Samuel Colt, Alfred Nobel, Max Planck and A. Kalashnikov: Destroyers of the Human Race

Those who do not know often raise their busy eye-brows, when they hear the truth. Thinkers are encouraged to ignore the ignorant and spread the word.

Recently, Tovarish A. Kalashnikov died at the ripe age of 94. He was used by satan like the other three mentioned above to create a sophisticated gun, the AK 47, a deadly weapon that had caused the annihilation of the sons and daughters of God, for over half a century. It still does.

One wintry morning in Moscow, in 1967, some senior students of the Kiev Diplomacy School, assembled at the Red Square.

We were on excursion to witness how the Soviets celebrated “Victory Day”, “Dien Pobeda”.
The roll call of honour was announced and when Kalashnikov’s name was announced, he received a thunderous ovation.

I did not clap because I saw him as a destroyer of the race.
This is why I have never been impressed by wars, films about wars, men of war and leaders, who fight wars.

What are wars? Do they edify the human race? Why should men order the sons and daughters of God to kill each other?

There is something Luciferian in the love for wars and constant state of hostilities between nations. As we see in Syria, why should innocent children, who have no part in political struggles for power by satanic agents, suffer inexorably because two idiots are ambitious to govern others, when they cannot hold their miserable ambitions in place. Look at the two idiots is South Sudan, who should put their God-given oil recourses to good use. Look at the failed leader of the Central African Republic, Look at Yanukovich. The Prime Minster of Turkey is in dire straits. Consider the hell they have turned Iraq into.
How democratic is Libya after Quadaffi? Has Yemen become a modern state?
Are we still debating whether there was a coup in Egypt or a Boy Scout outing?
The above disasters have been facilitated by the evil genius of Samuel Colt, Alfred Nobel, Max Planck and A. Kalashnikov.

The South China Sea could become a cauldron.
Is Nigeria heading right?
Is climate change a scientific phenomenon or is there much more to it, which man has not recognized?

Yet,until the rivers, seas and oceans cover the earth as it was in the beginning before God said, “Let there be light and there was light,”we shall keep theorizing!
In this Era of the Gentiles, the era of Spirit Consciousness, we must listen to Pope Francis, who concerns himself with the spiritual and social conditions of the human race. He is different because he is an Apostle for the New Age.

All these confrontations, wars and sufferings will not abate, as long as the world has decided to be disobedient to the laws and precepts of the Creator of the Universe, who is not acknowledged in some states.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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