Spying, Geo-Politics And The Satanic Order

I was beginning to applaud the re-setting of US/Russian relations, when the recent spy story hit me with the force of a whiplash.

I have an inner ministration that before the CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE sent me down here; HE had asked me to choose between money, intelligence and the satanic order.

I wisely chose intelligence, rejected the satanic order and applied for the KINGDOM OF GOD. Intelligence was granted to me and ever since, everything has been added.
I understand the works of the masterminds of all evils that affect the Sons and Daughters of God, found in every Continent on Planet Earth, who go about doing evil.
Spying is a clandestine activity aimed at secretly gathering information about the secrets of other states, their military and corporate institutions for reasons known to spy handlers, mentors and their governments.

Spying has always been a costly business. It could, at times, be bloody too, since it involves the participation of men and women from the Universe of Fallen Angels.
Spying is a component part of national security. National security involves an intricate network of overt and covert operations undertaken by Military Intelligence directors.
These are men and women selected from the top scorers from military academies world-wide. They are patriotic, self-effacing and committed.

This is why they spend years in the service of national security. Since Biblical times, spying has always been practiced by states and individuals. As of now, there are spy masters, spy institutions and this is a Universal habit states have become used to.
In contemporary world society, spying on the geo-political ambitions of states and the nefarious activities of the sons and daughters of satan, who do not hesitate to kill and maim innocent sojourners on earth, has taken urgency.

It used to be a pleasurable enterprise to travel’ Now, it has become a time-wasting, frustrating experience. The old intelligence motto,” suspect every one, trust no-one” is now the rule. The Russians say,” Doveriayem nor praveriayem.” This means that we trust but we must check it out.

The worst impediment to peaceful co-existence is the lack of mutual trust amongst nations. One can recall the cult of intelligence under Cromwell, Napoleon’s wars and the Battle of Iwojima, in Japan.

Under the tenure of the South Korean -born Secretary-General of the United Nations, very little has been done to forge the necessary strategies for mutual understanding among United Nations members.

Spying is a superstructure for power politics. At times, the spying calculus is arrested by defects in the ingenuity of Man.

The internationalization of spying has increasingly become a common phenomenon as every state, now spends colossal sums of money to run its spy agencies.
During the Cold War, the West spent funds in sponsoring misinformation and disinformation against the Soviet Union and other enemy-states through investment in spy films.

The James Bond series inexorably had a strong psychological impact on Western citizens. Films like, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME”, “I SPY “and “FROM MOSCOW WITH LOVE”, created chilling feelings of hate and wrecked havoc on gullible citizens.
Those, who lived and studied in the USSR, between 1962 and 1968, were placed in a unique position to understand the cult of intelligence and the manifest lies of the Soviets and their Western opponents.

In watching all of it as a student of International Law, Military Intelligence and Diplomacy, it helped me to frame the synthesis in seeing the advantages and disadvantages of intelligence as a tool of statecraft.

I often marvelled but laughed at European war-games but regretted that such stupidity cost the social humans on both sides of the Atlantic to suffer economic neglect, while scholars on both sides, who were engaged in propaganda, creamed off their bonuses and smiled all the way to the banks and from the banks.

I still enjoy reading the journal “Foreign Affairs” and the “Soviet Literary Gazette”, where the intellectual musings of the opposing scholars are documented for the whole world to evaluate their scholastic disputations.
In the hostile and wicked world of today, it has become important to locate men and equipment to detect irreverent, life-threatening maneuvers by desperate states
Patriotism dictates that states protect their citizens through creating the vigilance systems necessary, otherwise” the Kingdom would be irretrievably lost.” per Bishop Maury of France, ( 1791).

Spying escalates the tempo of world discord and engaging in espionage in a season when rapprochement is being encouraged, does no-one any good.

International Law has partially succeeded in setting up the international legal mechanisms to curb the excesses of military intelligence.

Interested persons can learn a lot more about the subject by reading David Kahn book entitled, ” The Code-breakers” and my own,” Military Intelligence and International Law”( Max Planck Institute for International Comparative Law and International Law, Heidelberg, Germany 2005)

Recently, the World media was agog with news about the arrest of alleged Russian spies. According to CNN, some of the alleged Russian spies had confessed to spying for Russia. The spies had been under surveillance for over a decade.

President Bill Clinton and Prime Minister Putin met promptly to effect damage control. Some of the Russian high-flyers would probably have to explain themselves.
There exists vertical journalistic division among commentators, who wonder why the story is coming out now that Russia and America are re-setting the relations.
One would like to see what evidence there is and whether this episode will mar US/Russia diplomatic relations. I remember the Max Schmelling and Jack Sharky 1930 fight. Max did hit below the belt.

