Putin: Western Media´s New Scapegoat

by Onyemaechi Ogbunwezeh

The Western media are past masters in gaslighting and subtle brainwashing of their readers.

History is replete with their dissimulations and outright manipulation of entire populations in furtherance of their imperial enterprise and the atrocities attending that.

They created a criminal out of the African American. This was a race they inflicted unspeakable savageries upon. This was a people they enslaved; a people that built America out of the labor of their hands.

But a people stolen from Africa was transformed, after centuries of being raped, plundered, enslaved, and exploited into criminals and freeloaders in the western imaginary. The Western media drove that embezzlement of history, to erase western, cosmic criminality and purchase for them a clear conscience as they hold tightly to stolen fruits of African labor.

This same Western media created a terrorist out of the Arab man. This was a people whose land they had invaded and devastated to steal their oil. But when the Arab man, unable to bear that humiliation, rose to defend his land from invasion, Western media was on hand, to tag him with the brushes of terrorism.

They called him a terrorist for daring to stand up for himself. He became a terrorist in the Western imaginary, for whom nothing good is due, except to be exterminated with extreme prejudice.

The media bought for the Western establishment, the unction to canonize the stealing-spree of Arab oil while emasculating Arab manhood. Today the Arab is a terrorist in the Western imaginary. And this is a people they have decimated, garrisoned, and exploited ad nauseam.

When the West does you wrong, instead of apologizing and making a restitution, it digs in and destroys your reputation to justify the crimes they committed against you. Don’t forget they tagged Africans as savages, whom their civilizing mission was to save. History shows that as a convenient smokescreen, to rob a continent blind of its people and resources.

To get into the heart of western darkness, one needs to lay his hands on the dispatch, that the crook, who led the 1886 British punitive expedition to the Benin empire, sent to London about his hunt for Ologbosere, the Benin Chief and warrior, who led the resistance to the British invasion of Benin.

His cable described Ologbosere; a man, whose land they defiled and whose Oba they humiliated, in the most inhuman of terms. All to justify the primitive thievery of Britain.

Now the Western media are it again. Putin is their new scapegoat.

A spectacular example is what the CFR-Council on Foreign Relations and the Economist of London wrote about Prigozhin’s death. They are quick to name Putin the culprit, even when screaming that they are not sure that Prigozhin is dead. The subtle way they dovetailed to Putin, was a crass act in public manipulation.

In an editorial titled “Prigozhin’s Death Shows that Russia is a Mafia State”, The Economist screamed: “As we published this editorial, it was not certain that Yevgeny Prigozhin’s private jet was shot down by Russian air defenses, or that the mutineer and mercenary boss was on board. But everyone believes that it was and that his death was a punishment of spectacular ruthlessness ordered by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin.”

The question is: Who is this everyone who believes that Prigozhin’s death was a punishment of spectacular ruthlessness ordered by Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin?

For the Economist, folklore has replaced the retailing of facts, which journalism is all about.

The Economist did not detain itself with the inconvenience of adducing evidence to show Putin’s culpability. All it did was to gaslight their readers into believing that they belong to the “everyone” that believes that Putin did it. That is classical autosuggestion. You create a set and make it exclusive. And anyone who is not a part of it starts seeing himself as an outlier.

What a cheap way to manipulate people.

This Economist calling Russia a mafia state based on a disjointed set of presumptions and speculations, offered no proof that the plane was shot down or sabotaged.

The crash could have been an accident. But since the West created Manichean Binary, reality is an “either, or” game. There is no room for accident. It must be Putin. Putin must be demonized at all costs.

Russia is a Mafia State? Really? Russian Oligarchs stole Russia blind and moved the money mostly to London and much of the West. However, the Economist did not consider the UK a Mafia State for keeping the stolen wealth of other countries.

Let’s take it a step further.

The United Kingdom, whose sole existence was scaffolded by the buccaneering, stealing, and plundering of over three-quarters of the globe, supported by Establishment vuvuzelas like the Economist is not a Mafia state in Economist’s estimation.

This United Kingdom that has judicially quasi-murdered Julian Assange is not a Mafia State.

One wonders how rationality, is expected to judge this mass demonization of Russia, Putin, and Russians.

ho is profiting from this?

Gwazia ndi yard!

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