Port Harcourt And The Criminal Activities!

by L.Chinedu Arizona-Ogwu

Port Harcourt and its environs never experience such uncertainty in her history. The mischievous villains of the state PDP crisis, sensing mass uprising and feeling isolation in home slipped away by holding a planted convention-turn election and empowering the anti-people of their choice. This government is looking up at 2015, while things on the ground are becoming drowned into the abyss of criminals and armed robbers’ den. It becomes apparent, that those who are disturbing Chibuike Amaechi’s government hides behind the wind in one hand and implement the hegemonic design of ‘enemies of the state’ on the other.

As a result, the police, as a global symbol of peace and security, was the first to slumber giving room for criminals to terrorize the localities.It has become show of shame to see Oyigbo being kept open to thieves and armed robbers who come from in and outside the state when the peace and security is minimized. Probably when government is made instable by those who want to clinche to power by hook or crook, and those who remain sleepless all night-long to edge Governor Chibuike Amaechi out of power. God forbid!

They have become Sycophants to Mr. President and now dictate our state prospects, even internal, polices. They have thrown Rivers State to such a situation so that it gradually shouldn’t have presidency relationship, except they themselves. The State’s and presidency relation and international trade, should be performed through the locality what Rivers sustainable development does now. The ruling party has already isolated Rivers State from the ruling party world and the process of isolation continues further. These politicians by power-windows (former power tasters and past civil officers) design themselves to create such a situation that Rivers State should have a sour and rotting government odour and not flavor .From their sprawl of its choice they are very thirsty to become governors at their selfish whim and caprice. Look at the outcome….. Unknown security agents will enter Rivers State uninterruptedly. Unknown secret service and intelligence operatives, even secret killers or you may call them Armed robbers, have already thronged into my residence inside graceland-End of Oyigbo , a suburb of Rivers State. The same Old Aba road, Mbano camp end where I live, as I said, has become armed robbers den. Just yesterday around 8.30pm the attack was stretched to me, while trying to drive into my compound inside old Arizona. These men of underworld had already hung around waiting for me. But fortunately to them I arrived, as they were pointing locally-made guns (2 long ranges and one piston riffles) at me, I struggled and arouse residence, when people started coming out, they escaped. When I scolded the police against their refusal to patrol along Old Arizona end of Mbano camp, they police officials attributed it to poor access road. One wouldn’t blame them in all that, because that road remains impassable as I’m writing this pen-piece. This regime policymakers openly declared that Rivers State will not be allowed to BE FREE from selfish-politicians radar despite Chibuike Amaechi’s effort to place the treasure base in order.

On the other hand, this politicians intentionally create chaotic situation inside Rivers State. Instead of serving the nation and removing the various types of irritant problems, including shortage of fuel, poor sanitary condition, epileptic electricity, these men indulged in crushing the expectation of average Riversman. I read the ruling party chairman lodges fakes cases against Governor Amaechi, but withdrew over 410 cases lodged against others including Sokoto state governor during their last forum, what my platform ‘nigeria4betterrule’ declared as the outcome of their movement. The party chair engaged its efforts to erase the image of Gov. Chibuike Amaechi but whoever God has empowered remains in power.

Gov. Chibuike Amaechi has seemingly waged a war against the insecurity in state. His personal vendetta went so far that recently, by a decree of his cabinet, he ordered that the three times the leader of the largest militant group be forcibly evicted from his residence that was lawfully allotted to him by the past government following the amnesty program.

Journalists, political and cultural activities are not spared. They are subject of intimidation and subjugation. Murder, secret killing, intimidation, insecurity, robbery, extrajudicial killing, rape, human rights violation, price hike, unrest, etc., made the life unsecured and intolerable inside Rivers State today. The documents that USA State Department released on the human rights situation in Nigeria are enough to comprehend the real position in Rivers state as I write this. The pro-government elements, belonging to ruling party, are engaging themselves in extortion, tender and admission business, illegal occupation, created reign of terror in the state whose poor victims are the students of renowned educational institutions of Port Harcourt.

It would require volumes and years of researches to document the atrocities and repressions of the atrocities that the spate of insecurity in Rivers State today, had caused in different places within Port Harcourt. Considering the constraints of time and space let us have a brief look at some microscopic topics, which are really insignificant in nature. It is to be mentioned, all the notorious activities of the criminals in Rivers State , are neither recorded in the police station nor reported in the press. In most cases the victims do not dare to sue case against notorious criminals for fear of life. On the other hand police, to please the ruling party and avert transfer or unknown types of problems, generally avoid recording maximum number of crimes. They only record those crimes that are impossible to avoid.

On an average 400 allegations including kidnapping, murder, rape, extortion, illegal occupation of land and houses or shops, drug-trafficking, illegal business through tender and admission in educational institutions are reported against these criminals.

The atrocities of criminals went to such an unbearable zenith that genuine pro-citizens daily had to editorially make some, bitter, but real comments. It said, ‘What haven’t they (criminals) done in the last 15 months? Seats at the official dorms have been turned into their private preserve; tenders are manipulated; and, to cap it all, they are committing all other types of offences with complete impunity. Obviously, the list will be further lengthened if we consider the Wike instigated feuds that often lead to calumniation. Again, tarnish each other does not make their activities less repugnant to the political atmosphere.’

The sudden and violent outbursts of power-mongers rowdies are often triggered by the authorities’ failing to meet their unlawful demands. In the latest instance. ‘One cannot but keep on asking who is actually responsible, apart from the local demonstrators, for the situation now prevailing in the political arena. The power-hunters in Rivers State stand is manifestly not to go beyond issuing sermonic statements. The present of police today in Rivers State have produced no results; on the contrary, these have only helped increase the sense of impunity. The miscreants could overlook what is being said from the top and continues, rather blissfully, to indulge in criminal activities.’

Pointing to the indulgence of the government to the audacious and unlawful desperate activities of the miscreants ,the participated of June, 2013 nigeria4betterule get-together, in conclusion opined, ‘It is clear that the government is totally oblivious of these nefarious activities which now include a crime like assassin . The law enforcers are doing nothing, or apparently not asked to do anything, to curb the illegal activities. Such activities have already started wreaking havoc on the government’s credibility a

nd effectiveness in Rivers State. It is not an overstatement to say that when the ruling party fails to control its cadres, particularly those involved in crime, a general surge in the crime situation is likely to follow. And the result can be free-for-all criminalisation of society with the government pushed to a point of looking on helplessly. What a disaster that will be! But it is our firm belief that if the government and ruling party are serious and determined to contain miscreant’s predatory activities, they surely can.’

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