Religion and the End time Clowns

by Carl Collins Ogunshola Oshodi

Many religious folks nowadays say they’re called by God, yet they surround themselves with street urchins and questionable characters as bodyguards and workers.

Some say, it is to protect Pastors and Imam of their conspiracy to divert offering monies, tithes, alms etc., meant to do the work of God to their private purse. Thus leaving the very poor to leak dust like leapers.

Whatever premise people attach to this voodoo activities, there is always a karmic guarantee, that whatever you sow, that you reap.

A generation of rational thinkers are emerging are born, young persons who won’t take nonsense from these rascal, immoral and hopeless hoard of criminal leaders and deaf. They will deal with us no doubt, but I must say my part the way I see it.

there’s an ongoing precarious situation, where men and women alleged to be called by God now hide under the guise of politics and “daybreak” holiness to perpetual the worst form of barbarity against their fellow man – economic crime.

We now live in a morbid environment where religious Mafias and wannabes, now develop odoriferous campaign against the poor; where men of mental inefficiency have become ring leaders of voodoo practice and anarchy inside the tabernacle of God (if there’s such a place, other than in the hearts of men…); where religious leaders, fake religious warriors, lazy sissies, jerry coil believers, religious beauty pageants, religious saggers and swaggers, men of evil now pervade the highest form of morality.

There now occupy avid political and economic space, groups and cartel of mentally disturbed, drug induced, holy ghosts filled demons, psychiatric patients of a schizophrenic proportion; twisted and ‘speaking-in-tongues’ cabal.

There’s a generation of horrible looking men of the underworld, a situation has arisen where men of God now profess to spit fire, chewing the devil alive, while there are morality and thought form is empty.

There now exist in large numbers of fairy vampires and demons; a class of distinguished and mentally disturbed believers and deceivers – true coveters of the word of truth.

There now occupy our sane homes, associations, groups, congregation, etc hoard of “champion-wrongdoers”, legions of potential hellfire delegates and abusers of a just, sane, moral and secured societies.

I have seen in the short time of my life great breathe of man’s inhumanity against his fellow man, I have come face to face with champions of serial blasphemy against God and the good of men.

I now see on TV, read on tabloids and other social media the emergence of an army of business men and women; a set of cabals who now see the Church or Mosque as a lucrative enterprise; who now divert the commonwealth of the church or mosque as their personal accounts, where their private safes in swiss bank are fattened by the sweats of the poor and stolen donations from our political elites who continue to circumvent our common patrimony into personal wealth and with reckless abandon…

A worrisome situation is presently lurking where men and women have emerged who are schooled in the art of serial deception, large scale treachery, church prostitutes, egg-head prophets/prophetess and seers of doom, mental terrorism and world class hypnosis, devilish minds whose special tact is on the terrifying emphasis of prosperity without righteousness and jaundiced liars.

I have seen men with glittering shoes, expensive wristwatches, stupendous and halleluyah givers and spenders (whose source of income drips with the blood of the innocent, of voodoo sacrifice, etc), ebb limousines, gigantic Mansions in Abuja, Lagos, Port Harcourt and rich sites of the world), jet-generation men of God/Allah, religious con-men appearing in garbed aprons, men with starched million dollar suits, without a pity or a fair consideration of the poor who has a bleak or rather dark hope of survival.

There’s a devastating situation where men of the underworld have invade and hijacked the house of God, a clique of small satanic advocates; social man slaughterers (permit my colloquial use of this terrible adjectives) and clinically inefficient spirit filled personalities.

There’s now what exist, the reign of Dracula – blood sucking demons in human form, pioused with a Dracula scenario, where the impoverished are warming up to be used for food by these gang of traitors and mobsters.

The attention of these unholy terrorist, have since been narrow down through the bizzare lines of deceiving and scamming people off their offerings, tithes, etc, spiritually terrorized the poor to give towards their extravaganza, bunch of psychological terrorists and gang of hell bound evangelists and their Jerry coil workers and bodyguards.

Unfortunately for this gang of religious gang of robbers, the downtrodden are warming up, they are now resolved to retaliate, to respond terror with terror, to stop at nothing but to get their pound of flesh… to graciously and defiantly revolt against this assassins…

The worst case scenario is that, all and sundry are already sitting on a keg of gun powder…including you and I, Everybody!

A worst case scenario is lurking in the immediate future; a situation where these clowns turned preacher men/women, Imam, Prophets, scam looking native doctors, spiritual rascals, righteous imbeciles, etc who now professes falsehood against truth….a worst case scenario, where a huge number of a generation has been rubbed in broad daylight…These atrocities must be paid in full by our generation, and we better be ready to dance to some seemingly weird music.

If these clowns like, let them go to Israel or US to hire the worst of ape men, terrifying looking bodyguards, let them increase their security votes, let steal from the poor all they want, this debt we must all. The Nigerian Nation is already tilting towards another Sudan, Kandahar and Syria.

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