Sino-American Diplomatic Rapprochement

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

There were scholars and policy bureaucrats who, for decades, benefited from anti-communist hysteria and in the process, hindered the positive development of Sino-American relations.

In February this year, I published an article in, in which I suggested that Senator John Kerry may wish to embark on American diplomacy of rational judgment.

His shuttle diplomacy to China, Israel, Palestine and other states is what I was suggesting. It is yielding diplomatic dividends. A diplomacy that promotes war as an instrument of national policy, only plays into the hands of war-mongers and they are many.

The People’s Republic of China and the United States of America;
Conscious of their major power status in the World;
Aware that any advertent or inadvertent misunderstanding would lead to serious consequences;

Desirous to create peaceful bilateral political, economic and cultural relations;

They have “vowed to practice tolerance and live in peace with one another as good neighbours, to unite their strength to maintain international peace and to ensure by the acceptance of the principles and the institution of methods, that armed force shall not be used and to employ international machinery for the promotion of economic and social advancement of their people”

From the Truman Doctrine to the Obama Pacific diplomatic encirclement theory, a lot of intellectual energy has been expended in issues that have hindered “unique, positive and constructive” overall development between the US and Communist China.

The tremendous transformation of China, within the last twenty years, has made it imperative for all states to have to co-operate with Communist China.

Those of us, who watched the Reagan attitude to socialist states, would wish that he lived to see how prosperous Communist China has become, using socialist orthodoxy as a state philosophy with market systems as instruments of modernization.

Time was. But times have changed! So Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin and Mao were correct in their scientific analysis about future dominance of socialist ideology.

I propose that socio-capitalism, as an economic philosophy is tested as a regulator of societal governance. A small town in Spain is making some progress in this direction.

For China to have been accepted as a major power is very interesting. Its economic and technological advancement can no longer be submerged in propaganda.

The core problems both the US and China must confront are domestic economic growth. China’s GDP grew by 7.7%, last year. Washington will loosen high tech export to China.

Washington may wish to disregard hard talk by politicians, who want to appear tough with other states. There are always disastrous consequences.

Economic and environmental issues were also discussed broadly. Obama raised the vexed issue of cyber intrusion and the violation of intellectual property rights in China.

The two Presidents wanted the de-nuclearisation of North Korea. The North Koreans are unwilling to do so because they believe that it would be unsafe.

The US runs a huge trade deficit with China, which stands at 315bn Dollars or 204 British Pounds. Also, the Chinese currency continues to wax strong, contending that it has a place in the world’s currency basket.

China will also cooperate with California State. Cyber security and military to military relations will be strengthened.

No conflict, no confrontation but the promotion of peace will be a dominant policy, both Presidents agreed.

The containment strategy China fears might be behind the declared US interest in the Pacific area received assurances that no harm is intended. Both major powers must adhere strictly to the rules of international law, as a legal guide to monitor their international relations and diplomatic practice.
Issues concerning disputes in the South China Sea and maritime disputes can be solved with recourse to the United Nations international legal systems, instead of using bullying tactics and wasteful war-games.

The Chinese President also visited Latin American and the Caribbean states where concerns were expressed about agriculture and food security.
Infrastructural development, technological assistance would be provided to these states.

Reagan would not believe that the US owes the communists!
Events of the last three years in many capitalist states, which have been in financial crisis, leads an unbiased mind to conclude that all the negative propaganda against socialist the way of development, were misplaced.
The impact of socialism on Chinese societal development, is recommending itself to other states to go the Chinese way.

Beneficiaries of the capitalist order will not entertain the thought. However, the choice now is between continued economic crisis and protestations by the populace, as we have seen in the last two years in the European Union., or a progressive revamping of the social system.
African leaders should read the curriculum vitae of Barack Obama and Xi Jing ping to understand the impact of good education on statecraft.

The greatest advantage of a Sino-American Rapprochement is that there would relative peace of mind in both states.

As a result of the elimination of thermo-nuclear fears and state dislocations resulting from this rapprochement, there would be enormous financial resources to boost the standard of living of both peoples.
There would be harmony among ordinary people, who would then intensify the movement of the people.

People are sick and tired of sharing the prejudices of leaders and ruling class idiosyncrasies. Why should what flowed from the puny brains of Adolf Hitler, Mussolini, Pol Pot, Pinochet, Idi Amin. Jean Bokkassa, Murmar Kaddafi, Richard Nixon and George Bush etc., be allowed to bring agony to decent citizens, often leading to deaths.

The rational diplomatic stance of Obama and Xi Jingping is most welcome. May the Holy Spirit shine incandescent light into the hearts of political leaders as well as into the hearts of notorious war-mongers in the service of the Luciferian hierarchy.

So shall it be in the name of God the Father
So shall it be in the name of the Son
So shall it be in the name of the Holy Spirit, AMEN.

In Nigeria, a coterie of semi illiterate leaders parade DOCTORATE DEGREES, honoris causa, but fraudently delete the honoris causa, creating the shameless impression that they earned genuine DOCTORATE DEGREES.

The names of these charlatans have been compiled. Surprisingly, some of them are “respected” compatriots.

They risk prison terms of up to 14 years for their infamy, when the group of lawyers pursuing the matter in Lagos, file the writs at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, in due course.

They are very vocal in talking about corruption. Displaying unearned Doctorate degrees, said Dr Kachikwu is corrupt and a criminal act

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