Sick and Tired of Politics as Usual

I am sick and definitely tired to watch leading politicians do what they have always done. For many years, these people have often and wrongfully assumed that the citizenry whose affairs they seek to run or manage are either out of touch or simply stupid.

If you follow the tone and context of discussions in both elections campaigns going on in the United States you would assume that the economic, health and education landscapes are storm-free. The Candidates and mostly through their campaign surrogates who are directing the issues being discussed are playing politics as usual. They ignore all issues on which their previous records and those of their respective parties have turned out to be flat out failures and instead twist and distort truths all in a bid to win votes.

Suddenly in the US, Republican candidate John McCain has shifted his mantras and jumped onto Democratic candidate Barack Obama’s ‘Change’ theme. McCain who has earlier in the campaign cycle criticized the use of the Obama’s popular theme is now attempting to run the final 55 days as the ‘Change’ candidate. Unbelievable!!! What the Senator from Arizona forgets doesn’t take into account is that Americans are not as gullible as his campaign strategist believe.

I just wish that both candidates would begin to debate the issues and not counting on using sentiments and outright politicking to outwit the public. Enough is enough now. People’s lives and livelihoods are at stake and all the Republicans want to talk about is “Lipstick on a Pig” and John McCain’s 30-year old heroic stories from Vietnam, please!!!

The Republican strategy for the last days of these elections are simple and devious; distract Americans with Sarah Palin, and sneak McCain into the White House to continue from where George Walker Bush stops in January 2009. Americans are not that stupid, the McCain campaign obviously is.

Written by
Austin 'Dwiggs' Mackenzie
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