Solutions To Nigeria’s Real Problems

by Sadiq Chuks Orji

The Solutions To Nigeria’s Real Problems does not really Need to be so Complicated. As well, to Build a New and Better Nigeria is not Something that can be Achievable by Magic. Nigeria’s Current Situation neither requires Divisions, nor any sort or form of Dictations from either within or from outside the Country.

Again, the Solutions to Nigeria’s Real Problems does not need such a Violent Atrocities and Damages that are already going on there. For, Nigeria’s Own Problems as a Nation does not lack its own Peaceful and Effective Solutions. But Know that Everything in this World has a Beginning. And for anything that has a beginning, there is; and must be for it, a doubtless End.

In other words, there is no Problem that exists under the Sun that has no Solution. Nigeria’s Own Problems of today is not an Exemption. But, if firstly, you would like to be on the full know of Nigeria’s Exact Problems, please go to:

Having said these, the Most Effective Ways To Solve The Real Problems Of Nigeria are:


The best and the only Start-Point to Solving Nigeria’s Problems of Crimes; Population; Insecurity, and Many More is for the Government to Actively Recognize each and every Nigerian Real Citizen, through a Concrete Establishment of a Valid Nation-Wide-Computerized System for Citizens’ Registry and Identification. For this kind of Accountability and Orderliness to be Right and Authentic, it must be Done at Citizens’ Births and Deaths.

Because of Non-existence of this System, Nigeria today has remained like a Nation where neither the Government is really there for the People, nor the People really there for the Government. Everything out there is in a real Bad Shape. And, with this kind of a Disorder, a lot of things in Nigeria do often go the wrong way. A lot of the Citizens’ Rights has often Disappeared or Embezzled. Yes! A lot of things there in Nigeria do often get into wrong hands. For more than 90% of Nigerian Citizens are neither Accounted nor ever really Cared for.

Is it then a Surprise that More than 9 of every 10 Nigerians; or say over 100 Million Nigerians there do not even have any Valid Identity?. And of all Her Greatness and Modernizations and Civilizations, Official Registrations of Marriages and Child-Births and More; are still Absolutely Neglected and Unaccounted for in Nigerian Society. The very worse is Nigerians’ out-dated Culture of Non-Registration of Deaths.

In short, any putting of Citizens’ Identity in its Valid Right Place, is the Root and Foundation of Nation’s Building; as well as a Re-Assurance of Deliverance of Nigeria’s Citizens’ Rights. It is a Restoration of Trust and Dignity and; an Accurate Improvement of the Level of the Nation’s Security.


A very Serious Sowing and Propagation of all the Seeds of Patriotism, is another Great Solution to the Problems of Nigeria. This is so Priceless a Powerful Instrument that is Sure to Bring a Real Change and Progress to all the Degraded Images of Nigeria.

In my own personal opinion, the Government needs to go as far as even making Patriotism a Compulsory Course at all levels of the Nation’s Education System. She can Offer it as Competitions, and even offer Prizes to the Most Patriotic Citizens. She can freely Advertise and Preach Patriotism as the Country’s Day-to-Day Sermon.

It should be Preached and Practiced, in Offices, in the Media, in Markets, at Places of Work, at Homes, on the Streets, everywhere, every time. For Patriotism is the Greatest and the Strongest Instrument that is highly needed in order to Move Nigeria forward.


A few years ago, I worked with a Nigerian who said that: “The Problem With Nigeria Is Food ”. That Guy, to me is neither Crazy nor Completely Wrong. For the Human Stomach can neither Fear nor Lie. And that is the Major Reason why we all have it at the front part of our body.

In short, FOOD is one of the Most Basic Necessities of this Earthling Life. That a “ Hungry man is , indeed an Angry man ”; is rather a reality than just an Idiomatic Expression.

But, in this Modern Age and with all the Wealth and Resources in Nigeria, the Nation has not even been able to Solve Her Problems of Food. Millions of People there in Nigeria are helplessly lying Hungry. Millions there are suffering Malnutrition. Millions are Beggars. Millions are into Robbery. Millions are into Crimes. Millions are into Bribery and Corruptions; and Millions can hardly eat three times per day. Yet, it is not that these Classes of Nigerians are simply Lazy.

The Reason there is that the Largest Percentage of Nigeria’s Masses are living below $2 per day. They have no Electricity. No Medical Care. No Shelter. No Free Education. No Water. No good Roads. Yet, Food in Nigeria is relatively very expensive and scarce.

But know that, Nigeria as a Country has Out-grown the AGE WHERE Crude and Archaic Farm Tools like Cutlass and Hoe, are still being used to Feed the Nation. If Nigeria’s Government can, on the other hand, Mechanize the Country’s Farming Systems, Food there will at least be Surplus; and that is more than Half of the Answers to Nigeria’s Real Problems.


Petroleum is One of Nigeria’s God-given Excess Resources. Her Citizens need not, in any way be Denied their Rights to having this Product Available Nation-Wide. Petroleum does not need to be part of Nigeria’s Black-Market Items. For Nigeria’s Oil Wealth Alone, is Sufficient Enough to Feed the Whole of Africa if it is Properly Managed. At least, Nigeria’s Government really needed to do more to ensure a Ceaseless Supplies of Petrol to Her Own People.

There are Oil Producing Countries that Privatized almost every Resources they have, with the exception of their Petroleum. There are some that Subsidized or Stabilized their Home Oil Prices. There are some that honestly Created lots of Employment Opportunities there for Millions of Her Citizens. And there are others that can never ever Export even a single Barrel of their Oil, until they are 100% Sure that they have kept more than enough Reserves for their own Home use. Why is Nigeria’s Case different?

