involved in the electoral campaigns. The dollarized democracy has the tendency
to disenfranchise undecided voters and this is an issue that is warped in
constitutionalism and the need for reforms.

Social legislation is what the various dissenting movements are
advocating. Equal pay for equal work, respect for civil rights and human
rights, social mobility, decent and affordable housing, social insurance to
enhance the health conditions of those veterans and senior citizens, who served
America in circumstances that demanded heroism, patriotism and national pride.
As the world’s leading nation, America has a self-imposed
commitment to promote democratic values emanating from its Declaration of Independence
and the American Constitution.
These documents display the excellence of the illumination
of America’s founding Fathers like Madison, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln
and others.

This excellence was sustained by thinkers like Herbert
Marcuse, Adorno, Henry Kissinger, Brzezinski, Stokley Carmichael, Angela
Davies, Jimmy Carter, Bill Clinton.
Unfortunately, American intellectual discourse has been
bequeathed to corrugated brains in the entertainment industry, who are adept at
trivializing complex phenomena.

As a result mirth, laughter and unserious
attitudes are seen in the jokes of clowning cymbals, tickling the fancies of
the semi-literate citizens.
There is need for an intellectual approach to America’s
social policy formulations and
implementation for there to be lasting social harmony.
However, the 21st Century demands that the
welfare of all and not a privileged group, who through wealth inheritance,
strong position in the business sector, well paying jobs by virtue of good
education and chance happening are
comfortable, in America.
A socially conscious nation like Sweden has something to
teach other states.

God caters for all, even those operating from the Second
Heaven, who are opposed to God’s Sons and Daughters are allowed to repent. The
workers against peaceful co-existence,
who promote rebellion, manufacture terrible weapons of man’ destruction may
also, like the thief on the Cross, repent.
I am taking a slow boat to Obama’s inauguration. It is

Obama needs to introduce legislation to advance America’s
social justice system next year.

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