Prince Lawrence Ezeh: An unsung humane personality

by Nwaorgu Faustinus

Over the years, many a personality has endeared themselves not only to their immediate native villages but also to their communities, the less privilege and even to widows, with the aim of bringing succor, joy, simile and hope to the pessimistic.

Jef Raskin has the like of Prince Lawrence in mind when he said, “An interface is humane if it is responsive to human needs and considerate of human frailties. Again, When Meyers Jr said, “Go into the world and do well. But more importantly, go into the world and do good has an individual like Prince Lawrence in mind.

Humane and also philanthropic in his ways, Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh is the Prince of Mburubu in Nkanu East Local Government Area of Enugu state. He is the Chair of Buzuzu Company, a company he has used to empower, employ many unemployed youths and extended his philanthropic, charitable works to his people.

To demonstrate his empathy to the plight of his people, Prince Lawrence Ozoemena Ezeh constructed a 4.5km asphalted road, and has been grading Nara – Mburubu – Nomeh road more than four years now. In addition to these, he gave scholarship to about fifty less privileged persons, repaired some inaccessible portions at Ugbawka- Nara road and also provided more than 20 high tension electric concrete poles at Ugbawka.

Spyder Kenn in a post captured the reason Prince Lawrence has endeared himself to his people thus. My father once told me that “Ajaa dike na nke o kere, o kee ozo”. He also told me that the word, “Ya dikwara gi na mma” will always affect one’s life positively. On this note, I wish to thank Prince Lawrence Ezeh, the son of the traditional ruler of Mburubu, a town in Nkanu East Local Government area of Enugu state, the government are not aware of our existence, and successive governments has abandoned this road and these surrounding communities to their fate, but we are not going to forget ourselves. We might have to resort to using our own money to build our own roads now, while other communities in Enugu state get their own roads built by the government. The injustice of the whole process is not lost on the people of Nkanu east, who cannot boast of any government presence. Nomeh, Mburubu, Nkerefi and many other Nkanu East towns have been forgotten by the government. Posterity will not fail to dig up this bit of our history when the time comes. Once again, we thank you Prince Lawrence Ezeh using your money to grade our road even as the government cannot. O ga adiri gi mma. (From the people of Nomeh-Unateze).

Again, Mr. Petrus Obi in his piece titledNkanu East People Heave Sigh of Relief as Illustrious Son Constructs Three Bridges” encapsulated what Prince Lawrence did when he wrote, “The council is identified as one of the most backward council areas in terms of development and infrastructure. 

“It was, therefore, not a surprise the way the people trooped out to celebrate the construction of a new bridge in the area, more so when it was through the individual effort of one of their sons. 

“The traditional rulers from the various communities were present as the people sang and danced without restraint to the praise of one of their own, Engr Lawrence Eze (the Prince of Mburubu). The Rivers State-based engineer has constructed three bridges which hitherto hindered movement within the nearby communities, thereby wiping out the tears of his people. 

“The bridges, which were abandoned for years by previous administrations in the state, had become a source of worry to the people of the council area before Engr Eze decided to take it upon himself to reconstruct them before the rains set in properly. The bridges include Ojorowo Bridge, Ugbawka; Ovu Bridge, Mburubu and Nvuna Bridge, Nomeh.”

From the foregoing, it is clear that the people of Nomeh-Unateze do recognize the salient contribution of Prince Lawrence towards the need to ameliorate the hardship road users in the aforesaid communities pass through on daily basis.

It was therefore a great pain to many observers how this philanthropic, humane, rare and unsung son of Nkanu East lose out of the Peoples Democratic Party’s Enugu East Senatorial Primary election, or rather was betrayed after committing so much to the PDP.

To so many, it came as a welcomed move for him to defect to the All Progressives Congress, APC not minding contrary opinions in some quarters, where he seeks to actualize his senatorial aspiration.

In view of Prince Lawrence Ezeh’s rare contributions to his constituency, someone who has not tasted any elective post, but has done commendably well for his people, it therefore behooves his constituents to do the needful to ensure his victory as the general elections draw near. The time to act is now.



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