Postmodernism in Africa: The Utopic and Dystopic Mix in Myopic Humanism, Fascism and Stupidity

by Olarotimi Olakunle Onayemi


I assume that all things should go on for the good of the masses, the elite have will always take care of themselves.

A walk downtown or through the ghetto anywhere in Africa and its islands; the suburbs or government reserved areas; campings or farmyards will show a particular tendency for ‘the beautiful mind’ in John Nash, Nobel economist or Wole Soyinka, Nobel laureate to propose a suitable economic and social program designed to evoke a sustainably developing lifestyle, since humanity is their watchword.

Modernity on this planet is a farce and committed to supporting it’s genesis and metamorphosis as well as being determined to ‘school’ whoever that the EU, US, G20 countries, etc., are as underdeveloped as Togo or Congo; Tahiti or Haiti.

This work confirms the fact that an analysis of popular history as ‘recited’ in ‘grapevines’ by The People WorldWide is more accurate than what the United Nations, governments, academics and writers tell you, at least, the ones ‘related’ by ‘people who know’ according to the everlating Fela Anikulapo-Kuti (1938-1997, Nigerian, Abeokuta Grammar School and Oxford-educated pianist, saxophonist, in fact, mulit-instrumentalist; also a Black Panthers-schooled social activist and proponent of the legalization of grass.)

In my opinion, (it’s too early to cal the world modern: the world is still ridden by racism, judgement of other races based on intuition, ignorance, illiteracy, propaganda, poverty, financal insecurity, war, relative-peace, unemployment, curable diseases, {incurable diseases are, ok, incurable for now}, injustice, inequality, wickedness, oppression, torture, sexual harrassment of students and other people or races, gangs, kings and queens with no rights in a republic or a confederation, etc.), these and more are what I consider to have been gathered in my short life, 41 years, from Ijebu-Ode Grammar School; – where I was in thr theatre grou and was impressed by ‘Wole Soyinka stories and plays, especially ‘The Guerilla Theatre’ and the music of Fela Kuti.

It continued at The Polytechnic, Ibadan where I could say I gained ideas but decided not to be involved in any students’ association – not even the Palmwine Drinkards, Tea Club and Bacchus, all of which I was fond of – and I’d wanted to start one called Obatala or Gambrinus to idolize the Yorba God who made Ogogoro before moulding people and Gambrinus the God of Beer. The Federal Polytechnic, Nekede, Owerri, in 1989, where I studied Finance and Banking but consider myself someone who can write and a master of the encyclopaedia in my dreams was the turning point and I was invted to join The Campus Union of Journalists when The Students’ Union Notice. The inconsistency in services for students, electricity and water, gangs on campu, and a series of injustices -studentsTens of thoudands of pages and stil accumulating manuscripts- I felt I have to add this, setting the records straight. I have had a working-tour of 25 countries in 13 years and have come to the conclusion that there was never anything ‘modern’ in the world so far, which makes ‘post-modernism’ the fray of con-artists posing as academics in universities, magazines, publishing companies, bands, countrysides, countries, in the global village, cyberspace etc.

If I have to propose the idolatric enshrinement of institutionalization in our constitution in my work titled ‘Full-Employment and The Invention of Peace, Equal Rights and Justice’ – then we are everything but modern in Africa and elsewhere. That the impossibility of full-employment is a myth since a high demand creates a high supply just like excess bread in Lagos, excess DVDs in Hong Kong or excess Coca in Bolivia and Afrghanistan. So, people want jobs and it is the duty of the government running ‘this’ country to provide the jobs just as the Marshall Plan spinsored by the US heped Europe recover from the devastating War*: authority must go hand-in-hand with responsibility. If you can throw her in jail, you should also be ready to give her a job when she omes out org ive it to her so we eradicate crime.

*It wasn’t a Second World War Hitler’s Nazis, Fascists or National Socialists wanted to take over Europe, simple, however, if it is, then the ones in Colombia, Viet nam, Korea, ex-Yugoslavia, Congo, Darfur and now, Iraq and Afghanistan are World Wars too.

I later sought to ‘canonize’ the rights and duties of the citizens of our global village in a trilogy:
The Supa Dupa Human:

1. ‘The Democratic Machine’

2. ‘The Anarchist Machine’

3. The Creation of Paradise’
where I proved the importance of administering our world and monitoring people with GPRS(?) which are obligatory, to be in everyone’s system till death. This will put all doubt about rebels, thieves, people or governments who aren’t doing what they should be doing to rest; no one can ccuse you of what you did not do – goodby to alibis and we will know who carry out massacres it there wil ever be ‘two’ or ‘one’ again. People who kill wolves with a GPRS(?) and hang the heads in their homes get caught easily, and so it will be for those who commit atrocities.

