Psychology of the Delta Rerun Election ‘Results’

There is much evident psychology behind the rigging of the last Delta rerun elections. So palpable almost everybody in Delta state and Nigeria, and very lately much of the rest of the world know it. From the standpoint of the Ibori camp (a camp now visibly led by Emmanuel Uduaghan but remotely controlled from Dubai at least for now) it is a battle to hold on to the loots they have and to cover all their tracks while Uduaghan window-dresses until humans forget all the Mephistophelian past of those who without restrain carted away our monies in droves, rubbished our sensibilities and consigned us to horror, pains and anything harrowing.

Yet, more than that! The desperation has come to pitch on Everest because it is Great Ogboru that is on the other side of the divide, or rather that leads the other side of the divide. The fear of Ogboru, who incidentally is the darling of the exploited, well-informed, serious-minded, and no-nonsense Deltans, is that reason why the ‘vagabonds in power’ continue to employ stone-age methods to hold on to stolen mandate just as they continue to freely burrow into our treasury. They see in Great Ogboru their great down fall through the arm of the law of course. They dread him because they know he will blow their cover, and that means or translates to their tagging along the already damnable fate of Ibori’s overflowing garbage.

This was why they will continue to pay those they have so impoverished to vote for them. Of course, this was how Uduaghan, apart from other forms of rigging, got some votes in the hinter land and much more so in the riverine. This was why they imported votes from Mars to the three Warri LGA’s and handed them to INEC and at the end of the day the votes of those sparsely populated part of Delta State was about equal the rest of the State (with 23 local government areas). Ogboru: This is the reason you have all the unparallel desperation to subvert anything that appeals to democracy.

If Ibori has not been so driven by this two-fold madness (to wit, his totally consuming insatiability and completely terrifying orgy that became prolong guests of our common treasuries, and the fear that Ogboru will unearth all that excursion in superlative thievery) his story would not have been so squalid like it is today. And Uduaghan who was contracted by Ibori to conceal all that, and who himself is part of that trip in apical profligacy would yet not learn. Their boys in this concert of shame would not learn either. But the more they go sordid and pull all their undemocratic arsenals together to prevent Ogboru from entering into his mandate or coming to power to clean the Augean stable they have created the more the danger they have ahead.

There is a mischievous and disgusting reason why Ogboru who has ostensibly gotten the people’s mandate for the umpteenth time is being disallowed to mount the driving seat of governance in Delta. But for how long can this be? Ogboru on the behalf of Deltans has gone to the hallowed chambers to seek redress. A judiciary that is already wearing new face nation-wide will be presented all it need to put paid to nasty politics in Delta this time around. But even before the judiciary come to our rescue in this often denied matter of Ogboru’s mandate, Ibori has started suffocating most profusely already. Today, he is clearly at his wits’ end. His lesson is too much of food for thought!

For the PDP the rerun election was, apart from outright rigging, a cash and carry thing. Of course, it was publicly so. It was publicly cash and carry in the hinterland, and much more so in the riverine. Persons were carried from the hinter land to the riverine to vote, and it doesn’t matter whether they are Hausa, Urhobo, Yoruba, Ibibio, Tiv or not. Ten thousand naira each was the deal. Paltry sum for the looters to give each man no matter the number, but big cash for impoverished men!

Before you think of a rejoinder let me leave you without iota of doubt. What is being said here is right now also seriously going on in the registration exercise in the Warri riverine. Boats are conveying hungry men of any tribe there to register in that difficult terrain that government cannot easily reach to monitor things. The deal: Ten thousand naira. But a sad thing just happened. One of such boats capsized and multitude is said to have died; able youths and all! Recovered bodies are non natives now being buried among other tribes outside the riverine tribes. That is the big news on the street as I write. It is verifiable.

Derivable poser: Is it possible that because of a desperation to cover the past and to continue in the despoliation of society, some of the reported stolen DDC machines in far away places could be in safe hands in the three Warri LGA’s riverine (a region not easily assessable by INEC), and that while registration is secretly going on we can still hear complaints that DDC machines have not officially been allocated them? So, before somebody again throws bogus figures at us in April 2011 the writer has done his job by representing the views and fears on the streets of Delta State.

But it is however soothing to hope that the court would not give those people room to do that because there may really be no need for gubernatorial elections in Delta State in this April general elections since Great Ogboru would have gotten his stolen mandate restored by the judiciary because reality, facts, logic, law and the people are on the side of Ogboru. All brazen show of electoral robbery can only be history.

What remains now is the ushering in of good governance that the people have long yearned for and have been long denied. We are face to face with the watershed of political Delta. We expect good management of resources and economic boom. This is the mandate, the mandate to govern well that is working up the mind of Ogboru and his men. This is the only psychology or characteristic mental makeup that Deltans can benefit from, and never that which has been pulling down democracy, rubbishing the people’s mandate, blowing up and draining our resources, and impoverishing Deltans.

Written by
Eferovo Igho
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