You have to find your own Nigerian husband before you come to America or you will have a tough task of it. All the good men are gone. Only the credit card swipers are left.

What if the U.S. State Department placed the recent travel advisory on Nigeria because of intelligence reports about rumblings in the army barracks?

I write to commiserate with you as we approach the first anniversary of the harrowing events of September 11, 2001. I also write to share with you some of the fears that have made home in my heart since that dastardly morning. Things have changed sir…or madam…

Corporate fraud in America is bringing down Bush’s public rating. If an attack on Iraq or the removal of Saddam Hussein will shoot it back up, why not go to war?

Nigerians in America are not threatened by the West Nile Virus. What variety of American Mosquito will kill a Nigerian where the elephant-like ones in Nigeria did not succeed?

Tyson spoke of killing his opponents and eating their children but instead of helping him find help, we rushed to watch his fights, to see him kill his opponents…

"No, you cannot drive my car; you have no driver’s license."

"I don’t need a driver’s license to drive! I have been driving in Lagos For good ten years without a license"