Separating World Leaders from Dealers

After carefully reading Dr. Reuben Abati’s article entitled,

“What is this all about: Power or the people,” I was moved to examining the

subject of leadership in all its ramifications. We should know that it is not every

crusader for self-enrichment is a leader.

In addressing this subject, I would resort to some measure

of subjective thinking based on inner ministration.

This is the Aquarian Age, the age of spirit consciousness.

This Era is the period of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

So, all leaders, in every walk of life must promote the brotherhood of man.

All political leaders must promote the welfare the people in

their states. They must also advance international relations. Genuine leaders must distance themselves from

scotched-earth policies, wars, the use of force and all forms of arbitrariness.

The horrible wars we witness today make us sad, fearful, and

insecure and make life on earth grotesque. I shudder to think that an

individual elected to govern a region in this Universe of Man, can turn him into a wicked demon, orders the

destruction of cities, men and women and is proud of his actions. This is

condemnable. Nigerian “leaders” must beware of their present actions. Let them

“know that this country belongs to all of us” otherwise, “WE THE PEOPLE, WILL



started with rascally proclamations of self-righteous attributes. We must

apprehend this on-folding crisis.

When we remember, the

destruction of Carthage, Jerusalem,

Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan,

Britain, Soviet

Union, we are rudely reminded about the counterfeit nature of some

leaders, who the devil has always used against the Sons and Daughters of GOD,

Almighty, throughout history.

In the last ten years, the Nobel Peace Prize has been

awarded to leaders, whose lives have been fuelled by moral armament. The 2010 Nobel Prize has just been awarded to

a Chinese man, with reverent human rights convictions and out-spokenness.

Such leaders are

leaders the seraphs and the cherubs will support, so that they can complete

their work on Earth. Barack Obama is on a mission to create a new world view

that would eliminate social injustice.

His world-view is

adorned by intelligent influences and decorated by pure thoughts. However, he

is forced to operate an entrenched system, in which many unedifying things had

happened in historical time. At times, he feels helpless about certain policies

he cannot change.

One’s world-view is made up of the totality of knowledge one

has accumulated in life through education, continuing education, travelling, sojourning

in foreign states, interaction with enlightened people, spiritual enlightenment

etc. What is the world- view of our rampaging politicians?

Talking about leaders, we must ab initio exclude dealers.

The latter are enemies of their people. They deal with their nations in the

most heartless way. They use their position as Heads of State to rob the nation

and permit their associates to do the same. They read hallucinatory speeches on

their intentions to develop their nations, which they never accomplish.

Their world-view is narrow, opinionated and self-centered,

and is often afflicted with wrong beliefs and attitudes.

They are impervious to advise and do possess satanic

dispositions, which push them to use maximum political force to achieve their

goals. For them, reason and virtues are


They promote tribal sentiments and through their political

stratagems, they foster antagonistic feelings among the population.

Favouritism, tribal preference, nepotism, ride high, as the instruments of national policy.

Tribalists, from my

observation, tend to adopt an anthropocentric world-view. They are incapable of

appreciating the intellectual prowess of people from other nationalities,

preferring to recognize the mediocrity, which their tribesmen and women

represent in most things.

In a nation, where superior argument is suppressed by

mediocre postulations and the inane pronouncements of

Dealers, progress is handcuffed.

What is very annoying

is the way brown envelop-taking journalists extol the “virtues” of Nigerian failed

politicians, whose world-view is narrow, tribalistic and vain.

In 2011, every voter

has to assess each political aspirant by his educational background, which must

be relevant to statecraft.

When we think of world leaders like Winston Churchill,

General De Gaul, Theodore Roosevelt, Josef Stalin, , Nelson Mandela, Mao

Zedong, Ho Chi Minh etc, we see glaringly, altruism, patriotism and nobility of


When we examine the role of dealers in governance in Nigeria, the

most prominent ambition is to hold Federal Executive Meetings in order to award

contracts and host ceremonies and not how to develop the society.

This becomes obvious when one considers the marginal role

being played by the organs of national planning, national orientation and the

Ministry of Works, where trained engineers sit around, while foreign engineers

do all the engineering.

We should know how

the previous budget was administered before requesting for a new one. In Nigeria, the

Accountant-General’s Office has not formed the habit of publishing the

statistics of budget expenditure before presenting the new one for approval by

the National Assembly.

