Political Stalemate In Iraq

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The Curatorium of Bosas International Bureau, Abuja, Nigeria, recently discussed the political stalemate in Iraq. The Curatorium reviewed the political history of modern Iraq from the Balfour Declaration to the undeclared war by the Allies and the post -war Iraqi.

The discussants unanimously agreed that the post-war election in Iraq, were conducted in circumstances constitutional lawyers would vehemently disagree with since it suppressed Iraqi sovereignty and imposed the force of foreign occupiers.

Barrister Mrs Elizabeth Esiemokhai, my wife, observed that the various Iraqi political groups must find home-grown solutions to the myriad of political, economic and social problems facing the embattled nation. That they must resolve the on-going political stalemate.

Iraqi people have been subjected to gruesome experiences since 1990-91 and more so between 2003 and 2010. Amidst these interlocking circles of misery, an election, which permitted hopes that Iraq was on its way to turning a new leaf ran into serious political contentions. Three and half months after the disputed elections, the state has been confronted with a serious, political stalemate.

There are heightened conflicts, which show that all the rosy permutations by political glib analysts have kissed the dust..The original motive of bringing democracy to Iraq has not been justified as various groups understand democracy in different ways.

The Bath Socialists do not seem to have abandoned their resolve to fight to finish. Now that the United States have withdraw some of their troops from Iraq as well as the British and other Allies, the prediction from military strategists is that there does not seem to be an end to the ingenuity of opposing forces in Iraq, in the forseeable future.

World leaders like Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Pinochet and others may not know that they were in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy by destroying cities, innocent women and children by releasing mayhem on the sons and daughters of the Most High GOD.
The United Nations may wish to actively mediate with the warring factions in order to bring about reconciliation between the various segments of the Iraqi society.

The death of Saddam Hussein and other leaders of Iraq, the death of Allied and Iraqi soliders, the destruction of cities and towns seem to constitute a God-awful mess that will be chronicled in blood by historians with inoculated sensitivities.
Speaking with Fareed Zakaria on July 25, 2010, Haass said that Iraq was edging towards uncertainty.All indications point to the “Day of the Jackal”. in Iraq.
The Kurds seem to be getting their acts together and have embarked on huge infrastructural development and easing the harsh life the invasion of Iraq has precipated..

On 26 July, 2010, there was bombing at The Al Arabiya TV station. Such acts will only heighten tension, which Iraq does not need now.
Friends of Iraq should hold discussions with the oil-rich nation, so that they can again walk the streets without having to look over their shoulders. In my book entitled,” IRAQ: International Law and Diplomacy in the Iraqi Crisis” (See Library of Congress, 2003), I wrote that the Iraqi people will bounce back as they have done through the ages. They will need acute imagination to turn things around.

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