Senator John Kerry and American Diplomacy of Rational Judgment

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Senator John Kerry, who will take-over from Mrs Hilary Clinton later this month, has no choice but to steer American diplomacy away from diplomatic hard attitudes usually attributable to ego-political and Geo-political designs.

Kerry is one of the most experienced politician and statesman, America has produced in the last twenty years or more.

He suffered from the misplaced foreign policy of US power politics in Vietnam and many other such irrational policies of the Cold War years, which we do not intend to flog here.
Kerry’s first Geo-political headache is how to reconcile and bring peace to Syria. As an experienced politician, who had documented world crisis, in which the United States was a meddlesome interloper, the success rate has been negative. Iraq is still simmering, Libya cannot find its feet, Vietnam beat back American intervention, North Korea is growing therm o-nuclear wings, Iran has won over Iraq on a platter of gold, the Muslim Brotherhood has taken over power and control in Egypt, Cuba has survived, Latin American states like Venezuela,Chile, Brazil, Otega’s Nicaragua and indigenous governments are in power in Latin American states. Afghanistan’s ingratitude manifested rudely in Karzai’ speeches in Washington recently.So, what is the joy about ?

As a result of these massive foreign policy failures, a rational thinker would come to the conclusion that it is not worth it for thousands and thousands of American soldiers to be sent to hot spots, with attendant loss of lives and the wounded in hurtful existence.

Let the WORLD GO AWAY!!! Any nation that misgoverns its people, must learn to take responsibility for its ineptitude and not expect ever-benevolent America to intervene. The resources the US government invests in its geo-political pursuits are badly, very badly needed at home.

The colossal funds deployed in world rescue missions are enough to jump over the fiscal cliff, a post-election lamentation, psychological, fear-inducing strategy, designed by hired pundits to take away the shine from Obama’s victory in the last elections.

John should put out a diplomatic caution to world leaders, not to come to power through rigging elections, making false promises to their people, desist from corruption, announce by overt or covert means about their future ambition to continue their poor governance. All these factors create the deadly atmosphere that lead to volatile, political partisanship, political wrangling over, who shares out state resources, who gets appointed minister or President, in circumstances that lead to a break-down of statecraft.
As from now, American diplomacy should base its support for governments on historical and logical analyses and not on judgments based on partisan, pundit commentaries and feminine fancies .American diplomacy loses a tooth each time people perceive that the decision to denigrate a government and support the opposition is based on dislike, what American leaders think of a particular leader or state.
Such subjective decision-making processes are usually convicted of error and subsequent justifications in due course , sound hollow. By then, the deed has been done.

History is ever so kind to document political errors and the name of the leader gets the white brush.
Senator Kerry has the charisma and the knowledge to stir American diplomacy away from hawkish, go-get-them style.

He must be a fence-mending diplomat, not the one the plays to the gallery in which Senator McCain is the conductor on A Major.

A pasagalia on American diplomacy yields the evidence that there are American politicians, who have been inoculated, with hatred for certain states and governments and are anointed to pursue antiquated rivalries, even when circumstances have radically changed, dictating abandonment of hard attitudes. These people sustain the policies of dirty tricks and the deployment of men and women of high intellect in mundane intelligence enterprises.

In his diplomatic forays, John should always remember that when the lion and the lamb are lying together, the lamb does not get much sleep. The scars and worries of others should give American diplomacy caution.

I suspect that poor reporting on Africa’s development, harping on African crisis and the negative aspects of the African condition and the American pundit’s ignorant assertions about Africa are partly responsible. A new Diplomatic Attitude must prevail.
This was the strongly held view by the International Seminar on the Future of Africa and the New World Economic Order, which was held at the University of Bradford, under the BRADFORD INITIATIVE, from December 3-7,2012.

BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, has published a four-part ringing Communique on the remote and immediate causes of the world economic retrogression.
If and when Obama and Kerry put their heads together, the world expects a diplomacy of rational judgment to be the world’s public order. They must also trust in God, the only SOVEREIGN of the Universe. Other man-made gods stand on shifting sand.

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