Sarkozy's Diplomatic Posture, French Elections: Cette une temps magnifique

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

This year, three formidable French personalities have dominated the international media. They are, President Sarkozy, Monsieur Dominique Strauss-Khan and Madam Christine Lagarde.

President Nicolai Sarkozy has played influential politics, which has put France on the world map again. Dominique Strauss Kahn addressed the world monetary policies, with great erudition. He became, as a result, a target of the dirty tricks department and a victim of circumstances beyond his control.

Madame Lagarde put up a resolute campaign, beat back her opponents and became the IMF Chief.
Three famous institutions mould the French intellectual consciousness and high culture. These are the City of Paris, the University of Paris and the National Superior School. It is most desirable to go through these academies, if French nurtures high hopes.

I have re-read Vauban’s “Les Projet d’une Dixim Royale” 1707, Volume 111, and Bourlainvilliers’, “Histoire de Francien Gouvernement de la France” 1727, in order to re-live that period in French history, when the intellectual prowess of the French was germinating and flourishing.

In the last French elections, Madame Royale lost the election, not because the Socialists did not have a good agenda, but, perhaps, because of her family life-style in Catholic France and the intervention of the Spanish Prime Minister, whose solidarity, seemed to have offended patriotic and proud French people.

In my article written and published during the last French elections by “THE CANADIAN” of August 2, 2007, I wrote that “France must re-kindle a progressive socialist spirit.” I am of the same opinion still.

Nicolai Sarkozy’s alliance with Conservative Cameron, in the Libyan adventure may have pleased the avantgardists, but not the humanists, who were taken aback by their nation’s involvement in a desert war in North Africa.
In France, the humanistic teachings of Desiderius Erasmus (1466-1536), who taught at Oxford and Cambridge Universities, found and still finds adherents and acceptance in France. This is perhaps, why the highly cultured sector of French society abhors acts of brutality and wanton destruction of human lives in the name of politics.

Wars will forever remain injuries on the Universal Mind and will be etched in the living memories of many generations of benevolent Mankind.
Military intelligence operations, wars, invasions and acts of aggression and subjugation, which lead to inhuman and degrading treatment of social humans by super powers, only kindle the spirit of rebellion, revolt and terrorism. These acts further jeopardize and impair the environment for peaceful co-existence.
The French voters will take into consideration, whether Sarkozy’s diplomatic posture has tended to portray France as a war-mongering state, reminiscent of Bonaparte’s era.

The shabby treatment of the Romanians in France urges the imperative that France must return to its refinement, uniqueness and humaneness French new politics must propel social relations towards progressive social change. French people have rejected the capitalist system that serves the interest of the elite. So, France should strive for the socialism that will make her socialist and fundamentally democratic.
A big factor in the coming elections is the revolutionary fervor that has gripped the world. The people of France are likely going to adhere to their revolutionary inventiveness and the populace may favour the Socialists. Their approval of the anti-capitalist movement world-wide is a very significant indication, how some French voters would react.

Some French voters remember how President Jacque Chirac diplomatically avoided playing the game of participating in the Iraq war and they having been asking for explanation why France had forgotten its experience in Algeria, to engage in a desert war in Libya. At a time when there is a European, financial seismic wave, many French people cannot reconcile spending huge sums in the Libyan campaign and the parlous state of their economy.

A Nigerian returnee, who spoke at the recent BOSAS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU seminar, deposed that Libyan soldiers are well-versed in the resistance practices of General De Gaulle and the French resistance strategies, which they have deployed in defence of their country.
He said that the worst aspect of the resistance will manifest, when the war enters the guerrilla stage. Iraq, he said, will be child’s play. He said that some of the NTC leaders know this and that is why they do not seem to wish to bell the cat, asking, “Who will bell the cat? Also, the credibility of some principal NTC leaders has been torched. So, what was the hurry about?

President Nicholas Sarkozy probably underrated the capacity of the pro-Kaddafi resistance. The acquittal of Monsieur Dominique Strauss-Khan of all charges and his role in shaping public opinion in France is a plus for the socialists.

Eclipse in the West

There is spiraling world-wide hostility against capitalism. The Western campaign against socialism and communism has abated, as a result of the societal discomfort that has gripped Europe under the capitalist mode of production relations.
With Communist China set to dominate the world economy, it is difficult to reconcile the condemnation of a system that has brought prosperity to China, from which even the United States has financially borrowed from, massively, and the ranting of capitalist ideologues, whose anti-socialist slogans and criticisms of the 60’s, now sound like broken records, in the face of China’s and Russian development.

The West has experienced a decline and this decline was predicted by the Russian author, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, in his Harvard Lecture in 1976.
Europe and America have been piloted by young, inexperienced leaders, whose policies ignored the core issues of financial management and social justice.

The collapse of the Soviet Union sent many Europeans from the East to Western Europe, which compounded the immigration policies of Western governments and the employment situation.
There has been a rise in global agitation for a new world order, which is more humane.
France can no longer export its goods to the former Third World economies and now has to compete with China, Russia, the Asean states and Brazil.