Just as modern as a Madison Garden Party compared to the primitive Boston Tea Party, that is my impession of the world when we use ‘The Democratic Machine’ I invented. The constitution of the world including the rights, duties, benefits, all expenses-paid ‘trips’, right to education and duty to work upon graduation if the citizen is fit will propel the world to a modern and matured anarchy where people know their rights anda re protected by it, not by some senator or president like we have in Haiti today. It’s time to spend the reserves fort he people after the earthquake; it’s time for Gaddafi to get modern and stop talking- what is your right as leader of the revolution, what if I want to become the leader of the revolution too? It’s time for Mandela, Mbeki and Zuma to remember that Nigeria was the first country to create an official agency for the abolition of Apartheid and Africans are being oppressed, tortured and killed. Their oppressors seem to be more ‘modern’ in supporting Aprtheid than Nigeria which is now being portryed as a developing country

The concept of least-developed country, developing country and developed country ‘assumed’ by the UN in it’s job description and field reports is a preposterous miscarriage of the truth which we are used to now in US vs. Al Qaeda; President Yar’Adua vs. Niger Delta Rebels in Nigeria or erupting Religious fanatics; North Korea versus its people; Racism, Fascism, Poverty, Unemployment, Injustice, Fraud, Ignorance, Effontery, Empty Pride, Visa-Free vs. Visa-Less Passports, Reparations for Everyone as it was paid to The Jews – starting in Congo, Russia, Viet Nam, US, Brazil, South Africa or Belgium etc.

No one really cares about getting reparation as African people are now in the billions and the other races would site evidences of, however, it cannot be underestimated that Africans are treated by particular race in adifferent way than or by others.

People calling ‘Africans’ slave while the correct word is ‘hostages’.

I won’t say the treatment of others by, quote, ‘in a different by others and among thmeselves is not
To say the worst will be identifying the United Nations as modrn; the governments as modern?

A world where people die of hunger in the so-called developing and the developed countries /Switzerland or Swaziland/ (countries are a farce, that’s another topic) and where both the good and/or the bad country does not seem to have the eth

ics of conflict resolution common in, for example, Yoruba history, The Aroko, a sign sent by one king to another friendly or ‘enemitic’ king in order to understand the ways to continue the wild monarchical party or at which war-front Obama must meet Osama and let’s call the duel one shot or one strike: as Jon Stewart of ‘The Today Show’ invited Osama to the basketball court near his house ‘another showdown in Little Tokyo’, immediately inviting the CIA ( a joke) to come and grab Osama on the next day. I think the CIA should grab Obama! Why? He’s serving their interest. He won’t end-up like JFK. I’ll ask how long it takes Osama to record a 5-minute tape and send it by a cosmopolitan camel to Al-Jazeera.

Answer: Minutes… but 3 weeks is a Sham and Shame and I give all the glory to Wham!

On the other side, the list is endless, from the eternal illusion based on a providence which did not construct any hut or house/palace in the world to protect people from the vagaries of natural phenomena and disaters like rain or snow. The weather and the situation will usher in borderline psychopathy, angels in the skies of hallucinogenic drugs-infested brains preying on schizophrenic ideas coming out of the mouths which do not notice the approaching Spine Flu in The Illegal Security Council of The United Nations and The United Nations, The International Court of Justice, The African Union, The European Union, Asia-Pacific Union, Organization of American States, The Non-Aligned Movement, NATO, G20, NGOs, The World Economic Forum, The World Social Forum, Monarchists, Remnants of Kings-Queens-Chiefs-Lords-Knights- Lodges-Free Masons, Anarchists, Fascists, Conservatives, Puritans, Ideaists, Republicans, Democrats, Fundamentalists, Envionm-entalists, Laughing Associations, Peper Soup Joint Talks, Social Activist My Ass, Revolutionaries of Big-Small-Original & Fake Sizes, Drug Sugglers and Money Launderers, They, We, You, Me, cannot come to terms with the simple metamorphosis of a primitive world based on A Simple Case of Paradise Misconstrued into A Modern State.

