The Queen of the Waves

by Opeyemi

The Queen of the Waves is a hymn usually sung by fishermen seeking protection from storm.

Nigerians definitely need lots of protection from the political class, right now.

It’s also the nickname given to Gertrude Ederle, the first woman to swim across the English Channel.

Ederle in 1925 attempted to cross the English Channel but was not successful.

In 1926, she got another coach.

On the 2nd attempt of Ederle with another Coach, she became successful becoming the 1st female to cross the Channel.

On her 1st attempt, she was disqualified because of her coach but with a new coach, she became the global star!

Many Nigerians are appalled with the current situation of things; the statistics are just crazy; from economic downturn to insecurity, from massive corruption to massive increase in the number of lawless leaders; the list is endless.

Nigeria is blessed with massive mineral resources; exceptionally hardworking citizens but consistently bedevilled by evil leadership over the years.

Unlike the days of military administration, democracy gives the room for citizens to elect leaders regularly.

Nigeria has another golden opportunity to elect political leaders in the incoming general election in 2023. We must change our coaches wisely.

We need Legislators, Governors and a President who understands the pains of the people and will proffer appropriate solutions.

If the country will further be a going concern, we cannot afford to elect another set of religious fanatic, ethnic jingoists or divisive leaders who lacks basic knowledge of economics.

We cannot afford to elect political leaders who wouldn’t feel our pain or understand the issues at stake.

Every eligible Nigerian must as a matter of duty register for their PVC in order to participate in the coming 2023 general elections.

Whosoever we elect determines the trajectory of Nigeria for another 4 to 8 years and beyond; we cannot to take this lightly.

Elected leaders make decisions that affects our lives whether we are at home or abroad on daily basis.

Even those that have “japa” will be affected by their decisions one way or the other.

We cannot afford to allow the marauding crowd to elect one of their own into political offices because you and I do not have PVC.

Whether at home or abroad, we must all endeavour to register and have our PVC handy.

The journey to a better Nigerian society where the principles of the rule of law, social justice and free enterprise reign begins with you and I having our PVC and preparing to participate with our conscience in the 2023 general elections.

The current PVC registration cycle which is the last before the 2023 general election will end in June, 2022.

Please, endeavour to register before the window closes, encourage every eligible Nigerian around you to register.

2023 general election may be the last chance to determine whether or not Nigeria will become a developed country in our lifetime.

Our decision to participate in the process by registering for our PVC means a lot to Nigeria.

We cannot continue to sit down and allow those who should be cleaning our shoes to be in the front place of our political offices.

Register and have your PVC.

We cannot continue to allow a few constitute our commonwealth to their personal estate, this can only stop when you and I have our PVC ahead of the coming general elections.

Nigeria is blessed with adequate human and mineral resources; we should vote against bankrupt political leaders.

We cannot afford to allow “Yes men” of politicians without ideas to be the majority who have PVC.

In a democratic political contest, the best candidate is not assured of winning, the candidates with the highest number of votes will be declared winner no matter how “useless” he/she may be.

Just as Gertrude Ederle changed coached and became the global swimming sensation, if every right thinking Nigerian register for their PVC and use it actively, by electing good leaders, Nigeria will fulfil its potentials.
Our political leadership will determine whether or not Nigeria will rise or keep sinking.

Nigeria has the capacity to become the most desirable country to live in on the planet earth in the 21st century but for this to happen, every reasonable Nigerian must have their PVC and actively participate in the coming electioneering process.

Please register for your PVC.

God bless you!

God bless Nigeria!

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