Potus’ “Travel Ban” and Nigeria

by Yahaya Balogun
Donald Trump

I hope President Trump–President of the United States (POTUS) receives my recent gracious and well-exposé-concerned-letter sent to him at The White House, 1600 Pennsylvania Ave, NW, Washington, DC 20500, USA. The letter was premised on the recent addition of Nigeria by Potus through an executive order of “Travel ban” of some countries to the United States.

This writer wrote a similar concerned letter to current POTUS’s immediate predecessor, President Barack Obama prior to the general election of Nigeria in 2015. In the letter, Obama graciously replied to help Nigeria in the monstrous insecurity situation in the country, and the sustainability of the economic partnership of the United States with Nigeria. The expectation from the promise with Nigeria was seemingly dashed by the then government of President Goodluck Jonathan.

As usual, in my usual Sunday global tonic, I was glued to my couch watching Fareed Zakaria’s Global Public Square—GPS, Sunday edition. In the edition, Fareed Zakaria espoused the academic credentials of Nigerian professionals residing in the United States (pictures below). If you are a Nigerian and you cannot flaunt your “Nigeriana” in the Diaspora, no jab intended, shame on you..!!! The notoriety of our politicians and leaders in Nigeria for bribery and corruption shouldn’t encumber any decent Nigerian eking a decent living in another country. Proudly Nigerian, we must traffic and showcase our impeccable credentials and talents to the admiration of the world.

My latest concerned letter to Trump–POTUS chronicles the intellectual acuity, ingenuity and the indispensability of Nigerians in the Diaspora to American uniqueness and greatness. The concerned missive enumerated the reason why the POTUS should have a second look at his executive order and rescind his inclusion of Nigeria in his historic execute order “Travel ban.” The letter also chastises Nigerian leaders’ lackadaisical attitudes towards its citizens and condemned the endemic and chronic corruption in Nigeria. In spite of Nigerian wasteful democracy, poverty, and squalors of the majority of her citizens—-as a result of bribery and corruption, Nigeria still remains one of the destinations for world trade and investment. President Trump must realize that Nigeria is the African heartbeat and a pivot point for the growth and development of African subregion.

Currently, the United States is undoubtedly benefiting from human capital sources, talents, expatriation, and the ingenuity of Nigerians in the United States. Nigeria is a nation strategically positioned in the geopolitical and economic configurations of the global world. POTUS should realize that Nigeria’s strategic position in the world is a plus for the United States if the two countries (Nigeria and the US) can leverage on the robustness of Nigeria’s human capital potential; her hub for tourism, and huge natural resources and market for the US and the international community. POTUS must not excommunicate or punish the innocent and hardworking professional and career individuals looking forward to contributing to or benefiting from the ingenuity and exceptionalism of the United America of America.

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