Probably the best world I see that qualifies our observation of ‘the necessity for modernity’ is The Global Village. That’s where we are and the town, city, metropolis, cosmopolis, modern, more-modern, most-modern, ex-modern, ex-libris, modern libero-connundri that can only be understood in their relation to the principle of propensity to promote the dissolution or solve the problem of the common-man as Wihelm Reich wrote in ‘Listen, Small Man’.
Before, a modern psychiatrist and psychanalyst will write a book with that title, then we are missing something in civilization. A civilization which bails out banks and leave oppressed regimes

BACK TO THE BASICS: The Birth of This Work

1. I was on and had just added a friend. We were chatting and I proposed an article on the myth of Utopia, Dystopia and Myopia in Post-Modernismetc for African Spirits International.

2. What ‘gave birth’ to this topic is the continual ‘fucking’ of the truth and the, albeit, humanistic conscience of the people by the governments, the African Union and the academia in Africa: they believe that Africa had become modern and was undergoing a post-modern phase. This is a delusion of the utmost effontery to the memries of all Africans who fought for ‘modernization’ and ‘freedom’ from ‘colonial mentality’. Gwari, Ijebu-Ode and Nekede are living examples of our conection to antiquity, moreso Ayangba where electricity was lit in the 21st century.

3. There are communities without electricity, water, schools, universities, hospitals-dispensaries-public health centres, not to talk of a universal health insurance schemes, unemployment benefits, rural and urban housing plans, legal aid, social asistance, unemplyment assistance, traffic rescue systems, temporary housing (not short time, 1 hour in hotel rooms for sexual gratification but a YMCA kind of place, free food kitchens or sustainable human, animal or environmental development plan with logic in its title or objective- to put all the world’s problems in one basket and acrry it to the global village through the cyberspace but there are terrorists on the way in Algeria, Morocco, Western Sahara, Egypt, Tunisia, Equatorial Guinea, Central Africa Republic, Angola, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire, Cameroon, Mauritius, Mauritania, Comoros Islands, Seychelles, Sudan-Darfur etc and you are so modern in the past Oh! AfricanUnion members that in your post-modernity, you fly in an airplane to Saudi Arabia for medical; that no one understands what ‘Wole Soyinka or Nelson Mandela said, our heroes? My hero will have to support one man, one woman, one ouse, one job, one alma mater, one health insurance, one trip around the global village ith a visa-free passport as the fake United Nations poposed a resolution to be signed by all countries in 1964: That people basically have the right to live and work anywhere in the global village.

Oh really?
I can work on earth! Thank you, Moron Morozhoronhoroz!
(Moron is ‘moron’; Horon is a Turkish traditional dance from The Black Sea Region and Horoz is Turkish for Rooster)
I’m neither planning to work on Mars nor in Shock, Sokolokobangose!

Michel Foucault said and wrote ‘many things’ – extensively about life and esence just like Prosper Merimée, and that language was designed by those who spoke it in order to prevent them from being oppressed and hat it was designed to help them oppress other people. That’s a valid quality of language.

“I should have known that” by Ken Saro-Wiwa’s character in Mr. B is a good qualifcation for what I feel now, my mood.
She told me too: My heart.
We also sing and love with songs and language will propel us to modernity.
We are still in the middle-age.

When we become modern animals,
I’ll let you know.
People love travelling around the world
We all know our limits.
People are not civilized enough to forget what your fathers did:
Take war hostages and call them slaves in The United States.
The Apaches are coming to get you: See Palestine, New Mexico.
I want my land back!

Where you gonna go!
Where you gonna go!
To Post-Modernity, of course!

When we become modern animals, no one will write an article like mine- this one because it will be as clear to you as it is now that you will never get a fair trial in Johannesburg or Lumumbashi as long as Burantashi was socialized in a primitive society where wealth, gold, a beautiful house, a nice, fast car, playing professional football, acting in a serial comedy, owning a shop or kiosk, being a doctor, lawyer, engineer or politician and lately an Okada rider for publc transportation purposes or bus conductorship means an higher salary… we are in The Transition Period TO Modernity that is why these professions or opportunities count… but where does it say that being Mrs. Windsor or Mr. Abdullah is not enough and being replaced with the High title of Queen and King means wisdom or modernity because of the tie you are living in which is a simple ‘middle-age’.

3. Getting High, Getting There and The Impact of Amsterdam, The Netherlands on The Achievement of Modernism: Lessons For Africa.
A change in landscape does not signify the birth of modernity and certainly not because someone said it and others confirm that they heard it by supporting or arguing with him about the efficacy of a world with a Queen in Buckingham and a Parliament in Whitehall.

