Musing on the New Tax regime and clearance in Abuja

by Obiaruko Christie Ndukwe

Abuja is the modern day Egypt. To receive services, you must tender your Tax clearance. Lol

That was how Pharaoh made the Israelites to source for straw themselves and produce brick and deliver within the same time.

The new Pharaoh who didn’t know Joseph made life worse for the Israelites. And they cried to God for help.

Soon, Police men or Task Force teams will be deployed to chase the residents around for their tax papers. Even Tricycle (keke) drivers will ask. And many will go to Oluwole to buy fake tax papers. Hospitals will demand for it before treatment of any patient no matter the emergency!

Don’t forget we lost a young lady at the Maitama General Hospital, who was a victim of “one chance” (fake cabs who steal from passengers, maim or even kill). The hospital demanded for a police report before they could commence any first aid treatment. And now, it’s tax papers.

In this biting economic situation, our pains are increased because of a new order by the Federal Government through the 2nd President of Nigeria, Gen. Nyesom Wike.

Some policies could be laudable but the timing could make them pernicious to the masses!

Taxation is used to increase revenue but when the nation’s currency is on a free fall and the masses can barely breathe, this policy becomes a weapon of destruction!

Is Tinubu pushing Wike off the cliff? Federal Capital Territory – FCT is no different from other states, according to the PEPT, but can the Minister unilaterally impose such laws on the people without an approval from the President and the National Assembly?


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