The Political Ideology of Capitalism
Globally, the political ideology of capitalism is under severe criticism. The souls of all those, who suffered under the system are walking the earth. Those, who were captured and sold as slaves, those, who suffered because they disagreed with the system and its neglect of their societal under-achievers, are asserting their spiritual influence from the spirit world.

The fall of empires and social systems cannot be halted, when the objective factors are on the ascendancy. In spite of efforts by the Western press to down-play the revolt against capitalism, the anti-capitalist movement has spread world-wide.
In America, they blame President Obama for stoking the embers of class struggle. Unknown to his critics, the objective factors for class antagonism had existed in America, since the cotton field tragedies, the Jim Crow laws, the non-implementation of the UN Convention on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, etc

In their inane essays and commentaries, they invoke for themselves a special dispensation from journalistic responsibility, a kind of licence to philander through the order of truth. They have peddled the most arrant reports that regularly violate all the intellectual etiquette of information dissemination.

The write-ups are not based on verifiable facts. They tend to amplify government statements. The journalists adorn their thoughts with frightening frivolousness and they become wholly insufferable as a result of their increasing love for reporting scandals, with sweeping and unsupported generalizations.
They paint pictures of metaphoric events in altogether metaphoric circumstances. They

hack private personal data, which violate the rights of people.

These write-ups are not based on the noblest of feelings. See what they have done to Tiger Woods and Dominique Strauss-Khan. The impact of these injurious reports offers a tragic interference in the personal lives of people, who become conscripted and in firm octopus grip, with the attendant loss of self-esteem.

Some French journalists seem to have abandoned their journalistic candour and balanced sense of judgment and seem to have fallen under the influence of mass culture journalism from America. Someone must take over the historical inevitability of correction.
Some influential Western journalists supported the bail-out mechanism, in agreement with their governments. In defiance of the fact that the bail-out system permitted hopes of some measured recovery, it now looks like rewarding corporate fraud and greed.
The diplomatic dexterity of Jacque Chirac and Françoise Mitterrand, which enamoured the world to respect French politics, must return. The French economy has been assessed by the financial gurus at Moody’s and they have warned France that its economy may not look very good, except France embarks on a rescue mission.

For a credible reportage of the coming elections in France to take place, the press must dispense with chanteurs, propagandists, soothsayers, political avangardists and revolutionary romanticism.
French politics should accommodate the new trends in world trade, international economic relations and diplomatic relations, in the new era of popular consciousness against rapacious capitalist escapades by the opportuned few.
It is time for France to correct the rigidities, distortions and mismanagement in its banking system. The entrenched system of privatization and commercialization, which erode the social security of those, who are usually left out from the greedy enterprise, should be reviewed.

In this era of European financial melt-down, France must lead Europe in an effort to reach out to other states in the emerging economies for their input. The G8 and G20 nations have the tendency to talk to themselves. This attitude will not help leaders to see the tapestry very vividly.
The globalization bogey, which was very fashionable a decade ago, seems to have lost its steam. Against all articulate authority, I dare say, globalization was foisted upon a rather blinkered vision. We were not told, who was globalizing and who was being globalised. We now know.

France seemed to have accepted the theory of globalization, which was neither an acute or profound vision. It was not motivated by the desire of oneness or equal belonging, but a strategic contrivance to sustain the inequality in the international division of labour. It was also an apparent wish to discourage opposition to prevailing historical injustices in the entrenched world financial system. Its exotic print was hard to decipher. So, it failed.

The French voter should critically review the march of France and ask substantial questions about the future of France in a world, which has been entertaining us with formidable anecdotes.

I spoke with Joan Reich, who lives at Paris St Germaine about Mrs. Hillary Clinton’s unannounced visit to Libya to offer help to the NTC rebels on October 19, 2011. She said that the US belated show of concern raised eyebrows in France. She feels that there should have been a concerted strategy to help the NTC. She raised questions about the lack of credibility of the NTC rebel leaders and their inability to form a government. She asked, “Who was the Head of State, who was hurriedly recognized”?

There has been no government, no ministers and no civil service. Yet, some states engaged in solidarity recognition, because a powerful state had done so. The concepts of world society and the “international community” are hard to reconcile.

My position is that in this Aquarian Age and especially in the Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man, I recognize the existence of ” Christ triumphant states”, “Luciferian states”, “Spiritually strong but materially weak states” and “materially strong but spiritually weak states.”

These states are receiving karma for various historical injustices from the three points of the triangle, from the four points of the square and from the twelve points of the Zodiac. The “Confessions” of Jean -Jacque Rousseau may speak again to France.
The triumph of socialist states like China, Chile, Ecuador, Venezuela, Bolivia, could encourage French voters to resolve to put the socialists in office. It was the socialist system in Russia that created the infrastructure that has enhanced the establishment of a pseudo-capitalist economy in Russia.

However, the moral indifference and the attendant degeneracy need to be apprehended in Russia. The supremacy of bonhomie and concupiscence must be arrested.

France can transform its economy by adopting a more progressive ideology to suit its socio-economic circumstances. The success of French socialists will definitely assist the British Labour Party in their struggle against the resurgence of conservatism in Britain.

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