This sets the stage

for non-disclosure of material facts about how our money was spent. When we

talk glibly about fighting corruption, we forget cardinal corrupting factors.

Also, people talk about corruption without disclosing names

as if the corruption is the work of ghosts. The ovarian corruption is often

ruptured by regulatory governmental agencies or aborted by the legal processes.

A nation’s world-view based on correct attitudes, will lead to

less corruption, less violence, less vicious and less self destructive

policies. The society will be fair, civil,

compassionate and just.

Oystercatchers, will be few, murderers, men and women with misplaced

conscience like those, who brought shame to our nation on October 1, 2010,

people with a Campbellian frame of mind and satanic disposition will be few.

To rely on military intelligence, in a country, in which

remedies come after tragedies will not be safe enough. We must set up

institutions and nurture them long before events happen. Military intelligence

is the work of intellectuals, not regular officers alone.

The wounded in the October 1, 2010, it is suggested should

be flown abroad for treatment. Fire- brigade methods of rushing of the wounded

abroad for treatment, portrays the government as not having a plan for


What is very strange

is the attitude of people in government, who react with arrogance to criticism and they

would be so irritated and would see some-one, who points out obvious lapses in

government decisions as a security risk.

Leaders with narrow world-view see every critic as in

opposition to them, forgetting that power is transient and being in office

would end someday.

Those, who fan the ego of Heads of Government, are the idle

advisers and whisperers in secret service outfits, who want to be relevant.

They serially file criticisms in

“National Security files” which they rely on during political recommendations.

Of course, mediocre

appointees on the senile side are put forward to sleep on the job, which

weakens national productivity.

The world-view of citizens is shaped by excellence in

education, in morals, upright living and spiritual enlightenment. So, whoever becomes

a leader has already imbibed those virtues that would guide the person through


A young man, who knows that his father regularly steals

government funds, has nothing to learn from his father.

In Nigeria,

our young people are now taking illicit drugs and getting high on cocaine,

imbibing the debauchery in “BIG BROTHER AFRICA” and other sexualizing gyrations

imported from free countries. Are these the ones , who will save Nigeria?

Ill-gotten money boasts in the streets. When a minister, who

could hardly make ends meet, begins to overspend, overeat, and expands his

sophistication level, no-one needs to be convinced that he is stealing the

people’s money.

In Nigeria, the

EFCC and ICPC, now take interest in sudden and inexplicable enrichment.

The conflict in world-views between World leaders is a

source of tension and misunderstanding around the universe of Man. One way to reduce conflict is for

people to understand each other’s

culture and

investigate the origin of their civilization.

Real World leaders impress their names on history. They

usually have good education, broad interaction through travelling, reading and

writing, and an honest disposition.

Their major concern is what legacy they will leave behind.

This propels them to do what is right and noble.

Leaders that are thrown up by circumstances always operate

in a world of suspended animation.

Such leaders do not see beyond their noses. In Nigeria, our

“leaders” are engulfed in a murderous political sludge, which is bound to

widen, if not apprehended in good time. Who needs political chicanery and extremism?

Some politicians have declared their intention to refer the

allegations against them to the United Nations. This is where I come in.

1. Under Article 2(7) of the UN Charter, the UN cannot intervene

in matters solely under the domestic jurisdiction of Member-states.

2. The United Nations is not a supra-national Organization

that can resolve internal disputes among political aspirants.

3. To externalize internal political disagreements is wrong

and undermines the political integrity and political independence of Nigeria.

4 It belittles our sovereignty.

The UN will not respond to such a complaint. This is why

all-round education is a pre-requisite for high office.

As Fela Kuti once

said when Babangida overthrew Buhari,” Overtake don overtake overtake”.

In the present political chicanery and Machiavellian macabre

machinations, we shall see, who shall win and by how much.

What is painful about the political imbroglio in Nigeria is that

this politicking is more of “tale told by an idiot signifying nothing” William


Some recorded incautious political acts in Nigeria in the

last one month, could inaugurate chaos, instability and so, cannot accelerate

the electoral process but could re-enact the inglorious days of civil disorder,

in the service of the luciferian hierarchy, whose agents seek to create mayhem

on behalf of the Master, the devil.

