Sule Lamido And His Arrant Rantings

by Peter Claver Oparah

Sule Lamido, despite his chop chop politics, does not ring a loud bell among Nigerians. The fellow was a bag carrier for food-is-ready politician, Abubakar Rimi and was one of the pathological parasites that hung unto the progressive coat to warm their ways into the hearts of Nigerians and when they had penetrated showed their real colour and intents. Today, that fellow warms the governorship seat of Jigawa State courtesy of the absurd generosity of Olusegun Obasanjo, the wily and vile-ridden former president of Nigeria to whom Lamidi Adedibu, the rehabilitated thugster of Ibadan, nay Oyo politics, is father. Lamido, very cognizant of his real worth, like a vulture, was a patient bird. He hung unto the political tailcoat of Abubakar Rimi, when Rimi still had some political currency in the old Kano State. This was till Lamido happened upon a new master, Obasanjo, the self-advertised architect of a wrecked Nigeria and benefactor to all manners of political pests and scoundrels.

With Rimi, he was on the Abacha ill-fated voyage and when Abacha expired, he sought political shelter in the next available congregation of bristling opportunism, this time the fiendish court called the PDP. When Abacha went after Obasanjo, Lamido was handy with his support and never allowed any opportunity to fly by without dealing deprecating salvos on his erstwhile progressive colleagues who were locked in a frontal battle with Abacha as his misrule lasted. As Obasanjo pined away in Abacha’s gulag, Lamido was proficient with his praise of the goodness of the dark-goggled hangman and told those that never bought into this situation to go take a plunge into the next ocean.

As Abacha expired under mysterious circumstances, Lamido entered into a mission to recruit a master to serve. Knowing where his bread was buttered, he elected to enlist in the evil court of Obasanjo and for this, as any other soulless pawn of that court; he was adequately rehabilitated and rewarded for giving up his manhood to the principal and irrevocable principality that headed that court. Lamido quickly tore his pretensive progressive garb, tossed it to the swine and embraced the most convenient and profitable political option of the time; singing choruses for the pharaoh of Otta. And when a quarrel broke between his benefactor, Rimi and Obasanjo, he knew whose banner he had to wave. Instantly, Rimi became bad news and the malevolent behemoth from Otta became the man of the moment! He had gradually worked his way to occupy a pride of place in the PDP for which he had made immense capital for himself. Today, Lamido is the governor of Jigawa State by the grace of Obasanjo and the brand of political perfidy he strove so hard to force down on the country.

Recently, Lamido was reported to have belched hot venom and sulphuric acid on all those that refuse to buy into his come-and-eat feeling that Obasanjo, his father and benefactor is the best thing to have happened to Nigeria. He was reported to have descended on the duo of Atiku Abubakar and Muhammadu Buhari for not subscribing to his mealy mouthed impression of Obasanjo as a clay-footed ‘saviour’ of Nigeria, not eating from the PDP’s ludicrous kitchen of electoral robbery, treasury raping, lawlessness, impunity, political murder and all known vices that were the reasons for Nigeria’s hobbled state after eight years of unprecedented waste-laying. His anger was palpable from the newspaper reports when he played host to yet another of the graduates of the Obasanjo school of fraud, Sam Egwu, who is dreaming of heading the cult called PDP.

Hear Lamido, “These people have rained so much words of insult on us and the PDP. They call us and our party all sorts of names; they call us murderers, election riggers and what have you. So, it is now high time we stand on our feet and defend ourselves and the party”. It would have been fair if his smattering of the hate PDP provokes in Nigerians represent a minimal fraction of the disgust and contempt with which Nigerians see the band of rouges called the PDP, fathered by a street tough and a celebrated outlaw that needs to be put out of circulation for the country to enjoy a new lease of life. Though like any other slave of the rotten order that wasted eight years of our national lives through the most bizarre brand of leadership, Lamido never expatiated on how Obasanjo, a virtual invalid that was rehabilitated to take over the presidency of Nigeria when he was saved from Abacha’s gulag, made Buhari and Atiku politically relevant. He betrayed enough anger at just a sample of the people’s perception of a party that says it was so popular with the people that they rewarded its eight years brigandage with a moonslide victory in last April’s fraudulent election; the veritable highpoint of Obasanjo’s salvific role for Nigeria and which provided Lamido a veritable meal ticket for which he is puffing from all sides of his sly mouth.

If well explored, Lamido’s vain ranting brought out the fraudulence in PDP’s claim to justify the ear-tingling electoral brigandage of last April that Nigerians love it so well that they rewarded it with the wholesome electoral endorsement the concocted electoral results of April portends. But then, what Lamido ex-rayed was just a mere icing of how Nigerians see his PDP, the convenient vehicle for his jeun jeun political adventure. The verdict is too damning and too indicting than what he tried to represent in his vain tirade. Truth is that the PDP and the Obasanjo Lamido was striving vainly to defend constitute the twin objects of the most reprehensible hate of Nigerians that have endured their deadly fangs for the past eight years. As one of the choice serfs of that order, Lamido was being clever by mere inches to think he would make any impression by his frustrative outbursts that were bound to hurt Nigerians the more when they remember the licentious perfidy of the last eight years, which had imposed such meal-time clowns like Lamido on Nigerians.

All said and done, Lamido is a quintessential slave that beats the drum of his slave master. He has every right to do so and possibly make himself a permanent lackey of Otta Farm. Without the occultic masturbation of that farm, a fellow like Lamido, would certainly not be anywhere near a government house. He has the right to choose himself a clay-footed god of vice in Obasanjo, whose evil reign has considerably benefited him. He has every right to ‘stand on his feet and defend himself and his party’. Without such mean and dirty show of servitude, he would not have been imposed on a people that desperately needs to be freed from the vice grips of poseurs and eunuchs like Sule Lamido. But he would be taking naivety to newer heights if he thinks that we, who had been robbed by the Obasanjo, the PDP and their hirelings like Lamido will just stare at them, sitting down, while they continue perpetrating their evils and dehumanizing us further. I don’t think that Lamido and his comrades in gang-raping and duping Nigeria believe that we the unfortunate victims of their profligacy, will watch and stare while they continue insulting us in the name of defending themselves against the massive feelings of Nigerians. That is a moderating elixir to the hopes of people like Sule Lamido, who are grand beneficiaries of the grand larceny that happened between 1999 and 2007 and who had hoped that we would be blind, deaf and dumb to their sins while they continue raping this country under the guise of rulership.

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