Reflections on Generations without a Future and Their Slide into Cultural Illiteracy

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The British Prime Minister, David Cameron correctly described the London riots last year as simply motivated by mindless criminality pure and simple. This year, he assured the World of a successful Olympics and Great Britain delivered.

A generation has grown up in Europe in which a “feral underclass” is sliding into hate-based, racist-driven cultural illiteracy. As victims of cultural degeneracy, hooked on the hip-up mind-set, the young people of Europe are on down-ward slide. Instead of striving to make it in societies where opportunities beckon on the industrious, European youths now freely engage in mindless violence, riots, acts of vandalism and racist outbursts.

This is not surprising. In European societies today, religion is anathema. Where God is absent, evil reigns. It is too late in the history of Europe to think of a religious revival.

The dope culture and the bottle have been well – entrenched. The youth seems past the Rubicon of retrieval. They rely on the computer to add two plus two.

They are incapable of grappling with any complex phenomena. Some are unable to read literary texts but promote e-mail jargon inexorably.

This cultural degeneracy extends to India where tribal violence kills people. Ukraine has become a wild state, where bizarre events happen. The Soviet instilled humanism seems to have evaporated. Is the promotion of same-sex marriage evolution or degradation? This will remain an unanswered question for decades to come.

Youth behavior has become appalling and these leaders of tomorrow are a “generation without a future.”

Anyone who has followed the events in Iraq, Libya and Syria will wonder what happened to the United Nations Organization, its Charter, Conventions, Declaration and norms of jus cogens

To bring back Mr. Kofi Annan to do Ban ki Moon’s job, attest to the intellectual degeneracy of the UN in the 21st Century.
I advocate for a BOOK OLYMPICS to encourage the writers of the world to compete in putting out literary texts to raise the level of literacy in the world in which power politics, mediocre leaders, propagandist journalists and commentators who, having failed to solve the economic problems of the human race, promote wars, rebellion and mindless violence.

The Russian and the Chinese seem to have been saying “NIET” on Syria, using the gory experience of Iraq, Libya, Grenada, Vietnam etc. to refuse a repeat performance on Syria. It would appear that the Syrian situation was misread from the beginning.

As I sit in the ornate library of the University of Bradford, England, I throw my mind back on the myriad of disturbing events in Nigeria, where a “generation without a future” is caught in the web of circumstance, “tucked between the devil and the deep blue sea.”
The future for some nations is dead without any hope of resurrection.

The liberal politics that permitted hopes of a transformation is still stalled. There is a soaring youth employment problem. As unrest grows out of hopelessness, the tension mounts.

The solution lies in some imaginative bold strokes that the authorities may be incapable of carrying out. A formidable group has held Nigeria to ransome for decades. The phenomenon of “generations without a future” is frightful, intractable and deep-rooted.

In our modern world society, there are many who have little hope about the future and those who have no future. The number of the latter is rising rapidly, signifying the end times. Those who used to have, now have nothing.

When the sunset of discontent amongst a vocal sector of the Nigerian society became manifest, we suggested that the Government should organize a National Sovereign Conference for dissenting opinion to be heard in public.

Things are now so bad since the Government has not been able to “fish out” the dissidents or make it “a thing of the past.” The red, hot iron of violence is continuing making Nigeria fall within the categorization of those nations in suspended animation, whose future must be re-shaped. This is also true of, Mali, Kenya, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan, where discord is endemic.

In some African states, there has been a decline in the quality of life. This will lead to a number of youths taking to bad ways as a result of lack of good education and social enlightenment. They will be enlisted among those who have no future.

As a result of this dismal state of affairs on our Continent,
there will be an International Seminar on “Africa and the New World Economic Order” which will take place between on 21st September 2012 in Bradford, England, to discuss both suggestions and solutions. The seminar will be attended by those Africans, with an intellectual habit of mind; government officials, scholars and entrepreneurs.

All those, who would like to contribute to the success of the seminar, should send proposals, papers and suggestions to Professor Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai 118 REGENCY COURT, Whitley Road, Off Thornton Road, Bradford BD8 9 ET, UK.

Prominent African politicians, scholars and concerned Africans will attend. This will be an opportunity to adopt an intellectual stance in discussing modern Africa.

The following African leaders are being invited to the International Seminar in Bradford, UK:
1 His Excellency,
The President of the Republic of Benin (Chairman)
2 His Excellency,
The Vice President of South Africa (Guest of Honour)
3 The Minister of Finance
Federal Republic of Nigeria (Keynote Address)
4 General Ibrahim Babangida,
Former President of the Republic of Nigeria
5 General Abdulsalami Abubakar
Former President of the Republic of Nigeria
6 Governor Adams Oshiomole
Governor of Edo State (The State of Edo Development as a Model)
7 Governor Ahmed Tinubu (A New Vision for Nigeria)
Former Governor of Lagos State
8 Barrister Jimoh Ibrahim, OFR
Chairman, Air Nigeria Ltd (African Entrepreneurship)

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