South African Secret Laws: A Clear Hop, Step and Jump into Fascism and other Woes in the World

This engagement with the analysis of the woes of the world was the result of the energy unleashed at 11am on the eleventh day of the 11th month of this year, 2011.

That date has receded into this hurrying century that seems loaded with disasters of unprecedented magnitudes. The truth of the matter is that we pretend to apprehend what is going on, but the truth in the matter is that we do not know the truth in what is going on.
It is shocking, to say the least that the Government of South Africa, recently passed “secret laws” reminiscent of the laws passed during the Apartheid era. Every legislative act or acts must be discussed openly in that country, passed by the legislature and published for the whole world to see.

Therefore, any secret laws are unacceptable, undemocratic and hideous. Such laws are capable of dubious and conflicting interpretations, full of ambiguities and they are often nebulous, always giving the government an edge in every judicial interpretation, whether legal, literary, grammatical or ontological.

Any state governed by secret laws, operates under the same code like the occult brotherhood.
The recent mistreatment of the ANC youth leader, sent out odious waves that South Africa has diverted from the cause of democratic governance and moderation. The system has dove-tailed into intolerance and hard attitudes

The passage of the secret laws is an admission that the South African government can no longer govern, but in a dictatorial manner. The dark days of South Africa’s judicial and political negative traits have been advertised in the new secret laws.
An academic at the STEVE BIKO outfit sent a copy of the secret laws to BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, “for noting and immediate reaction”
The new laws would have raised eyebrows, if they were passed under apartheid. At least Nelson Mandela and his men were tried in courts of law, not justice and jailed. The secret laws are an expertise in legal chicanery and very elastic and unclear formulations, just like the Hitlerism phraseologies of the NAZIS., with wicked intents.

It is agonizing that nearly two decades of South Africa’s independence, the slums still exist, the townships are still -down, the black population is still hard-put except the former anti-aparteid officials, who have crawled into cosy jobs and now mutate in South African corporate Board-rooms, where they play second fiddles as commercial trading post agents.. What a pity! What is wrong with the Black Man?
From my observation, it would appear that the South African revolution was that of revolutionary displacement of “whites” and not an engine of national re-construction and development.

What is wrong with the Black man? In Nigeria. Famous, authenticated felons strut the land, profusely canvassing inanities of inconsequential import.
Some are eye-sores as they are advertised by major newspapers. Some have roundish heads, fat cheeks, receding hair, bovine stares, wondering eyes and hanging lips, with forced smiles, trying to be important, without visible merits. Some carry cretinism as miens.
These social misfits treat the laws of Nigeria, with utmost contempt and in some cases,seek to overthrow the justice system. Fortunately, since the new Chief Justice Musdapher took over the Supreme Court; I have happily observed a degree of momentum in the building of our new jurisprudential consciousness.

The political hierarchy struggles with governance, there are empty postulations that are hortatory. Proclamatory and policy statements quickly end up in the wilderness. Newspaper eulogies now constitute a peculiar mess and confuse democratic and political practice. So, you are a wonderful governor because your face appears in national newspapers! What self-deception and shallowness!

Secular governors relish seeing their advertorials inserted at the people’ expense, a kind of collaboration with newspaper moguls and governors, which could advertently or inadvertently water down the sharp pen of the investigative reporter, who, in his own interest, must gage the cordiality between his proprietor and the government.

Let me point out to these newspaper, hallucinated “fame-seekers”, the wise saying from the “AQUARIAN GOSPEL OF JESUS, the CHRIST”, by Levy, for their everlasting guidance.

” A master never screens himself for the sake of reputation or of fame. These are but worthless baubles of the day; they rise and sink like empty bottles on a stream; they are illusions and will pass away. They are indices to what the thoughtless think; they are the noise that people make; and shallow men judge merit by the noise.”

Governors Rotimi Akpabio and Governor Akpabio Rotimi are good at their salesmanship, but who cares? We are visiting their states to find out whether their ambitions to be regarded as good governors are “made of a sterner stuff”.W.S.
There are many shallow politicians in this dispensation, reminiscent of the NPN days, when Ministers of State watched concupiscent films in their offices and were enmeshed in vainglorious vanities. This, and their inept governance, set the praetorians to wreck the fake democratic order in 1983.

