Princess Adedoyin: Questions Jam Answers

by Sabella Ogbobode Abidde


According to the Daily Trust Newspaper of January 8, 2003, Princess Olufunke Adedoyin, from Kwara State, was “subjected to probing uncomfortable questions” concerning her “personal life” during the screening process for ministerial positions.

The legislators over-stepped their bounds. It is none of their business whether she is married, divorced, or single; and it is not for them to judge her decision for having a child out of wedlock. I find their line of questioning insidious and intrusive, offensive and uncalled for. I wonder if any of the Senators would have had the balls to pose such silly questions to a male nominee. They wouldn’t have dared!

If Princess Adedoyin did not have the skills, training, education, or work experience for such a position, well, that would have been another matter. Or, if she is/was a thief, a drug addict, a convict, a vagabond or of unsound mind, or spied for a foreign government – that would have been another matter, too. But to ask such silly, sexist, and stupid questions is preposterous! What does having a child out of wedlock, or being single have to do with ones ability to perform constitutional responsibilities?

The newspaper went on to report that “The Deputy Senate President, Senator Ibrahim Mantu read out the several petitions against the nominee which said she was a drug addict, morally bankrupt and irresponsible”. Really? Well then, let’s summon all the male members of the Nigerian Congress and ask each and every one of them the following questions:

    1. Have you ever cheated on your wife? If yes, with your secretary or with your female servant?

    2. Have you ever taken, given or facilitated a bribe since turning 21?

    3. Have you ever thrown a tirade at your chauffeur, messengers, or at the traffic policeman, or at a lowly citizen?

    4. Have you ever thrown tantrums, or be visibly irritated in public or in private?

    5. Have you ever had a child, or children out of wedlock, and do you pay “child-support”?

    6. Have you ever sent your chauffeur or a proxy, to pick up female students for sexual liaison, at UNILAG, UNILORIN, ABU, or at any of Nigeria’s institution of higher learning?

    7. Have you, since you turned 18, ever smoked, puffed, or inhaled marijuana; or have you at any time since you turned 18 drank ogogoro, palmwine, or any home-made liquor?

    8. Have you ever slapped, whipped, caned your wife (or wives), mistress, daughter, son, niece or nephew – such that an American would consider it “child abuse” or “domestic abuse”?

    9. Have you ever assisted a friend or family member secure a job, contract, or any tangible favor?

    10. Ever you ever lied, attempted to lie, or not tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth?

NOTE: I am sure they would all respond “YES”, in which case they should all be judge “morally bankrupt and irresponsible” and therefore not fit to hold public office.


The United States, Britain, and the “coalition of the willing” invaded Iraq because, amongst other “reasons,” (1) Saddam Hussein possessed, and was ready and willing to use weapons of mass destruction (WMD) against his enemies – especially the United States and Britain; (2) that Saddam was a monster who was violating the rights of the Iraqi civilians and did not believe in democratic ideals; (3) that Saddam was a war-monger bent on destabilizing the Middle East; and that (4) with Mr. Hussein in power, there will never be peace in that part of the world. Other reasons were also proffered. But, hey, the world suspected the Americans and the British were lying. Now we know: they lied!

It’s been a couple of weeks since Saddam Hussein was vanquished, and President Bush declared the war over. Over? Well, that’s another matter for another day! The questions I have are this: where is Saddam Hussein and where are the weapons of mass destruction? Or, is this going to be like the Osama bin Laden affair? Osama has been in hiding for almost 2- years and operating under the radar of America and British “ultra-modern spy and technological equipments”. The White House even has a $25,000,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of Osama. Yet, no Osama…Damn! Where in the world is this fellow; and where in the world is Saddam?

For several weeks now Prime Minister Tony Blair has been “under the gun” for not being straightforward with his Cabinet and with the British public before and during the US led invasion of Iraq. Every time I see him on C-SPAN (being pelted with questions); I can’t but feel sorry for him. For he was a fellow I truly admired until he allowed himself to be suckered and snookered by President Bush.

For a while, we thought Bush was immune from criticism for his military adventure in Iraq – until early last week when the White House caught the “lying bug and flu” and it became apparent that Bush and his team had not been completely truthful in their dealings with the American public. They lied! They’ve been running from one media house to another; calling their pollsters and image-makers – looking for ways to quench this fire. But this seems like a fire that will linger for a while.


Just when you thought we’ve “seen it all and done it all,” here comes another commotion-and-confusion from Nigeria. How does one explain a civilian coup d’etat in what is supposed to be a democratic regime? I guess after years and years of watching the military do it, the civilians simply felt they could do it better without guns and tanks. What in the world were they thinking? Did they think Nigerians were going to stand for such nonsense? Did they think they could get away with it? Those involved should be severely punished; otherwise, copy-cats would spring from all parts of the country and before we know it, there would be civilian coups in state-houses and in the not too distant future, the military will find their way back to Aso Rock. We cannot allow this to happen!

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