Sovereignty, Economic Security, Obama's visit, Jonathan, 2011 Elections and Development of Nigeria: Correlation (2)

15. Absence of energy policy and/or its bad implimentation;

16. Absence of development strategy;

17. Absence of investment strategy;

18. Renting, leasing, selling or giving out for free arable land to foreigners and foreign companies and countries to farm and export the harvests;

19. Absence of comprehensive and ineffective foreign policy especially towards Britain, France, the United States, other developed countries and African countries.

20. Bad manangement of N.N.P.C.;

21. Mass migration of able-bodied and educated Nigerians;

22. Over dependence on foreign companies and firms to audit the accounts of public companies, as consultants and in formulating policies for ministries and the government in general;

23. Underfunding of education and regular closure of universities;

234. Maltreatment, mass jail and murder of Nigerians by foreign countries;

25. Absence of basic, talkless of comprehensive health care programmes which lead to premature death of Nigerians of diseases that could easily be cured;

26. Uneffective and badly implimented taxation system which make Nigerian economy and companies to be weak, vulnerable and uncompetitive, and allow foreign companies to easily dominate the economy;

27. In-discrete granting of Nigerian citizenship to foreigners without understanding their real motives, the cost of such decision to the economy and securitry of the country;

28. Quota system and federal character;

29. In-discreet adoptation of international trade laws and rules without a good understanding of why the developed countries adopted them and the consequence for Nigeria’s economy;

30. Untimely death of uncountable number of Nigerians by the Nigerian police, State security Service and army;

31.Uncontrolled movement of and activities of top government officials and their aids during and after their tenure/service;

32. Instability in the Niger Delta.

Each of the above factors deserves a seperate article in order to understand how
exactly they constitute a threat to the economic security of Nigeria. Some have already been treated in details in previous series. Others will be treated in details later in future articles – as/if time permits.

But, in this article, we are going to discuss the first two factors: Absence of political sovereignty and imposition of incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt leadership;

The first two factors are the most important because without them, it is impossible to addresse other issues in the list including the the problem concerning the country’s oil and gas, our most valuable and liquid tangible assets, i.e. loopsided oil agreements and domination of the oil and gas sector and the whole economy in general by foreigners, foreign companies and countries.

As was stated earlier, absence of political sovereignty is the inability of a country to or/and its citizens to elect a competent leader by themselves based on informed decision without any internal and/or external pressure, intervention and influence. What do we mean by the phrase informed decision? Informed decision is the ability of the citizens to get correct, timely and detailed information about candidates through the mass media from journalists and the candidates themselves in order to acess them and make their decisions at the polling boots.

The above definition should not be surprising. Afterall, what is democracy? Government of the people, by the people and for the people. In otherwords, a government of and by the people is a government or president chosen by the people themselves willingly without any manipulation, election rigging or external pressure. A government for the people is a government that works in the interest of the people or citizens that elected president who in turn formed a government. But what happens in a situation whereby the president and/or government is not of and by the people, but from a cabal or/and external forces? In such a situation, the president and/or government definitely can not be for the people, but only for the interests of the cabal, anti-pogress and external forces that impose him/them on the people. This is exactly the situation the country is at the present moment with Jonathan and his cabinet ministers. They are not a government of the people, by the people and for the people, but a government of Nigerian cabals, British, Americans; by Nigerian cabals, British, Americans and for the interests of Nigerian cabals, British and Americans. There isn’t much difference between Yaradua’s and Jonathan’s government. It’s just a ‘cosmetic change.’ We should not allow ourselves to be fooled.

Without political sovereignty, a country is weak and can not defend its economic sovereignty and interests respectively and sooner or later, such a country becomes a failed state and a banana republic and stooge which is tele-guided or dictated to by other countries concerning how the affairs of the country should be run. And if we will be sincere with ourselves, this is exactly the situation the country has been for the past 50 years! Since 1960 when the country got its independence, the citizens have never for once chosen their own leaders themselves. All along, the country has been ruled by opportunists who either imposed themselves on us or were imposed on us. Thus, Nigeria’s political sovereignty has been compromised and its economic security and interests have been threatened since independence. Nigeria has never been a democratic country nor practised true democracy in the real sense of the word for 50 years. Unfortunately, without true democracy, accelerated economic development is impossible – all things being equal.

The Americans, British through the cabals in Nigeria, have always chosen our presidents for us since 1960. The United States in particular through its secret service, the C.I.A., with annual budget running into trillions of dollars, have been planning and carrying out coup detats and assasination of presidents of African and other developing countries in order to have puppets in power and defend its economic intetrests. With time, if we will be opportuned to have true democratic government facts will soon emerge to prove beyond any reasonable doubts that the U.S. took part in coup detats in Nigeria.

A president that ascends to power with the help of some external and/or undemocratic internal forces will be obliged to his benefactors that and carry out their wishes which in most cases are to the detriment of his country and the citizens. He can never be independent or free to serve the country and its citizens to the best of his ability. He can not take decisions that best meet the economic, political, military and social interests of his country and the citizens. He turns into a hostage in the hands of his foreign/domestic sponsors who rendered him all the necessary assistance: financial, information, logistics, election rigging, official endorsement, P.R. meant to manipulate the voters (like the U.S. endorsement of Jonathan and the planned visit of Obama to Nigeria) e.t.c. in order to get to power.

The picture is even more gruesome if such a president right from the onset is incompetent, corrupt, visionless and morally bankrupt.

The fact that Nigeria, the largest oil exporter in Africa and the sixth in the world, with estimated amount of oil lifted in the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars, nevertheless, there is very little or nothing to show for it and most Nigerians still live in abject poverty – less than $1 a day – is a vivid evidence that our economic security is threatened. The oil companies have made much more money from Nigerian oil than the owners.

With the full co-operation of Jonathan, Obama, with his planned wants to help America maintain the status quo as regards to Nigeria’s economic and political enslavement. Britain and the United States pose the most threat to Nigeria’s sovereignty

, economic security, interests and development. They are not our friends – as they claim – but our no. 1 enemies. We need to tell Obama this clearly and loudly when his plane lands in Nigeria. We must not allow ourselves to be taken for a ride again.


* I have decided to make the series more than 2 parts in order to make each article shorter and easier to read.


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Written by
Bode Eluyera
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