I was and I am still particularly touched by the state of poverty in Nigeria. During my research visit on poverty to some states in the North and other parts of Nigeria, I found shameful situationsthat there are very many poor people in Nigeria. Some cases are utterly hopeless! Nobody seems to know, who should care.
We should do something about poverty before we can stop the anger in the people. They do not need IMF/World Bank jargons and prescriptions. They need just food, just food.

Failure in this regard will make it imperative for government to introduce hard measures to contain the genii in their suffering and dying souls. Just take a bag of rice and a bag of salt and their gratitude will know no end.
This was a lesson I learnt from my sister, during the electioneering campaigns. I will like us to revive the winning campaign strategy earliest. If we wait till the next elections, they will be all dead.

Let me remind all leaders that governance is not only about protocol and the benefits of rulership. He who takes the benefit must also carry the burden of government.

The removal of the EFCC Chief, Mrs. Farida Waziri, suggests that either that she was not fighting corruption enough or that she was fighting corruption too much. I give her the title of the Great Corruption Fighter of the Republic, (GCFR).
While the moralist considers corruption a sin, an evil, the politician applies the butcher’s solution to the issue. Having borrowed or stolen money to get elected into political office, having rigged the elections, with impunity, having used what it took to get court judgment, using crooked lawyers and judges, he considers it his duty to embezzle, misappropriate or steal public funds. The difficulty we have in resolving this mind-set, lies at the root of addressing the issue of corruption, with fisty determination.
In writing this essay on the worlds’ woes, I was gripped by a BBC documentary on the Roman people of Rumania and their neglected miserable existence on that part of the Universe of man that is adjudged “civilized.”
There are no people on Mars and on the moon. Yet, some world leaders have spent scare resources to prove otherwise. There are poor, wretched Romans, whose plights demonstrate the hollowness of respect for human rights and fundamental freedoms the European leaders trumpet very gloriously.

There is not enough water to drink. Yet, we waste funds on geo-political, war-games. Five-star political lies are fabricated to cause tension and, which stoke the embers of political passions.
The confusion in Syria and the expulsion of Syria from the Arab League shows how the situation has deteriorated inexorably. The relations between Saudi Arabia and Syria are not very good. There are other Arab leaders, who are not well disposed to D

amascus, while others did not approve of expulsion, but suspension. Any further escalation of the Syrian crisis could break the Arab crescent. A Middle East standing on a broken tripod is undesirable.

Turkey’ strident posture to Syria, is inching towards mayhem. Egypt is again in turmoil. The military in Egypt have shown their true colour. They were and remain a part of the group that benefited from American assistance.
In my address to the Curatorum of BOSAS INTERNATIONAL BUREAU on November 24, my birthday, I spoke about the “Explosion of the Bottled Discontent of around the Globe”

I applauded the US for participating in the Asian Summit, as a genuine geo-political strategy to integrate the world economy, by opening up high tech markets and the flow of liquidity around the globe.
I am working on a new theory, CAPICOMMUNISM, as a New Global Governance Strategy for Global Development. BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, has many research grants for the exceptionally gifted to work in this interesting and challenging field. Please come on Board!!! 07036660639

One of the relevant steps in curbing tension in the Middle East is for an immediate peace treaty between all the states in that region.
Israel needs serious assurances of peaceful co-existence. Stoking the embers of crisis in the Middle East is like hauling a mighty rock into the Negev.

Confrontation, strong-headedness, patriotic sloganeering, chest-beating since 1948, have brought no benefits to no-one and there has been no forward-march. Very soon, the Prophets of Israel will start to speak with tongues of fire and the Holy Breath will answer. The God of Israel will scatter the enemies of Jehovah Adonai!
The renewed Russian/US nuclear shield discourse is worrisome.
The fluid situation in Egypt and Syria are such that we, the faithful must pray for restraint and accommodation before the Second Coming of JESUS, the Christ.

As my new acquired political intuition develops, I forecast that two more European Heads of Governments will be out of office next year.
The South African government should explain itself. For a people, who just threw off the yoke of apartheid to be saddled with secret laws is a puzzle wrapped in an enigma!!!

I hereby invoke the framing spirit of Walther Susulu, Govern Mbeki, Steve Biko and thousands of UMKONTO members, who died to create a society of freedom and democracy, to assemble at Government House in Pretoria, every mid-night, until the secret laws are withdrawn.
Living on planet Earth for seventy years is a God-given triumph. A glass full of water!!! Cheers!!!

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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