As one of the World’s highest Oil Producers and Exporters, Why is Nigeria’s Petrol always unavailable there at Home for Nigerians? Why is Nigeria currently Importing Petrol? Why should a Liter of Petrol sell very much Cheaper within Nigeria’s Non-Oil-Producing Neighbors? Why do Nigeria’s Government always increase the home Price of Petrol?

In short, the Issue of Nigerians’ frequent sufferings of Fuel Scarcity is really a matter of very Great Concerns to Her Masses. For it generally Increases the Costs and Prices of everything there in the Country. It is also an addition to Her Peoples’ Unjust Sufferings and Hardships and all. So, to Permanently make Petroleum available, will equally Solve over 60% of Nigerians’ Real Problems.


From Modern Definitions and Standpoints, Leadership mainly refers to having:
“ The Power to Change and, or to Re-write the Present, the Past, and the Future of a People, of a Society, of an Organization, or of a Company”.

And as it is, Leadership is so sensitive a Skill that no one ever can Perfectly and, at all time, get it a 100% Right. In short, it can only be pretentious for any leadership to stand

and claim to be 100% Right. If there is no other sound Reason[s], to make such a claim is like a person who stands to claim that he or she can never ever make any mistake. And please know and remember that:

” Whoever says that he or she can never ever make any mistake has already made one “.
For, it is Only GOD and GODHOOD Position that Can Never Ever Make Any Mistake. And, no human Leader is GOD. No human Leadership Position is, in any way a State of GODHOOD.

Having said that, I still doubtlessly admit that Leadership is quite an uneasy Task. For, it is a Figurative State of Wearing the Crown. And an idiomatic expression clearly has it, saying:
” Uneasy lies the head that Wears the Crown”.

With these in mind, the Choice or Appointments of Persons that should Hold Nigeria’s Leadership Positions really need be Re-Designed to be Dependent on the Basis of God’s Fear; Patriotism; and Truthfulness. The Situation where Politics is turned into a Money-making Business has always denied Nigerians of their Rights to an Honest and Caring Leadership.

Again, all the Day-to-day Crisis that are propping-up there in Nigeria, are simply sending a very clear Message that the People of Nigeria are already tired of all the Empty Promises and Deceits of her Politicians. The Helpless Poor Masses of Nigeria have really suffered for so long; and can no longer continue to remain in Silence. So, Nigeria for now, is no longer in any need of such-like Rulers. Rather, She is now in a very Urgent Need of God-Conscious-Honest and Patriotic Good Leaders.

Just know that the real overall Success of any Boss or Leader, is only Justifiable from the Success and Happiness of the People that he or she is Leading. Also Know that the Motivation, Patriotism, Integrity, Loyalty, Contentment, and the Productivity of each and every Nation’s Citizen, can at least be boasted by the Leaders’ Focusing on the Encouragement and Developments of the Citizens’ Skills. So, if the Citizens are Successful; you as the Leader will equally turn Successful or Vice-Versa.

For Nigeria, Religion or Tribe or Class or Wealth or Education, are not what really matters there for Her to have a Good Leadership. Three closest funny friends once trekked for many days to a far City across a Dry and Empty Desert. They actually started out the journey with some Food and Water and Milk. But somewhere in the Desert, and before they could get into the City, all their Food and Water entirely finished. The only thing left for the three Friends then was only a very little amount of Milk.

So, before they slept that Night, they met and kept their remaining Milk in a Hide with a Vowed Agreement that:

“ Only the Person that Wakes up the next Morning with the Very Best of the Night’s Dreams, will take the remaining Milk ”.

As they woke up the next Morning, they met together again, and started to narrate their respective Night’s Dreams.

The First person narrated that he Dreamt and saw himself in the Second Heaven.
The Second person there thought Smartly and narrated to his friends, saying: “ Ah! Both of us had almost a similar Dream. In fact, I Dreamt and saw myself in the Fourth Heaven ”.

Here, the Third person almost felt that the Second person has already won over the Milk. After all, the Fourth Heaven at least, is Higher than the Second. But, then this Third person also Smartly picked Courage and cooked-up a Story for his friends, saying:

“ I personally had no Night’s Dreams. What actually happened was that a very Fat and Fierce-looking man got here on Horse-back in the Night. With a Sword in his hand, the man forced me to drink all the remaining Milk ”.

At this point, the second and the third person exclaimed:
“ What? …You Drank all the remaining Milk? …Why didn’t you Shout or Call on us to awake and fight…? ”.
The Third person there replied his friends, saying:

“ I called and shouted but, How can you hear when both of you are already in the Second and in the Fourth Heavens? ”.

Anyhow, their Milk was exactly where they kept it. And none of these funny three friends actually won over the Milk. For the Human Thinking and Reasoning is Limitless.

With the Lessons from this Short Story, a Leadership for a better Nigeria may likely be made up of people that actually came up with all the Very Bests of Dreams for Good of the Nation. These may not necessarily be only made up of the Wealthy. They may not only be made up of the Poor. They may not even be only made up of the Elites; nor be only made up of the Learned; nor of only the Knowledgeable. For, surely no human being ever is Perfect. But at least, Of All The Lords Of Knowledge; Only God Almighty is The Most Knowing.- Holy Qur’an Chapter 12 verse 76.

Have a very Great and Happy Day and Stay Blessed!

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