Step on The Cutting Edge

by Amechi Chukwujama

Are you career-minded? Do you want to be counted in the top five percent of your profession? If your answer to these two questions is yes, welcome to CareerPower!

CareerPower is the column for the career-minded individual. It proffers this person the ideas, strategies, information, and practices she requires in order to progress rapidly through the career ladder.

Having accepted herself as a leader in her chosen field, she is shown how to contact the inner power to continuously produce excellent results.

I assume you want to be counted in the top five percent of your chosen field, in terms of mastery, value-added, quality and quantity of results produced. If your goals are different from this, you are wasting your time if you don’t get off here!

So, here we go. What then is CareerPower? It is those set of beliefs, values, attitudes, and habits exhibited by the few who are in the top five percent of their career. These practices assist them to maintain leadership in that field. The difference between the individual on the cutting edge of her career and the one who is just floundering is CareerPower.

How do you get CareerPower? CareerPower is a building. It could be of any shape, size, construction/design, and in any number of storeys. At the foundation is your career purpose. What is career purpose and how do you arrive at it? We’d be discussing that in this column.

Your CareerPower has four supports or pillars. The first is information – the right kind of information. The second is your values. The third is skills. The last is discipline.

When you combine these four elements in some proportion, you set the size and shape of the house. As you combine and work them, you grow in experience and stature. One way of measuring your experience and stature is the number of levels or stories you have in your building.

There is an ingredient that if it is there in large quantity, the house will come out strong, comfortable, and beautiful. If it’s not there, it would be weak, uncomfortable and unprepossessing. What is this ingredient? It is called love.

The amount of love you have for what you do will determine how well it turns out and how far you can go. Your focus or attention determines how fast your building goes up. Each floor represents a new goal (or more appropriately, a new consciousness you’ve stepped into) on your career front. The more of these goals you accomplish, the greater the number of stories.

This column is about work. Work ethics. Improving your workplace relationships. Conflict management at the workplace. Problem-solving techniques. Building and developing teamwork. Learning the art of public speaking. Fear in the workplace. Change management. Decision making, etc.

What are You to Expect in CareerPower? Let us briefly look at three of the topics we’d be treating in the next few weeks. One is “Motivating Yourself to Superlative Performance.” Motivate means to provide with a motive. Motive is an emotion or desire operating on the will and causing it to act. We find out that motivation comes from inside you. It is your responsibility to motivate yourself, because if you don’t, nobody will do it for you. What do you use the energy of motivation for? You must have a goal then. Having accepted a goal, how do you manifest it? We will look at the process of manifestation, roadblocks to motivation, and motivation snuffers.

The other topic we’ll be discussing is “Ford T.Johnson’s Law.”According to Ford T.Johnson, an American businessman, the greatest power that you have is the power to decide what to think next. What you think, what you dwell on with your attention, is attracted to you. So, when you control what you think, you attract what you want to come into your life.

But there is a distortion. It is called Background Noise. Stop what you are doing currently and listen. Pause now, stop every activity and listen. What you hear is background noise. Background Noise, which covers a range of human activities, from the noise of cars, motorbikes, birds singing, music, TV, people talking or shouting, anger, fear, gossip, and the repetitive chatter of your mind can be positive or negative.

This exercise can assist you understand what Background Noise is: (A) At the end of today, write down the most positive thoughts you dwelt on throughout the day, or those things that you set out to do at the beginning of the day that you actually spent time doing. (B) Write down all those other thoughts, feelings, and activities that came in between what you set out to do or the predominant positive thoughts. (B) is Background Noise. To manifest what you want or sustain what you have manifested, you either replace your Background Noise or eliminate it. How? We’ll be talking about it too.

The third of the sample topics we’ll be discussing is “Improving your Written Communication.” Can you make your writing better? Yes, anything can be improved or made better. Why do you need to make your writing better? Because you want to communicate better to your audiences. To know your audience, carry out an audience analysis. What constitutes a better writing? Which aspects of the writing “mix” do you make better? What tools do you use? How do you attract and retain the reader’s attention? Stick with CareerPower if you want answers to these questions. CareerPower will come to you as an expository discussion such as the one you are reading, or in a personality interview.

To prepare you for my next offering, let me ask you some questions: In what specific way can you contribute to your chosen field that nobody else can? In what ways can you do what you are doing better, faster, easier and cheaper? How can you increase the value of the service you are rendering to others? What does it take you to go the extra mile?

This piece introduces CareerPower. CareerPower is the difference between the individual on the cutting edge of her career and the one who is just marking time.

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