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Revolution and human rights

After watching the mayhem that has resulted from the revolutions in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen, Syria, the London and “Occupy Wall Street” and Nigerian protests, I have come to the conclusion that revolutions and human rights are hard to reconcile.

A revolution is driven by survival instincts, anger, desperation and infantile disorder. Human rights are inviolable categories, which are granted to man by virtue of the goodness that man is supposed to enjoy.

The strong have always violated the human rights of the weak, but when the weak organize a resistance to oppression, they throw caution to the wind and act beyond reason. For them, human rights become romanticized epithets.

Since a revolution aims to overthrow the existing social disorder, revolutionaries do resort to any means possible and considerations of human rights take a back seat behind the barricades.
A revolution is a terrible state in a nation and this is why governments should govern rationally, remembering always that the governed have the right to change their bad leaders.

The fundamental importance of politics demands that the ruler be well prepared and should have the innate ability to think deeply about statecraft and rely entirely on speech-writers.
A leader must apprehend a state’s direction; have the political understanding of its cultural tradition and its intellectual history, in order to hold power. While this is not the place for in-depth discussion on the dynamics of state power, the present political melee in Nigeria, calls for sober reflection devoid of panic, overact ion that could lead to violations of human rights in the name of state security.

A call to arms to suppress opposition against bad policy judgment, couched in nationalist slogans is politics from a negative perspective. The people are no less nation-loving than their “leaders”.
It is always better to stitch problems before they get out of control. Perhaps, this is the best time for a national meeting of Nigeria’s confederate entities, so that opportunities will abound for the open voicing of malignant discontent. Who will suffer most if Nigerians were to go back to their various states?

The World Social Movement
What is likely to save this generation is the awareness that politics, political debates, in which contestants canvass for votes, is no longer the measure to move societies forward, but the social policies that such candidates advocate.

Social democratic movements are interested in the establishment of principles of social justice that ensure social democracy in which the people are the center-point of statecraft.

Every state should pursue and adopt social policies and adopt policy options that will be anti-biotic to the national treatment of poverty. States must promote socio-economic development for all and not cater for one percent of the population. They must engage in poverty alleviation campaigns, close the income disparity gap, and ensure income equity and social security for all.

There is need to show solidarity with social groups, which wallow in poverty because of the social structures of societies, they cannot change. Yet, these are the voiceless people, who are in the majority,
World-wide Elections and Re-elections

Politicians in 2012 will appeal to voters, as they seek re-election or election. Voters should not be deceived by rhetoric ,fine speeches, appeals to nationalism that inflame passions that lead to war, in which the children of the poor are sent to die in the occult policies of the group of politicians in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy that constantly demand for the blood of the Sons and Daughters of God.

Ultra right-wing political hardliners, who threaten to send soldiers to war in faraway lands, are demonic elements in fine clothes. Any President, who advocates sending soldiers to war, must wear the uniform of field officers and go to the battle field! Any politician, who engages in politically aggravated behavior of showing hatred for other leaders or people, should not be voted for,n this Era of Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of man. We need peace-builders, not war-mongers!

Soldiers are human beings, God damn you political leaders for destroying human souls in your Luciferian adventures that hurt the human souls. Are you not satisfied with the souls you callously wasted, while you are alive, but now quiet, after your ghoulish enterprise?

Shame and damnation is the portion of all those leaders, who sent soldiers to die because of their puny brains ill-defined politics of bravado. In their journey to hell-fire, may they be burnt with brimstones forever! Amen.

A new social consciousness must prevail. The people of all nations have suffered enough in the hands of the advanced party of the anti-christ.

JESUS will come soon to rescue us from the wicked ones, who through demagogy, vain promises, deceit, fraud and demonism, pretend to love the people. They are sick in the soul and resort to naked power to quell revolts.

Mubarak must be executed as a lesson to others, who, are in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy. For over thirty years, he killed, maimed and dislocated the lives of millions in Egypt.
The revolutionary consciousness of all oppressed peoples has been awakened, thanks to the internet and the social media. The historical mission of man in the 21st century is to fight relentlessly against the forces of oppression, cynicism, superstition, greed, corruption and man must rescue man from man’s wickedness AND insensitivity.

It is only after this epic struggle that human rights can be respected on a world-wide basis. The United Nations has done a lot to promote human rights.
So far, the human condition has not improved because the agents of satan in government have not deemed it fit to ” let God’s people go”. In the fullness of time, they will.

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