Robert Mugabe , the African Big Man

by Austin 'Dwiggs' Mackenzie

In a previous piece on the African ‘Big Man’, I wrote on what I saw as the symptoms of a ‘disease’ that has afflicted morally bereft men who attained the Leadership of their countries. Today, the issues and person of a certain Zimbabwean readily comes to mind.

Robert Mugabe has gone from Freedom fighter to Nationalist to Dictator to just another African ‘Big Man’ trying to hold onto political power anyway he can. Robert Mugabe was not always a thief and Murderer. Once upon a time, a long time ago, he defended his people and fought for their independence from Mighty colonialist Britain. He was a pride to the African people.

In old Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Mugabe was an icon, and many of his kith and kin put their trust in him. Mugabe grew stronger in stature riding on the backs of his people to become their leader. Sadly today, he has developed and shows symptoms of this grave disease that has afflicted many African leaders.

What ever happened to this Man, this champion of his people? When did he become afflicted with this disease? When and why did power corrupt Mr.. Mugabe? In my opinion Mr.. Mugabe lost his way when his focus shifted from the needs of his people to his own ideology and whims. Mugabe knows (but does not want to accept) that his ideas to bring his people food, health care and decent living standards are not working.

Like previous and current African despots, Mr. Mugabe cannot imagine not being in power. He refuses to share power with anyone who is not named Robert Mugabe (plain stupidity, dude!!!).

Under Mr. Mugabe’s watch, Zimbabwe’s economy has burned and crashed while he struggles to fight his shadows. Mr. Mugabe in his wisdom has decided that he is more important than the average Zimbabweans (denial) and carries on despite defeats at the polls.

Mugabe wakes up everyday and continues as if he still lives in the 1950’s, he constantly accuses the British and American powers of trying to destabilize his country and turn his people against him. The truth is issues of poverty and sickness are the real enemies of Zimbabwe and have turned your people against you.

Lately record inflation rates and cholera are ravaging the country while Mr. Mugabe continues to carry on in pomp as Head of Government. He has run out of ideas to get his people out of the mess he has led them into. His only solution is blind rhetoric and fake optimism.

Mr. Mugabe, it is time to move on and now! The people of Zimbabwe deserve much better; they definitely do not deserve you ruining their lives any further. Forget the West, forget Tsvangirai and forget what you want. Remember the fates of Mobutu, Abacha, Idi-Amin and Taylor. Life is too short!!! Put Zimbabwe first and do it now.

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