All governments should desist from escalating tensions. In the past, tensions later led to unprecedented events. In the Middle East, the continuing, incendiary polarization between Arabs and Jews needs urgent concrete resolution.
If reason had prevailed in most disputes between states, there would be no need to engage in dirty tricks, spying and using helpless people like Odegbo and Ike as sacrificial lambs to spy on fellow citizens. The inducted members of Spying Incorporated belong to the Order of satan.

They should be given over to Intercessors of the Order of Melchizedek, so that the mercy of the Triune God will shine upon them. A Tibetan monk I met at the Mausoleum of Dr. Sun Yat Sen, in China said that he hated the activities of spies.
The ELOHIM, the creative spirits of the Universe are poised to teach the human race the virtues of peace on earth in this Era of the Gentiles, Atonement and the Brotherhood of Man.

The United Nations Organisation approximates to the ideal institution for the promotion of world peace.

The Queen of England, one of the most informed and dignified human beings on earth spoke at the UN on July 6, 2010, and recognized the supremacy of international law over municipal law and the organisation’s success in its efforts at creating a harmonious world This process has suffered a major setback under Mr. Banki Moon. His Cappadocian logic of stone-cutting diplomacy is unimpressive.

Talking about the supremacy of international law over municipal law, FIFA demonstrated this recently, when it taught the authorities in Nigeria that knowledge is power.
Secret services serve the elite political class, who are determined to maintain their hegemony in their states. In his book entitled, “Secret Societies of America: From the Knights Templar to Skull and Bones,” Steven Sora wrote, “Secret societies and the elite mainstream society would strive to perpetrate themselves through any means possible” The higher ideals of liberty and equality Sora wrote.,” were compromised by the elite., who remained in control.”

The e

lite in societies set up spy agencies to apply illegal pressures to rattle visiting scholars, vocal citizens, who speak their minds and in the process, they violate the human rights of some unsuspecting individuals.

Applying Masonic geometric principles to accuse innocent people of” acts prejudicial to national security” in order to later recruit them is damaging to the psyche of victim.
Spying on government establishments and corporate institutions lead to tensions, which inflame passions among states.

There is need for a new internationalism which should reflect the objective cooperation between states in economic, political and cultural matters. There are reports that the Russians and the Americans may embark on a spy swap. After this, no more spying please!

After watching the African performance at the World Cup, I identified the problem of the wrong application of human intelligence on the field of play. The Psychology of Human Intelligence is a top subject in the curriculum we shall present to the National Universities Commission for approval, when we start lectures soon at the proposed AFEMAI UNIVERSITY, FUGAR, EDO STATE, Nigeria.

Since many people world-wide do not possess high Intelligence Quotient, it becomes a cardinal requirement for universities to offer courses in “Intelligence Theory, Assessment and Research.

Intelligence raises the status of social humans from brute to man and from man to demi-god. In Nigeria, we do not respect intelligence and so, our national affairs have been in the untutored hands of men of straw. It is no surprise that the nation suffers occasional degradation. Lazy people gun for PHD Honorius causa and parade themselves as empty vessels do. They rise and sink like empty bottles on the sea, living off illusions of grandeur.

While other states use their men of letters and have made tremendous progress, we parade half-baked people and remain stunted. See the caliber of Americans, French, English, and Germans, who speak for their nations. Who speaks for Nigeria and with what degree of success?

A butcher is not a surgeon. He needs no intelligence to apply the butcher’s solution. A technician is not an engineer. He cannot grapple with intricate engineering calculations and applications. A builder is not an architect. There are complicated measurements the builder cannot handle.

Statecraft revolves around studies in philosophy, history, law, politics, economics and allied subjects. Without relevant knowledge in these fields, it is near impossible to succeed in running the intricate affairs of a state.

So, next time you are requested to vote for a political leader, check him out accordingly. Otherwise, our misery will continue to result from governance by guess-work and misadvise. Since we are not used to calling a spade a spade, we suffer and have been suffering in silence.

Some very honest and sensitive people could consider it a fraud for anyone to engage in a profession for which one is ill-prepared and incapable. To express strongly held virtues is a product of the craft of intelligence.

There is a huge difference between spiritual intelligence and the satanic order. In the 15th century, the satanic order planted its clairvoyant powers in the mental space of Nostradamus. He made far-reaching and accurate predictions, which came to pass.
During the FIFA WORLD CUP in 2010, an octopus was subjected to clairvoyant influences under the satanic order and it made accurate predictions too. This feat has impressed itself on gullible, superstitious people around the world. Predictive validity can be credited to intuitive powers of the occult.

This is a vast subject, which may not find adequate accommodation in this essay.
We congratulate the brave people and the capable Government of South Africa for a job well done in successfully hosting the FIFA WORLD CUP competition 2010.
In South Africa, there are world-class universities, where human intelligence receives the upliftment that enables social humans to move from brute to man and from man to demi-god.

Written by
Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai
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