President Obama’s Historic Message to Nigeria

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This piece goes beyond political expediency or a sense of self-interest. Rather, it is with a profound sense of fulfillment to receive an appreciative response from the White House to my published letter. The title of the letter was “Thank you President Obama” of April 16, 2015 in The Guardian and Punch Newspapers. It is in appreciation of President Obama, his family and the people of the United States for standing by Nigerians in the twilight of the historic presidential elections of March 23rd, 2015.

Image: Mikebrice via
Image: Mikebrice via

I am prompted and encouraged by national interest and consciousness to share this exquisite letter from President Obama with those of us in the struggles to see a better Nigeria. In my published letter, I reiterated his crucial message prior to the chaotic presidential elections, to the federal government and the people of Nigeria. His message assuaged and swayed the two dramatis personae and their bearers in the historic elections.
President Obama’s imagination and beliefs in the possibility of a greater Nigeria, and the country’s strategic position in Africa is a welcome development. The exceptional human and material resources discernible in Nigeria’s structural entity and its exceptional uniqueness are not questionable. His letter to me with appreciative sense of humility confirmed the content therein. His recent approval to send 300 troupe to Nigeria to help degrade and destroy the sadistic Boko Haram and its affiliates in the North Eastern part of Nigeria should be appreciated and commended.

Nigerians in the Diaspora continue to contribute immensely to socio-economic development of other countries. Every nationality understands and is envious of the structural giant of Nigeria, and the Nigerian exceptionalism amongst the comity of nations. President Obama in his humility concisely and privately responded to my published letter with surprised appreciation. In his reply, he assured the people of Nigeria that “Nigerians deserve to be free from violence and terror…the people of the United States will not forget the people of Nigeria during this difficult time.”

His reassuring message is that “as the Nigerian government works to root out the terrorists, group Boko Haram and associated groups, we will keep providing assistance to help develop a comprehensive approach to handling the threats they pose.” He promised that America “will continue to aid Nigeria as it dismantles these networks of terror and take meaningful, effective actions to create a future safe from horrors we see today.” He further said in his missive that “combating terrorism means protecting civilians and ensuring respect for human rights-not only in Nigeria, but also around the world.”

President Obama emphasized that “along with millions across the globe, Michelle and I remain outraged and heartbroken over the kidnapping of the hundreds of Nigerian women and girls by Boko Haram, including the more than 200 Chibok girls abducted from their school.” He also assured me and Nigerians in his response that “at my direction, and in coordination with our international partners, our government will continue to support Nigerian-led efforts to help find those kidnapped by Boko Haram, bring them home to their families, and get the services they need”. President Obama sadly expressed his outrage at the situation in Nigeria and said Nigerian case was not an isolated act of terror, and he said of the United States efforts that, “we stand with the Nigerian people in their ongoing struggle against violent extremism.”

President Obama’s letter to me as an individual, is a testimony that the president of the free world is a humble man with distinctive and incredible personality. He also reassured all Nigerians in the letter that “the United States is committed to doing its part to help prevent mass atrocities, protect human rights, and promote opportunity for all.” This he said will be achieved “in partnership with other governments, the United Nations, unions, and civil society organizations both at home and abroad”. He said America “will keep working to resolve the root causes of conflict, build lasting institutions, and train the peacekeepers, police, and soldiers who protect those in danger.”

His compassionate message of hope and love to all Nigerian women squalled me like gusty winds, and with every sense of fulfillment. President Obama espoused that, “more broadly, promoting peace and prosperity means securing equal rights and opportunity for women and girls. He promised that America will keep empowering women and girls everywhere to pursue the education that is their birthright, and to participate fully in their societies.

How to predict the future is to create it. President Obama’s humble personality has etched him as a distinct one amongst his contemporaries. His peaceful approach to change; achievements, global consultancy in time of strives; his inclusive government and avowed efforts to bring lasting peace to the troubled world will not be appreciated now, but historians will relish his unburdened history in some years, decades or centuries to come. Obama’s political persona, his audacity of hope, and his calm approach to germane domestic and global issues will continue to quench our intellectual starvation.

Thanks to president Obama again, for his reassuring message to the people of Nigeria.

Written by
Yahaya Balogun
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