We should not refloat our idiosyncrasies for the benefit of

those destroyers of the Republic, who always benefit from disorder

We should take control of our country and not let the

acceptance of determinism buoy us. The few characters, who are making the

noise, are the ones who amassed filthy riches and have gone unchallenged. So,

they have bounced back to inundate us with boastful promises of a New

Jerusalem, which they will bring down from the Seventh Heaven!

That you, journalists write about them extolling their

“virtues” depicts you as alalus homos, whose stomach must be filled with sugar cane.

You take bribes to publish their inane

postulations. Highlighting their vices,

which we all know, is to operate in the meadows of journalistic excellence. You

are helping the voters to choose correctly.

Nigerian journalists are poorly paid and they work under stressful

conditions, which explain why they easily succumb to the whims and caprices of

the political elite, who they are supposed to watch over their public affairs.

The world-view of journalists’ impact on the way they report

or interpret the events they comment on regularly.

When Patrice Lumumba was wickedly murdered by Mobutu Sese

Sekou, the plunderer of Zairean wealth, a stooge of foreign powers,

American journalists condemned the death of

Lumumba saying that his socialist world-view was not enough to kill him, buried

him and later exhumed him for his dead body to be subjected to an acid bath.

That was Belgian sponsored wickedness.

The Christian world-view of Sir Thomas Moore resulted in his

execution. The world-view of American revolutionaries caused King George the

Third to invade America.

Adolf Hitler’s world-view about the Jews led to the Holocaust.

The SAINTS died because of their world view. The Chief

Medical Director, who ordered the injection of Guatemalaians with syphilis and

gonorrhea, had a Hitlerite world –view of using human beings for experiments

during the 2nd World War.

The world-view of Apartheid leaders like De Clark, Ian Smith

of Rhodesia

and Heinrich the Wicked, was satanic.

Jailing innocent people is reckless. Extra-judicial killings of detained suspects

are a bastardisation of the judicial process. Leaders should not use the

judiciary for political vendetta.

From the above discussion, one can infer that sorrow and

triumphalism have their origin in the way leaders, dealers, dictators and

humanity think and act.

Perhaps, if mankind can educate man to acquire humanistic

consciousness, which will impact the way people think and act, the catastrophes

in recorded history could have been reduced with time.

Man can advance from

brute to Man and from MAN to demi-god. There are leaders, who have attained, in

my judgment, the status of demi-gods and my professorial duties have taken me

to where some of them are buried. I have visited the Washington Memorial, the

Mausoleum of V.I Lenin, in Moscow, the Mausoleum

of Dr. Sun Yat Sen in Nanjing, the Mausoleum of

Mao Zedong at Tiananmen Square in Beijing,

the graves of Saints in many Cathedrals around the World.

This is why I am

dismayed that the Owelle of Onitsha,

Right Honourable Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe, Senator and President of the Federation of

Nigeria, has no befitting memorial.

I have read the life histories of these leaders. All of them

were great writers and thinkers. They had nobility of intellect and my

aspiration is inclined to the flushing meadows of their world-view.

Academic leadership deserves a footnote in this piece. When

academic leaders like Herbert Marcuse and Adorno tried to shape a new

sociological world-view in America,

this impacted on the social conscience of the American intellectual group.

The anti-socialist sector of the academia,injected a

soft-focus into the debate, because they feared that it might lead to social

and economic change.

Perhaps, this is why Barrack Obama’s social policies like

health-care and financial innovations have been criticized by some right-wing

conservatives and the Tea Party.

There are objective laws of social development, which must

operate in any given society, when the historical circumstances are ripe.

Finally, the intellectual leadership of the world seems to

by going with the wind to Russia,

Japan and China. The

Nobel Prizes for 2010, in which the Literature prize went to a Peruvian writer,

Vargas Llios, is a trend to watch for sometime before one can come to a

reasonable conclusion.

In Nigeria, very

few leaders bother about educational excellence. Those who can make it through

corruption, have been on the saddle and re-appearing with volatile ambitions.

If I had my way, I would reduce the hip hop noise; send the

gentle souls back to college. I would consult with University professors, not

politicians, in order to put back the wheels on the grinding train of


In the hierarchy of leaders, the intellectuals,

academics, thinkers, hold the aces. This is why I went into University teaching

and now, I propose to build a university.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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