Spiritual Musings 2

by Odimegwu Onwumere

A. “We are always getting ready to live but never living” – Ralph
Waldo Emerson

B. “Patient and regular practice is the whole secret of spiritual
realization. Do not be in a hurry in spiritual life. Do your utmost, and
leave the rest to God” – Swami Shivananda

C. “Spirit is an invisible force made visible in all life” – Maya

D. “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience. We are
spiritual beings having a human experience” Teilhard de Chardin

1. Nigeria didn’t understand statecraft! If she did, she wouldn’t have
made religion so powerful, but schooling. She empowered religion –
Christianity & Islam – and ruined herself. Today, the two religions have
become so powerful than her Constitution.

2. We have sheepishly abandoned our principalities for republics.
Principalities were our aborigines where there were order in the families &
communities, and ignorantly accepted the imposed republics, where each
ruler isn’t better than the other. In the republics, they hound us when we
comment, make some of us the oppressors of we the oppressed, they take
advantage of our virgins, and turn the lads to street urchins. They do this
in the republics bcs they are not the natural princes found in
principalities who at least were connected to the people by blood. In
republics, people are majority connected by politics, and this is the bane
of human progress in existence

3. It was as a result of Capitalism. I guess! Our forebears who didn’t
attend church then, communally, sent their kiths & kins to school
benevolently, even to study overseas. People then loved their kinsmen, to a
very large extent, than what obtains today. Against this instance, in 2003,
I won $20, 000 in a poetry contest, in the USA., and notified a church, I
attended then, for help. To my blink, the priest got back to me, and said
that some wealthy members, he contacted, to sponsor my trip to the finale,
demanded for any certificates of my dad’s property, before they could
render any financial assistance. When my dad got wind of my fate in the
hands of these Shylocks in the church, he had purposefully sent me to, so
that I would break my virginity of understanding of people, but especially
in the supposedly House of God, he raised the trip’s money. But USA
embassy in Nigeria with its visa issuance problem, I didn’t travel. Today,
I wonder a lot why the church didn’t collectively raise the money for me,
instead of the priest preaching to some said Capitalistic wealthy churchers
, unlike the charity our forebears showed to the people of our original
communities the church has exterminated.

4. No matter how superior any religion claims it is, it is however
idolatry in the periscope of the other, because all religions are human
origination, and it is pertinent to tolerate all that appear humanistic,
which is godly.

5. Our marry-age was once spiritual than it is canal today. We MARRY
while the other people just WED. The first night hubby & wife were to sleep
together after the man must have observed all traditional obeisances at his
in-laws place, called for celebration. Relatives from both sides would
gather: guns going up, mountainous food present, just jubilation. The
mother of the lady would decorate the couple’s bed (wooden bed) with clay
(representing purity) before the couple would go to bed. She would then
stay at alert, accompanied with songs by those present, cooking &
jubilating. As soon as the son-in-law opens the door in the wee hours, she
goes in. To do what? To check if her daughter was a virgin. If there were
stains, she alerts the onlookers, & the festival starts proper. This used
to be the essential pride of marry-age. That was our own spiritual
“wedding” unlike today many want to wear “wedding gown” & show-off, but
only few can boast of being virgins, which is symbolized in the “white
gown” they desecrate. All things seem have been fabricated.

6. A friend on Facebook freshly asked that as I profess so much that
‘love’ should be shown to all equally, whether I would give a homosexual
the same quantity of reverence, kindheartedness and communal insertion that
I would a hetero in Nigeria? Albeit, I had answered that love should be
shown to all irrespective of beliefs. I want to add that I don’t think that
the society hates the criminal, but criminality; I don’t think that the
society hates the harlot, but harlotry; I don’t think that the society
hates even homosexuals (pansies), but homosexuality etc. So, whatever the
society condemns, it does not mean that those involved in them are also
condemned. This is evident: when any person that is involved in such
acclaimed social nuisances repeals such derailment, he or she is welcomed
back to the society without qualms

7. I hope s/he isn’t among those suffering from Church myopia? Does
s/he know anything about the Jesus Christ outside the bible? Come to think
of it, how could s/he be boasting of knowing the Jesus Christ without being
religious tolerance? Was the life of the Jesus Christ in the bible not
about tolerance? Does it mean that anyone who doesn’t profess the Jesus
Christ is ‘authomatically’ an anti-Christ? What about those who are not
Christians, and don’t hate Christ & Christians, but Christians hate them,
bcs they do not pray through the Jesus Christ? Who is actually an
anti-Christ? It’s very sad that some people have become anti-God (anti-LOVE
& PEACE), while making themselves full & goons, in the name of the Jesus

8. Before the Nigeria Police Force decided to call police checkpoints
across the country a quit, there were hardly any in the North. Minute were
observed in the South-West. But in the South-East and South-South, it was
per pole checkpoint. Freshly, Igbo importers have decried the incessant
extortion they daily meet in the hand of police & customs. Did the latter
take oath not to leave South-South & East alone? And many of the security
men who have refused to leave the prone areas have significant tribal
marks. When did the people of the old Eastern Region begin to have such
significant tribal marks?

9. When did our village meetings become like a sole venture that must
be registered before they are authenticated by the government authorities
as legal? In one community, one man rushed home from his residence and sold
part of his kindred’s land. Before his people could realise it, he has used
part of the millions proceed to buy over the police, politicians, lawyers
and a scathing group of his people to himself, and went to register a
side-by-side kindred from the existing one. The town today is in great
turmoil. Thus, when did our people begin to worship a man with wealth
instead of a man with integrity?

10. Our so called Traditional Institution has become significantly,
Government’s Institution, hence Kingship has become Governmental than it
was Traditional – the latter was in the days of our forebears. Very
unfortunate that Traditional stool has become the dictates of politicians &
court, therefore relegating the custodians of tradition to the background.
Ahoy! Against this reason, would it not be paramount that ‘Traditional’ is
removed from Kings’ title?

11. Whatever it were that led to the killing of the purported thieves of
Blackberry at University of Port Harcourt axis demonstrated the hyper
‘disorderliness’ in the system. Our fathers would have gone to the king of
the area with the victims than the other way round. Since Tradition &
Culture were highly distorted in our land then evils of such neglect to
order multiplied. Those w

ho mobbed the hapless youths were aparently
Christians who believed that our forebears were culpable of such inimical
gesture like theirs that supposedly made ‘their Africa’ not to progress
hence ‘Land Deliverance’ ensued in most communities. Whether we like it or
not, we need Mind Deliverance than some misled people think that they need
Land Deliverance. It’s a pity the way the Modern Wo/man are going!

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