Superior Intelligences: How they influence Earth Men

by Emmanuel Omoh Esiemokhai

Superior Intelligences rule the world. The not-so-intelligent people are victims, in many ways. The Creator may have reasons for not distributing intelligence equally to every creature.

Yet, he admonished those, who lack wisdom to ask for it. Intelligence is acquired through arduous application of the mental attributes of man or woman. This could be by instruction, experience, suffering or association with bright people.

A few people on Earth receive superior intelligence by a special gift of the Holy Spirit. Equally, mystics, psychics, soothsayers, also receive such intelligence through dark forces.

Principalities and Powers in the Second Heaven are those archangels, who were driven away from Heaven during the Great War in Heaven and they influence Earth men and women inexorably.

Intelligence and wisdom are two different categories.
In this article, we are concerned with superior intelligences.
Conventional intelligence is applied in determining why an individual does not have what it takes to accomplish simple tasks.

Superior intelligence influences and pushes social humans with inordinate ambition to achieve their goals and then destroy them. Are you following me?
This happens mostly to politicians and Board-room gurus. CEO’s etc.
When they see that a particular politician is hell-bent in his ambition, they supply the goading power to make him succeed. By so doing, he unknowingly enters into a covenant to serve the Luciferian hierarchy.

The Superior intelligence can descend riding the winds, hurricanes and can cause destruction to show power in support of their anointed. Do you hear me citizen?

To such a man the Dragon gives “his power, his throne and great authority. “
Such a leader later engages in war-mongering, vicious political repression of his opponents and orgies of brutalities. This was what happened to Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin. Nicolai Ceausescu, Augusto Pinochet, Pol Pot, Idi Amin, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great and other dictators, who have ruled the world.

There many perspectives on the psychology of Human intelligence. There cannot be single global view on the subject of intelligence, since various people are conditioned by various factors. Many intelligence theories abound and there are diverse views and beliefs.

The psychologist, who tries to generalize concepts, will surely fall into error of judgment. It is not the intention of this writer to delve into the intricacies of the complex issues involved in the study of human intelligence or military intelligence; a subject I have written extensively about, which could have assisted Nigeria.

Intelligence research and assessment it in many states show interesting trends. The most interesting fact in intelligence research is that the concept of intelligence is that diligence and personal AWAKENING MAKE INDIVIDUALS SMART AND THEY QUICKLY SEE THE POINT FASTER THAN OTHERS.
There are both local models and universal theory as the work of Andreas Demetrious and C Papadopoulos show. The advantages of upgraded intelligence are many. To be able to comprehend complex phenomena assists one to make judgments that reward.

Innovative and creativity in man is a wonderful existential experience for an Earthman.

We enjoy the internet, the iPod and iphones with deep appreciation f or the rare display of human intelligence that achieved these glories.
For self=preservation, we need to study human intelligence and recognize that there are superior intelligences that rule over those with inordinate ambition to hold political office. We must learn how to correctly apply positive intelligence for the good of mankind.

Negative intelligence that leads to crime and wickedness is cursed. Unfortunately, this negative intelligence is pervasive and needs a drastic reversal. That is what causes wars and state dislocations.
According to Robert J. Sternberg,” Some fields of psychology and other sciences have a unified history on intelligence, others do not. Intelligence is one of those fields that do not.” This is why the research into human intelligence breaks away from orthodoxy and establishes its own rules of engagement.

The psychology of human intelligence feeds from biological impulses and the robustness of human intellect. Those engaged in investigations into the psychology of human intelligence are assisted in their studies by examining “differential, clinical, cognitive, school, educational, developmental, counseling, personality traits.”etc.

Bolder techniques of assessment are been developed taking into consideration, cultural traits and the state of organized societal ethos. Critical appraisals keep researches in check.

Some researches erroneously associate ability with intelligence. Ability must be channeled through constructive thinking that promotes a cause that is edifying.

Ian J. Deary and Pauline Smith wrote that, “Ability testing in the United Kingdom proceeds through several separate domains with surprising little interaction between them”.

Those, who have benefited from elite university training and exposure, through living in civilized climes are more likely to be relatively more responsive to life’s challenges than the local village boy, no matter what post he occupies in state affairs.

There is a notion that when you give an intellectually deficient person a complex job, he is likely to bend it to suit his limitations.
There is need to sharpen the intelligence of African people through sensitization, exposure, learning and arduous intellectual engagements. There is a discernible laziness, unconcern and dullness even in their approach to statecraft.

Some believe that God will help us. He does but we are not doing our own bit. That is why we are behind other races, which we depend upon for advances in science and technology.
We hug the gadgets they produce. We never seem eager to join the innovation and creative bandwagon.

This informs why BOSAS INTERNATIONAL LAW BUREAU, is sponsoring and convening an International Seminar on the Future of Africa and the New World Order at the University of Bradford, England, where renowned scholars and public servants will design Africa’s way forward. (December 3rd-7th, 2012)
The fact that European states, which used to assist Africa, are no longer in a position to do so, the future of Africa seems bleak and if nothing is being done to work our strategies of survival, a catastrophe is imminent. Most African states still depend on food imports and the imports of foreign manufactured goods.

There is a looming danger in the existing international division of labour. Euro-American states and China import raw materials from Africa at the prices they dictate and sell their finished goods to Africa at prices they dictate.
This has sustained the debt peonage from which many African states can hardly break away from.

If we apply human intelligence in our analysis of the African condition, there is nothing cheery in the situation Africa finds itself in.
In Africa, governments spend a lot of money in leadership protection through military intelligence operations. Good governance, a healthy involvement of bright people in government, would have advanced the national cause.
In any country where the people are rigorously improving their innovative skills, upgrading their creativity through the application of intelligence, progress is assured.

It is a notorious fact that some African political leaders rely on forces of darkness to govern their people. They are under the superior intelligences that hold them in firm occult grip.
Fortunately, time is usually not on their side and also the people are never on their side.
God is watching us from Heaven and everyone must account for his actions on earth.

In this Era of the Gentiles, we shall overcome

“for the Earth will be filled with the Glory of God as water covers the sea.”

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