Special Prayer for Election 2007

by Chukwudi Okeke

One of the very unique attributes of a Christian is the absolute belief, even in seemingly despondent situations, that with Jesus all things are possible. And through His teachings as documented in the Holy Bible we have learnt that prayer is the key to all problems. That with prayer, humbly directed to Our Lord Jesus – the impossible becomes possible, solutions arise to our problems, troubles give way to peace, death to life, His blessings, surely, are forever uncountable.

In Nigeria today, the atmosphere does not connote peace, rather, it is troublous. There is an enveloping fear across the nation. All because of the 2007 elections which kicks off in a matter of days. Ordinarily, an election is supposed to be a transitional and political process whereby the electorate (the people) freely and willingly choose those that will govern them. In our case, the situation is different. The masses, because of political intrigues, unhealthy rivalry and other unpleasant reasons that typify election in Nigeria, are more than ever afraid and panic-stricken about the incoming general election.

For any Christian this is certainly not a time for frivolities, but a time to make an earnest supplication onto our God of Great things as we have been instructed in the Holy Bible and more so being aware that a nation at peace is a people at peace.

Brethren, it is from this stance, and not from that of a holier-than-thou attitude, that I offer this prayer. And I wish to start by giving praise and thanks to God Almighty for the journey so far – for the successful elections and transitions of 1999 and 2003, his abundant grace and miracles upon our lives, divine wisdom and intervention on issues/crises that could have threatened the existence of our beloved country, words cannot express how we appreciate you, Oh! Lord.

I pray for forgiveness and remission of sins. And knowing fully well that perfection is not human I confess to you Oh! Lord that we have erred in our ways, deeds and actions. We, therefore, humbly solicit for your pardon and the grace to live a righteous life and be a more faithful people.

Ever wonderful and amazing Lord, we commit our general election – a very important to us, into thy hands. We pray that the election will not be a threat to our existence as a nation, rather, a mark of great things to come our way.

We pray that you touch and soften the heart of those who have already called the election” a do-or-die” affair, so that they shall begin to see it from a more humane and amiable perspective.

Heavenly Father, give us the wisdom and character to behave in a still and calm manner while the election lasts. And may Peace reign during the election.

We pray against election malpractices, fraud and rigging – as epitomized in Brass L.G of Bayelsa in 2003 election, where the number of voters surpassed that of the registered voters. Unanimously, we pray that such acts and attempts by aspirants, politicians and others alike should be revealed and foiled in Jesus Name.

I pray that ours shall be an election of the people by the people and for the people. I pray that those already seen and known as established political desperadoes and would-be non-performers, who want to win at all cost, by all means, and against the choice of the people shall continue to meet failures and woes in all their unpopular ways and attempts in Jesus Name.

We pray for those selfless and altruistic aspirants, who have chosen service to the nation as their watchword to emerge victoriously at the end of the election.

Ever present God, I commit the Nigerian voters, myself inclusive and every other living Nigerian into your hand. I pray that we may realize the dangers and future consequences of mortgaging our voting rights, which is very fundamental, for a few naira notes and that you shall give us the grace to always see ourselves bigger than such temptations.

The most important role of conducting and announcing the election results lies with the Independent National Electoral Commission – INEC. Everlasting and unchangeable God, we pray that INEC just as their names suggest shall be independent in the April polls.

We commit the Chairman, principal officers, returning officers, men and women that matters in this election into thy hand. We solemnly pray that they should found the courage and guts to announce the election results as exactly as we have voted, and not as desired by few desperate power seekers.

We pray that INEC will not be a willing tool in the hands of those who wants political successes by all means and through the backdoor.

We pray that INEC should conduct the election in such a worthy and reliable manner such that the defeated will see the victories of the victorious as deserved and not manipulated.

Jehovah Rapha, we call on you to give good health to all our political aspirants and that INEC shall provide a level playing field for them all.

In the Name above all names, we exorcise and cast out from our midst, all spirits of political unrest, violence and thuggery.

We pray that our politicians and aspirants shall eschew and do away with politics of bitterness, victimization and vindictiveness.

We pray that any attempt by mean characters to cause mayhem, mischief and malevolence during the April election shall fail in Jesus name.

We pray that all the various government agencies, such as the EFCC, SSS and NPF shall strive for the successful conduct of the election in thy of Jesus.

Able Jesus, we call on you to correct the anomalies of our electoral system and that every uncertainty surrounding the April election shall give way to certainty.

Ever merciful Jesus, hear our humble cry both as a people and a nation and give us the grace to be more united after the election than we are now. In your wonderful name, Oh Lord, we have prayed with no doubt that you have heard us.

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Blessing April 5, 2007 - 6:50 pm

Hey Mr. Okeke,

This article was well written and has alot of meaning, pls keep it up

Ngozi ekeka April 2, 2007 - 2:31 am

Well written article and timely.


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