My friend, the blonde one teases me about carrying my passport. She doesn't have to worry, she is a pretty blonde American, she will travel the world naked and American marines will die defending her right to be naked. I am a different

issue altogether. I am American on paper. And I am black.

Why do Africans go back home and then call it a vacation when the whole point of a vacation is to escape from home?

Hot roast of pork sandwich with mashed potatoes…They caught and killed the pig already so you don't have to worry about that…

It is assumed that Nigerians abroad do menial work, suffer, get oppressed, derided, and barely scrape a living. Well, all that and much more!

A typical American child of a typical American parent cannot be raised entirely on the basis of African culture simply because the parent is a diplomat or immigrant in an African society. The same goes for an African parent and an African child in a country in the western world.