President Obasanjo: The Man With A Selfish Intent

by Sylvester Fadal

It can be recalled that Nigeria’s past northern military presidents paid OBJ a visit at his home in Otta. The road to Otta is an eyesore. A horrible road that is perhaps reflective of the performance of the president.A commute that should have given the ex-northern presidents a clue of what to expect.Yet, they embarked on the joint trip to meet with OBJ. Invariably, they had a very valid concern. The ex-presidents wanted to make the discussion personal, important and off the busy premises of leadership in Abuja.In glamour they meet with OBJ and expressed their deep-seated fear. This fear and OBJ’s response will be outlined in the later part of this article.

OBJ’s decision to seek a third term is creating a growing level of intolerance among other viable candidates, Nigerians in general and leaders of developed nations. OBJ’s intent is quickly and sadly building a high level of pessimism about Nigeria’s future. In this day and age, it is disquieting to understand why a man who had so much support for his moderate achievements and confusing inactions, will seek to erase all his commendable efforts to exacerbate corruption in a growth-stagnated society by his selfish gratification. Not only is OBJ’s desires creating a clear view of his corruptive intent, it also shows his stereotypical nature of believing that he is better than anyone else in that nation. The thrust of OBJ’s desire to continue in power is driven by a yearning to eradicate corruption and improve the country. I have over the past few years, supported this desire. His focus on extending his tenancy in Aso Rock has now espoused his selective actions over the years and his selfish, self-created imbroglio, mired in conflict and inertia.

OBJ’s desire may be good for him and his close allies. However, it is reflective of the nature of the complex human reasoning, sometimes, believing that one is the best and only qualified personnel for a position. We seek continuity with positive intents when everyone else sees a plateau and decline in our performance.

OBJ’s Unknown Agenda

OBJ’s intent if successful will lead to a military takeover. Yes, it certainly will lead to coup-de-tat and place a bitter pill in the mouth of Nigerians.In his cubicle of glamour, OBJ believes his textbook restructuring of the military breeds parochial leanings in his favor. He believes his ability to pay-off politicians and military personnel on one end while addressing corruption on the other end, has positioned him to achieve any set goal regardless of how illusionary it may be. He is wrong. He is very wrong.His intent shows that he has outlived his relevance and value. His acquiescent design of yore will ultimately be the platform of resistance for those who truly want to see the nation improve. OBJ’s intent will set the nation back a lot of years. The military will arrive, destroy, loot all accounts in a desperate effort to make up lost years and then in a fashion reminiscence of the past, hand over to a puppet civilian regime with little or no financial power thereby leading the nation back to the restructuring and design phase.

The bell ringers around OBJ need to quickly design new tunes that he can listen and dance to. They need to slow him down and showcase the past, present and future framework of the nation to him if he succeeds. From the past, OBJ must be shown:

The tyrannical and destructive tenure of IBB and why he doesn’t want to be classified as such.Some may say IBB is a changed man but we really don’t know that. Dele Giwa’s family should be allowed to make that judgment.

The brutal tenure of Buhari (despite Buhari’s good intents), and why he doesn’t want to be classified as such.Again, some may say Buhari wanted to do right and is a changed man. For all I care, his fanatical approach was wrong and we can’t tell if he has changed or not.

The pictographic end of Abacha and other third world leaders who in their quest to gain absolute power, ruined many nations, destroyed the lives of many innocent people up to and including their personal families.

OBJ has displayed through his third-term desire that he is willing to compromise his integrity (if there is any such word this day and age) and mortgage his conscience to gain favor. Umm huh, he is clearly willing to die for his country. His effort to bribe members of both governmental houses shows a clear participation in corruptive acts. This is a valid and proven ground for impeachment.

OBJ efforts at addressing corruption has always been selective but yet, in my past writings, I made clear that his discriminatory actions at curtailing corruption were better than nothing at all in view of the outrageous levels of corruptive acts. OBJ’s rising urge and desperate desire to smitten all opponents and violate all rules, all in effort to maintain his position is a conscious and malicious betrayal and deceit of those that supported his government. His expression of a desire to continue in power is a clear and provocative exposition of his corruptive plans laced with a sorority of selfish supporters that are bent on helping him create an obvious disregard for the constitution of the country, the needs of the people and the law of the land.Again, this is a felony and a solid ground for impeachment. His mandate, which, I have clearly agreed does not reflect the voices of the people despite my support for some of his programs, is now being employed by him as a valid baseline for continuity in his position in violation of the constitution, in disregard of the juxtaposition viewpoints of elite masses and a non-concern for the future of Nigeria as a nation.

OBJ should have commenced the grooming of a replacement a few years after attaining power. To create a balance leadership model, he should have focused on developing a leader from the Southeast or South-south, being the only sections of the country that are yet to rule the nation. He should have commenced a succession-planning model that will make the candidates from these regions appealing enough to be elected to rule the nation. He should have designed a matrix that will make the identified candidates, regardless of their gender, balanced, acceptable and recognizable in a dashboard method. He should have challenged and sold these candidates to the general public, explaining why it is pertinent to give every section of the nation a chance to govern. OBJ should have explained to aspiring northern candidates why it is imperative to support a candidate from the Southeast or South-south.Should-haves don’t make things happen, actions do.OBJ’s plan from the on-set has been all about himself.

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Peter October 7, 2006 - 5:15 am

Thanks for bringing to light the actions of OBJ, but it must be noted that the positive actions of the President should be on record, and the setting up of the anti-corruption committee was in his time and thanks, because at last Nigerians is having a bite of democracy whereas in the military regime no freedom of speech existed. Obasanjo should follow Nelson Mandela steps, he delivered South Africans from apartheid and when settled he handed over power, this what we should expect of a messiah if he OBJ thinks he is.

Paul O May 16, 2006 - 9:39 pm

The way obasanjo is behaving is a clear testimony to how dubious and insincere this man is. How on earth can a single individual hold the entire nation to ransome and still gets away with it? Well, news coming in today confirmed the death of the third term agenda. It is a great joy for the country now that the entire madness called third term has defeated. Obasanjo, Tony Anenih, Ali, Mantu and all those who masterminded this fraud should all be ready to face the conseqencies of their action. Importantly, they all should be made to return all the billions they stole from our treasury. It was reported that Anenih alone stole over 400 billion naira meant for raod rehabilitation and constructions when he was the minister of works. We want him to return that money in its entirety and he should go to jail immidiately thereafter. The EFCC had no business being loyal to Obasanjo anymore now that he will surely be leave office next year. They should now call his bluff and begin to do their work with dignity and honesty by probing all these thieves and crininals in the country. Obasanjo should not know peace after returning to Ota since he did not give the country any peace in the past seven years in power.

Matthias I.O E May 16, 2006 - 7:53 pm

Thank for the article and I was real happy for the writing but you forget IBB who loot the treasure of the nation and OBJ is a single person who can not hold Nigeria resum to his ideal or agenda.

We should know thagt peopel with muilt wife of different color and nationality rule Nigeria like Atiku, and those with foreign account should not be allowed as president like Amambra governor, and all general should not be allowed becasue they have disgrace Nigeria in time of military why did they want to come back to collect the remain of the money they left behind.


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