‘Restitutio In Integrum’ In Iraq

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

The prospects for peace and reconciliation in Iraq now seem good, as a result of the US-approved law, to re-instate displaced and demobilized members of the Iraq Baa’th Socialist Party.

Actually, the Iraqi war and the attendant destruction that took place will long be remembered as a war, which two young Euro-American leaders prosecuted absolutely without a just cause and with little caution.

How is Tony Blair feeling now? How will George. W. Bush feel in January next year? Honestly, I would not know.

The war was a wasteful enterprise in terms of human and material resources. Such a war should never be fought again!!!

‘Restitutio in integrum’ in Iraq, is a later-day admission of policy failure. It is also a tacit admission that the hurried eagerness to demobilize and ban Baa’th Socialist members from the armed forces and governance was a gregarious blunder. Perhaps, the war would not have dragged on this long, but for that error

Some have argued that the reversal of the policy, points to the tenacity of the opposition. I predict, with cautious optimism, that the Iraqi war could end next year, by which time, the last puffs of gun-powder smoke would have turned from thick, to light over Baghdad.

The Iraqi war was orchestrated by a collision of interests and a clash of civilization.

The Baa’th Socialist Party, which was led by Saddam Hussein, is a political organization, which based its political engineering on sound intellectualism and avant-gardism. The professed ideology of the Ba’th Socialist Party, which has roots in Lebanon, Syria, Yemen and Iraq, can be summarized, after reflecting on the dominant philosophy of the party, as adumbrated in its publications, especially the one published in October, 1963.

In my book,” IRAQ: The New Carthage. International Law and Diplomacy in the Iraqi Crisis” 2003, I explained the ideological dimension of the crisis. (See pages 103-108).

The ideology of the Ba’th Socialist Party, “is characterized by two fundamental qualities: it is scientific and it is revolutionary.”

The party believed that” it is in the nature of the scientific mind to be always open to reality, to take advantage of all experiences and to reject ready-made frame-work. Only because it is scientific can this ideology rescue the masses from the medieval mentality, which impedes their movement and hinders their creative and free advance”

The party said that “ In Western Europe, socialist struggles broke out in the context of struggle between the bourgeoisie and the working class, but in the Arab homeland, the struggle is at once nationalist and socialist and is required to achieve three revolutions at once – a scientific revolution at the intellectual level, a revolution at the economic level to replace feudal and semi-capitalist production relations by socialist relations, so as to establish a material base for serious economic upsurge and a revolution against fragmentation and its consequences at all levels.”

“The party is determine to deal completely and radically with all aspects of backwardness in Arab cultural, social and economic life and any attempt to ignore the cultural and social aspect of ideology would lead to the creation of a spurious and malformed society in which the economic aspect is progressing while the other aspects of Arab society remain stagnant, backward and rotten. Only the scientific mentality can make the contemporary Arab revolution a total revolution in which revolutionary transformation takes place at all levels and all aspects of Arab life”.

The revolutionary characteristic of the Ba’th Socialist Party is aimed at the achievement of Arab unity and the elimination of exploitation, through a “bold stroke which brings about a qualitative change in the state of affairs destroying the outworn economic foundation of society and the political, legal social and cultural structures.

The party believes if they are to create the institutions, bases and framework for new social, economic growth and that this also applies to Arab nations.

The Ba’th Socialist Party could be said to be the first mass political movement in the Arab world that “really recognized the essence of the Arab cause and set it in its historical and revolutionary context. The party has always stressed that the idea of Arab unity must always accompany and direct the struggle of the Arab people for freedom and socialism.”

In my view, the Ba’th Socialists stoked the embers of popular consciousness in the Arab World in the 1960’s and kindled the, Egyptian, Iraqi and Yemeni revolutions , which challenged monarchical rule. Libya succeeded the best.

This awakened Arab societies from dynastic slumber!

The Ba’th Socialist Party was the party that served originating summons on Arab societies to appear in the High Courts for a final determination of the direction of Arab oil politics, embracing modernization and democratic governance. These problems have largely remained unresolved and have been compounded by meddlesome interlopers

It must be remarked that the Ba’th Socialist Party, carried its revolutionary romanticism very far and in the process, negated those democratic principles it preached fervently. This was how its high-handedness created the opportunity for intervention in those states, where the party was in government.

When Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin and other socialist thinkers reviewed the societal relations of nations and humankind, they did not quite apprehend the movement of history they were choreographing and how men and women would improve their lives through struggles against all forms of injustice and oppression based on their theories.

Injustice, no matter how long it is visited on social humans must end one day. Progressive Arab intellectuals founded the Ba’th Socialist Party, as an organization for social change. It has suffered a major set-back as a result of the brutal decapitation of its leadership. Now that it has regained its legal existence, it will rise again.

History has shown that it is impossible to fight ideas, which have permeated popular consciousness.

The LOGOS and I will lead logic, good conscience and the ASHES of Iraq, in evidence at St Peter’s gate, to examine the justice and equity of the invasion and destruction of the city of the Arabian nights or the lack of it.

Perhaps, karma will need to be balanced, in the centuries to come, in spite of a recent remorseful conversion to Catholicism, by a major player in the Iraqi tragedy.

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