Memories of Cromwell, Baudelaire, Kuti, Geronimo, Abu Jamal, Mesrin, Soyinka, Keregbetu, Zapata, Chikaloon, Patagonia, Bahia, Bahasa, Ridjamiriril, Celtics, Saami, etc linger on to show that if the confused United Nation

s= all countries think we stil have to talk about the supremacy of indigenous people, then what’s modern that’s modern in that mode…

Since Africa, have failed along with the world to institute a modern community, we shall take a look at some ideas at perfection around the world.
Maybe, this is premature, considering the progression of this work but some countries have an elite who support the utopian myth while others embrace the dystopic myth. Malcolm X, Frantz Fanon, Tosh, Marley, Toussaint and Fela Anikulapo-Kuti have spoken fort he eventual ‘christening’ of modernity but that call has yet to be heard, respected or adhered to.

The Human Freedom Index, The Press Freedom Index, The Wikipedia, Your Country’s Constitution, Art, Science, Dialectic, Intution etc versus The Free World Review, a literary review, an analysis of our freedom and bondage in fiction and reality which I founded in Geneva, Switzerland and still edit.

Wikipedia must be out of its mind when it defines <postmodernism> like this: (I think the world is not mudern and definitely, postmodernity is ‘a factum-ignoratum non grata’

Postmodernism literally means ‘after the modernist movement’. While “modern” itself refers to something “related to the present”, the movement of modernism and the following reaction of postmodernism are defined by a set of perspectives. It is used in critical theory to refer to a point of departure for works of literature, drama, architecture, cinema, journalism and design, as well as in marketing and business and in the interpretation of history, law, culture and religion in the late 20th and early 21st centuries.

Postmodernism is an aesthetic, literary, political or social philosophy, which was the basis of the attempt to describe a condition, or a state of being, or something concerned with changes to institutions and conditions (as in Giddens, 1990) as postmodernity. In other words, postmodernism is the “cultural and intellectual phenomenon”, especially since the 1920s’ new movements in the arts, while postmodernity focuses on social and political outworkings and innovations globally, especially since the 1960s in the West.

The Compact Oxford English Dictionary refers to postmodernism as “a style and concept in the arts characterized by distrust of theories and ideologies and by the drawing of attention to conventions.”
The term postmodern is described by Merriam-Webster as meaning either “of, relating to, or being an era after a modern one” or “of, relating to, or being any of various movements in reaction to modernism that are typically characterized by a return to traditional materials and forms (as in architecture) or by ironic self-reference and absurdity (as in literature)”, or finally “of, relating to, or being a theory that involves a radical reappraisal of modern assumptions about culture, identity, history, or language”.

– Culled from

Postmodernism is even more preposterous than ‘modern’ in the mouth and boks of the advocates of modernism. According to ‘wiki’ both have a literal definition, so we can argue forever about their existence or non-existence in reality and in fables.

With Apartheid in South Africa and The North Africans holding their Maghreb Congress while the South, East and West African countries having their own blocs; human rights are still a long shot; freedom of expression still means the fear of the bullet; Murtala, Sankara or Awojobi could only have been killd by maniacs and their states are more engrossed in drug-induced manic depression when soldiers smoke weed and burn Fela’s house where he fought fort he right to keep it too; where the kings and queens hold the fray over their local governments and magistrates; where governors rule like feudal lords; where travelling at night is suicidal; where university students cannot hold a meeting; where the state bought the union of journalists; where lynching is stil fresh in everybody’s mind…

Where our Nobel laureate must try as much as gossible to be modern in fighting or the right to food and food alone if democracy or modernity will eventually become postmodernity in the distant future.

The following has been a cause for concern to me since 1995. It shows the extent to which Non-African academics are ignorant of the facts as it relates to Africa. It’s not suprising, seeing the wave of miscalculations that have plagued academic expression since it’s so-called domination by western thought.

I’m saying that a parallel school of thought exists in this world which could lead the world to excellence on all fronts, at least, not one which ends up with a problematic about a clear and holistic issue, even in the morality of hallucinations: that injustice is not a form of ‘crime against humanity!’ being fought ‘tooth and nail’.

An academic from ‘Africa’ had engaged in a series of discussion with ‘western’ academics and their folly is unlimited to their ignorance but spilled over into their so-called professorship as they made a pretty mess of African history, current affairs, philosophy and the modern-postmodern utopia, which I saw as an embarassment of intelligence.


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